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Malika is the first Queen to grace the throne after her father's death, her subjects loathe and despise her as they believe she brought upon them misfortune. The anger of the people is very much justified. In a bid to rectify her wrongdoings she plans to make her sister Vivien wed the crown prince of the kingdom Uwakmfon, unbeknownst to her he had already captured her heart. Seen as Queen Malika's savior to redeem her Kingdom from the pit they had fallen, Prince Darren seeks Princess Vivien's hand in marriage but with an ulterior motive at the back of his mind. What does he truly want from a kingdom that is of no use to him?

The New Queen


"My Queen, the people have beckoned that you provide sustenance for them, the lack of food has pushed many into hunger and is now ravaging. As your adviser, I seek that we come to their aid at the soonest" Lord Timothy spoke before the royal court.

All that was said concerning the people fell on deaf ears. I was aware of the flood that washed up most of the harvest, even the livestock, some were killed and most were sick probably awaiting their demise.

While they all argued and discuss my ignorance, their voices faded into the background as I find myself lost deep in thought. The sky was indeed looking beautiful today, didn't notice till now.

I heard the birds chirp, their voices has never sounded so wonderful. Starting today the large curtains shall remain open, how is it that I miss all of this each day?

My mind snapped back to reality as I stared at all their blank faces. Greedy lots. They all claim that they worry for the people yet none of them would willingly release any of the many foods stocked in their storage for the people.

Father's precious kingdom was crumbling. To the people, I was the reason, sometimes I wondered why they hated me so. They preferred my sister to me, many believed I was the thief who stole the crown just because I was made Queen at the devil's hour.

It made no sense to me as I have always been the crown princess but all of a sudden my sister was favored by the people more, I knew this then when we would always pass through the market, Vivien received the most praise.

I couldn't withhold my silence anymore, the meeting was dragging on too long as we discussed the same issue each time. I didn't try raising my voice as I said to them, "The royal treasury is weak, we can no longer fund most of the upcoming festival or even maintain the affairs of the court ever since we started building those walls which you all proposed will keep us away from the rebels when I said we should train more men instead" I sighed in the end.

Lord Timothy got up again, his words sounded so demeaning more like he was undermining my ability to remain Queen despite this turmoil. "Regardless of the issues we are facing, I think we should put the people first and offer the rebels what they want" he added and they all agreed with him.

The rebels' request will not only prove my incompetence to the people but also give them free passes to enter the capital since they sought a territory to declare their independence.

I was furious, extremely, how can they be so cruel?

"Never bring up the issue of the rebels ever again, they are not to be negotiated with and I thought you all know this or have you forgotten that Father died fighting them off ?" I held the arm of my throne tightly, my forehead already furrowed as I looked at them with disgust and hate boiling within me.

It took time for things to settle down as the court grumble at the way I yelled. More trouble came as Vivien comes storming in despite knowing that no woman except the Queen should be allowed in.

Anyways it was Vivien, despite the problem surrounding the crown, she is someone I loved with my entire heart and won't trade for the world.

"Your Majesty, what is this news am hearing about a royal wedding? There is so much already going on in the Kingdom, won't it be unwise to suddenly announce a wedding?" Vivien spoke subtly, I could tell there was a pain in her voice and was indeed worried.

"A wedding? Your Majesty, we lack the funds to plan a royal wedding" Lord Jacobs added to Vivien's outcry.

No one was meant to know until I and Vivien had discussed this privately, how she got to know baffles me as I made sure to send in letters to potential suitors through selected messengers.

A royal wedding might not look good in the eye of the public but it is needed if we want to build diplomatic relations to revive our diminishing economy which is spiraling out of our control. I explained in a manner in which they would understand.

"But why me?" Vivien was moved to tears, I always knew she was a weakling, "I already told the Father that if I was to wed then I would marry the man I have fallen for and who would love me. Now it feels you are selling me off"

I did understand where she was coming from, though there was no way I could change what is to happen as the suitors who accepted are heading to the kingdom soon.

"Vivien, this is your sacrifice to the people so bear with me," I said coldly, it wasn't that I didn't care that what I was doing would hurt her but I had no choice, father did teach me never to show off my emotions it will only show your enemies how weak you are and that's when they attack.

I left the throne room and headed for the stables. I wanted to go for a ride on my horse, not as the Queen, just me.

I missed this, galloping away without having any worries about what would happen next, my long hair loose free to enjoy the wind, this was bliss.

My rest stop was the blue lake close to the old oak tree. I took off my sandals so my feet could feel the soft sand as I rested under the shade with Brutal; the name of my horse.

It was so peaceful that I didn't even know when I had fallen asleep.

Time passed, and I got the feeling I wasn't alone, someone was watching me, whoever it was had gotten close to my face and I could sense it.

With the knowledge of combat my father thought, I waited patiently to attack, when I knew the timing was perfect, I sent a flying punch to the person's chin.

I open my eyes immediately after hearing a big splash from the lake with some of the water touching my feet. It was a man, a traveler, he seemed to have trouble swimming. "Help" he called out.

Didn't know if he was being honest about not being able to swim but I didn't plan on helping him out, what use will an explorer's life be to me? I climbed onto my horse and went away, maybe if he screamed louder some of the locals might hear and come to his aid.



Guilt flushed through me like a wave, I kept asking myself, what if he dies? What if he really can't swim? And the one question that lingered more was, "What if I just turned back and save him?

I listened, Brutal galloped through the dusty path as we head back to the lake. I saw the man, he was already floating, he might be dead by now.

I swam in the lake to retrieve his body, his weight weighed me down a little but I was able to pull through. I was scared, I feared for this man's life. With the strength I have in me, I hit his chest hard, felt his hand if there was any pulse and graciously enough there was.

There was hope, I never pray for anyone but did for this stranger as I tried hitting his chest again, didn't know what I was doing or if it will work but I kept doing it without giving up.

The man coughed up after my last attempt, I was indeed glad he was fine, he slightly opened his eyes and shut them again, he was st


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