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Bitten by the Billionaire Vampire

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Adrasteia Meranza has always been fascinated to blood sucking vampires. Her fantasy is to be love by one of it. She found out that his long time schoolmate, Asmodeus Vointeroz, the majestic, serious, stout and masculine guy is one of them. It's her chance to finally lost in love and fulfill her fantasy, will the billionaire vampire, Asmodeus agree on what she wants?

Chapter 1

His length filled me fully. I can feel the hardness of it inside. I move my hips so I can feel him more. His sweat is dripping down his ripped chest and into his toned abs. He throws his head back while thrusting inside me. I can see his piercing red eyes darting at me. His fang is so sharp and so hot. I watch him as he ravages my body. I am his human prey and his vampire predator. All I can do is moan and scream his name while clutching the bed sheet tightly. I can feel my womanhood clenching, ready to burst any minute now. "Adra!" "Adrasteia!" F*ck! I turned to the woman next to me. "Oh ?!" I forgot I was in the school's park, where students were studying, playing, and chatting. I'm here because I am waiting for my best friend. We used to wait for two at school to be together in the first class. It turns out that our first class is always the same. We have four more people in college, and we will soon graduate. "You're spacing out again!" Now he has come when it is near. Fucky! What a waste! "Am I?" I wonder. Really? I'm spacing out. It feels more like a daydream to me, a wet dream. "Yes! I'm not sure if your brain is flying or you're fantasizing; your eyes are closed; it's like you're stuck in a dream!" She said, "I'm laughing." Oh, Fucky! Adrasteia, what the f*ck are you doing. It's embarrassing! Those who saw me might have thought I was wearing a vibrator today. Fucky! This is all because of what I saw last night! It awakened my fantasy of vampires again! "Because maybe it's what I saw last night." "Hmm? What did you see? P*rn?" She chuckled. "Fucky, no!" "Then, what did you see?" "Did you see this?" She lowered her right hand and guided it in and out as if masturbating herself. My eyes widened at what she did, with a few passersby staring at her. "Fucky, no! Stop that!""You don't have a hairy bird!" I laughed and said to her before dragging her to sit next to me. "What did you see?" "I know you won't believe everything I will say, but promise me that you won't laugh at me." I seriously said that to her. She nodded. I pulled her closer. I sighed heavily. "I saw vampires in the woods," I whisper. I pulled away to see her reaction. She's looking serious, but her neck is turning as red as her face. Fucky! I know she won't believe me! She burst out laughing while slamming her fist on the wooden table. I rolled my eyes at her. I got up and turned to him, who was still laughing. "I know you won't believe it. Why did I even tell you?""Nevermind!" I marched out of the park. I'm freaking fucky serious. I saw the vampires in the middle of the woods! They're like a cult doing some ritual or something. "Adra! Steia! Adrasteia!" I stopped on my tracks when I heard Alta shout. "Wait," she said breathlessly. "You're so serious! I was having fun! What you said is funny!" I slump my shoulders. This is us again; it always makes me laugh. I turned my back on her and regained my strength. "You know that's just the effect of your research. That's what you chose to research, so you're very much into it.""You went out late at night and wandered in the forest just for that. It is where the vampire and heroine meet in what we read in the novel, but it's not the same in real life!" she said. Fucky! Maybe it's just an effect of my research on vampires. "You're lucky a snake didn't bite you at all! Who knows what kind of dangerous creatures awaits you there." "That's the only thing bothering me, handsome vampire!"I said. It wasn't an illusion last night. I know what I saw; my eyes are not blurred either. "Somebody will explore this someday!" I indicate my neck, then femininity. "You're only consumed by that research of yours!" Alta said. "I'm ready to be eaten." "I'll get my body ready on the table!" Fucky! What am I saying? "I don't know anymore, Adra. It's your life!" Alta said, laughing. We walked together. "So if it's true that there are vampires in the woods," she stops speaking. "What about Edward Cullen?" A hot, mysterious, and handsome vampire," she gushed. Even though she always laughs at me, I am happy to have met her, and she became my friend. She also loves vampires, like me, and we want to read novels about them. Every time she sleeps at home, we will watch the whole Twilight saga; we like that. One of the most beautiful stories about vampires "Fucky! Really? Sure? Hopefully!" I was overjoyed to say My forehead furrowed as she stopped walking. I turned to her and saw her staring somewhere. I followed her eyes. A woman was sitting in the corner, quietly reading the book she was holding. Is that serious? She's reading in the hallway? Black, long, straight hair blocks her face, so I don’t see much of her face. "Then there's Bella, just like her." Alta's promise. "Fucky ?! "Are you serious, Alta?" I said it with disbelief in my voice. She glanced at me. "Yeah! Look oh! She's thin and pale too! "Bella's hair is as long as hers!" I turned to face the woman, who was now pulling out her hair, and I could see her face."And look! She looks like Kristen Stuart too!" Alta's amazing promise I shook my head as I stared at the woman. "She's no Bella." As I said that, I walked out. That girl irritates me just by existing. Maybe because Alta said, she somehow looks like "Bella" in Twilight. No f*ck*ng way! I pressed my lips together and closed my eyes as I sighed heavily. "She's no, Bella," I tell myself. After that, we moved forward and went to our classes. I have a presentation for my research paper. And my research is all about vampires… I already said a lot of information, yet my professor needs more. "Real vampires, on the other hand, believe that their physical, mental, and emotional health will deteriorate if they don't feed—either on blood or energy." There are three types of real vampires: sanguinarians, psychics, and hybrids. Sanguinarians feed on minimal human blood, generally just a few drops. "And that is my research." My fuckery research "You didn't have any conclusions, Ms. Meranza; you just searched everything," he said. "Because it's a research." Stupid research. My mood changed because of the girl Alta was talking about a while ago. "What did you say?" Mr. Karungkong asked. "Who has a fucky question?" I smiled at the question from my classmates. They all laughed. They know I like to say "fucky" in anything I say. I'm used to kids. This professor of mine is the only one who has a problem. He doesn't have a girlfriend; he is a bit old, so maybe that's why. "Ms. Meranza!" he shouted. Again, I ignored it. My classmate in the fourth row raised his hand. "Yes, Martin?" "Do they bite people's necks?" "No... usually, because it's painful and highly unsanitary." "Some of the sanguinarians use a syringe. He nodded after I answered his question." Everything I know on the internet is excellent. I don't have a conclusion; I forgot to do it because of what happened last night, And I'm just taking the time to finish. I can conclude now, but my brain doesn't feel like thinking. I'm sure of what I saw last night. "Are they real?" Someone questioned. Good question. "Yes. They are," I said firmly. The room went silent for a second, and right after, it was filled with laughter. I rolled my eyes. I've already been here. Some of my classmates don't believe in vampires. I mean, I can't make them believe in vampires because even I haven't seen one, but that was before. What I saw last night was real. I've always loved vampires and have read and watched everything about them since childhood. I know every theory, and that's why I'm sure that they are real. "You're hilarious, Steia!" "You read that; you thought it was true!" "You're not in the book, hey!" "Let it go; she believes that." That’s just some of what they told me. I smiled in annoyance. I took a deep breath and then closed my eyes. "Truth will be told; I saw them last night in the middle of the forest." "Yes, I love reading about vampires, so I gave everything I could for this research." They are slightly silent. "I was in the woods, hoping to see one of them, but I'm lucky because I saw a cult of vampires." "They're like performing rituals." "Is that crazy?" "Why are you wandering around?" One question. "Is that serious?" "Sh*t! A woman is missing in the other town! They said they might have fought or rebelled, but they just saw this morning that their clothes were torn, and Bali's bones were bloody. She's dead." The eyes of a few widen. If I'm right, I saw a vampire last night. Maybe the ritual the previous night was to offer the woman? "Omg!" My female classmate shouted. "Is that for real?" "Seriously? Then why didn't we hear about that?" "Other towns don't want to spread it because people might be scared suddenly." "Omg! I might be the one they follow! "I'm a good shooter!" My artistic classmate said "Ohh… it's so scary. Do you think I would be next?" I hope he is the next one because he is so sarcastic! "You mean what you're saying is true, Steia?" Of course! I'm right! "See? I came here to prove that I'm right." "You saw them with your own eyes, making it real to you, but we didn't." My eyebrows furrowed as I looked in the direction where the voice came from. The guy is sitting in the last row, in the corner of the room. He is wearing a black hooded jacket that covers his hair; that's all I can see from where I am. Fucky! Who is this? "What do you mean?" I asked. "Yes, you saw them, but we didn't; you can't make us believe in everything you are saying," he said while still bowing. He's head is a little bent over, so you don't have much of a face. "What if you're making it all up?" He lifted his head, and that's when I saw his fucky face. My eyes narrowed when I saw his chiseled pale face, foxy cognac eyes, pointed nose, and thin pinkish lips. His hood is still on his head, so I can't see his eyebrows and hair. Why does it seem like I just saw this guy in our class? Someone was sitting at the end, but I didn’t notice. Maybe I didn't pay attention, but... I just really saw this man. I removed the thought from my brain. "Why would I make it all up, mister?!" "Because you're a vampire addict. You enjoy novels about them and even use them as research. Who in their right mind would choose vampires while researching when they aren't even real?" He spoke monotonously. "They are real! I saw them last night!" "Then why are you not dead?" My head tilted. "W-what?" "A dead body is found with broken bones." My eyes narrowed. "S-so? Where's the fucky connection?" "You're wrong, Ms. I guess you didn't put all your effort into your research." "Fucky, what?!" "If you saw them last night, then you would be dead together with the corpse of the lady who is said to be a victim of vampires." I stiffened when I realized what he was pointing out. "Because they didn't see me!" "I ran away!" I lied. I didn’t run when I saw them. I don’t know what happened after I saw them. When I woke up, I was on the road, far away in the forest. He took off the hood of his jacket, showing his thick eyebrows and shining dark hair. "There's no vampire in this town. This is not a fictional world, nor is Twilight, where a handsome and hot vampire will fall in love with you.""They're not real; there's no Edward Cullen here, and you're not Bella." Fucky! How dare he say that to me?! What's with Bella these days, huh? "Your love for fictional novels has consumed you to the point that you're trying to make your life be like one of them." "You're not in a love story, Ms." He smirked.

Chapter 2

I slammed my hands on the table as I sat down. People didn't bother to look at me for sure; they were busy with their own lives. We're at the cafeteria; it's lunch break. I always loved the bell for saving me from anything in class, but now I want to kiss it to keep me from shame. Alta glanced at me. "Oh, what happened?" I sighed heavily, then threw my head back while closing my eyes. "Hey! Steia! You left me!" she screamed. I closed my eyes and remained silent. I need to calm down and think for a minute. What happened in the room went by so fast. "Hey, what happened?" "You look gloomy." Her voice is calmer now. I sighed heavily before lifting my head. "I was laughed at in the room earlier." Her brows furrowed. "Huh, why?" She opened the bag of chips in her hands and put a chip in her mouth while staring at me, waiting for


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