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Billionaire’s Alliance

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“You?” I finally found my voice “ you are the girl I slept with last night” he asked looking at me like I wasn't real. Oh sh*t how could I have slept with someone I've been forced to marry?. A heartbroken Anna was forced into marriage to save her father’s dying company, while upset she went to a club got drunk and ended up having s*x with the same man she was to marry the same day, What happens when they meet each other on their wedding day and discovers the had s*x??

Chapter 1


“The last person on the list of our top 5 best students is …?” Professor John drawled, creating the expected suspense amongst the students. I looked around and saw the smart students that haven’t been called fold their fists in silent prayer. And some juniors eagerly waiting as they stared at the professor like he was going to disappear. Calling the top 5 students is one of the most awaited parts of the convocation ceremony at West Coast University. Every student wished they were on the list. The top 5 students are given awards of outstanding excellence and the juniors would cheer them as they walked to the podium. Being on the top 5 list was the goal and motivation of every student during the final exam season.

I never really cared about being on the list, not that I didn’t take my studies seriously but being on that list wasn’t thrilling to me, I’ve always pictured my mom sitting across the hall and waving at me while I wave my certificate to her but that was never going to happen, she’s dead and gone and my father might not even know that his only daughter and child is graduating from college today.

“Annabella Hayes” the professor yelled into the microphone

“What?”I gasped, I couldn’t believe my ears, and I sat glued to my chair in shock.

“ Anna!!!” The juniors started cheering my name as everyone in the hall looked around in search of me but I couldn’t stand it, I just cannot believe it. How come? I didn’t even prepare that hard for the exam. How… I snapped out of my thoughts when Josie pulled my arm. “ Did you forget your name?” She asked as she dragged me towards the podium.

I walked to the professor and he handed me my award, I took it with a slight bow before turning to the crowd like every other person does but unlike when others got theirs, there were no cheers from parents and family members. Then I heard Josie’s voice from the graduating students’ angle.

“Huh… am proud of you Anna” I couldn’t help the broad smile that grew on my face as I tried to blink back tears.

Just like on cue, the juniors started chanting my name again. I was so grateful to them for saving me the embarrassment. I was about to step down from the podium when someone came running from the back with a flower bouquet big enough to start up a plantation.

“Henry” I called happily,

“Am sorry am late babe, I ran into traffic on my way to get the flowers.” He said as he handed me the flowers.

“ It's fine babe,” I said with a smile

I took the flowers and we started walking back to my seat. I placed the flowers on the seat next to me. The flowers are beautiful but I never liked orchids, I didn’t want to remind him yet again. After two years of dating, Henry never remembers the right flower to buy he’s always in a hurry to pick the right one or just have a full mind. I understand that and got used to it.

“Will you like to go out and celebrate?” Henry asked at the end of the ceremony.

“Sure babe” I responded happily.

I excused myself to look for my best friend. I found her talking to some of the boys in our class and approached them.

“Josie” I called and she turned back

“ Henry and I are out to celebrate, are you…”

“ of course am in dummy” she cut me off.

She placed her hand on my shoulder and started running towards the door I almost fell at the unexpected movement but soon ran with her

We got to Henry and he frowned slightly, Henry and Josie never got along no matter how I tried so I’d always ignore them.

We got into Henry’s car and drove to his favorite restaurant to eat.

“ you know Anna doesn’t like Chinese dishes,” Josie asked Henry after the waiter that came to take our orders left.

“. She isn’t complaining, is she?” Henry huffed

Josie was ready to snicker another comment when our food arrived.

“We should really have gone out alone Anna,” Josie said as she looked down on her food.

“Josie…” I was cut off by the ring of her phone

She took the call and sighed.

“Okay Mom,” she said into the phone. And threw me an apologetic look, “I have to go, Anny, Mom threw me dinner at home.”

“No problems Josie, I’ll be With Henry”

“Sure you don’t wanna come with me ?” She pressed but I shook my head with a smile.

Aunt Camilla always treats me like a daughter but I wanted to spend tonight with my boyfriend.

“Babe comes home with me,” Henry said as we left the restaurant in his car.

“ we’ve talked about this babe, we’ll see tomorrow “ I replied to him with a smile

“ but I miss you so much” he pouted. “ it’s been a while since I had you all to myself”

“ Tomorrow babe,” I said as I cupped his cheek and kissed him.




Henry opened the door for me and I stepped out of the car, we kissed fiercely and said our goodbyes. I walked into the gate and spotted an unfamiliar car in the driveway, a black Audi, I was going to check out the car when it suddenly roared to life and moved backward, I ran out of the way staring at the car angrily, whoever did I that was an asshole. I was about to go in and ask my dad who that was when I heard a voice from the alley in the parking lot.

“ so you now bring back your toys to my house “

“ Dad…” I stammered, how long has he been standing there? Did he see me and Henry kiss? Gosh, that’s embarrassing. I walked to where he stood not knowing where to place my hands. He was never home by this time so I wondered why he was at home and who that stranger was.

“Good evening Dad” I greeted.

“ You have to stop seeing that boy,” he said without even looking at me.

“What?.... dad Henry is my boyfriend”

“And I said you can’t see him anymore,” he said coldly

“Why?” I asked with a raised brow

My dad finally faced me with a cold stare

“ Because you’re getting married” he turn around and started walking towards the house. I stood in shock watching his back as he got inside.

“What?”I finally yelled out when he disappeared into the house

Chapter 2


“Forget it, Mom… I won't marry anyone” I said with finality

“ you have to Davis” she screamed back

“Marrying that girl will not only help you, it would also gain you her father’s pathetic company,” my mom said

“There you said it Mom, pathetic… that’s what you called it” I almost yelled out

“It’s pathetic right now but will make out big once you creatively build it up” my mom screamed again

“No Mom, our company is big enough and doing well, we don’t need that craft crumbling excuse of a company,” I said calmly hoping she would see reasons with me

“Davis this isn’t about the company, you need to marry that girl,” she said calmly like she was saying something that would make New York ten times richer

“And that’s the main issue here Mom” I was really getting really frustrated with this marriage shit

“ am not gonna marry some girl I don’t know because you want me to” She immediately got up from her seat and stood in front of me


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