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Beg Me, Professor

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"Good morning, sir," she said with a smug smile and glanced at the man who was standing in front of the class—Zachary Villarreal, her ex-boyfriend. Angered for her family, Atasha returned to the Philippines after a two-year stay in America. She had heard of her half-sister's upcoming wedding and could not accept it. She could never accept that the people who ruined her life—her unborn child's life—would be happy. She wanted them all to live the same miserable life as hers. "Beg me, Professor, as you serve my wrath," she mentally noted.

Chapter 1

Everyone was happy. They were drinking and congratulating the soon to be husband—Zachary Villarreal.

He was sitting on a six-seater sofa while his friends were next to him. I couldn't decipher his emotions because, since I watched him, his face was only serious. It's his stag party today. It was three weeks before the wedding, but his friends had already prepared this at his condo.

I smirked when I saw how his eyes flushed because of the alcohol. The way his long lashes moved slowly against the light, I knew he was already drunk.

"We have a surprise for you," his friend from his left uttered, and he let out a loud laugh.

Based on my knowledge, he's Thelmo—one of the groom's closest friends. He's the one who prepared the party for tonight.

The other boys quickly cheered, as if they immediately understood what the speaker was referring to. Zachary slowly shook his head with a smile on his face; it was as if he wasn't willing for his friend's surprise.

"Three weeks from now, you'll be tied to your wife, dude," Thelmo urged.

The edge of my lips just lifted. I do know that Zachary was a womanizer, as do his friends. I have often seen his other friends change women before.

Well, womanizer or not, I will make him tempted.

They continued drinking for a few more minutes until his friends finally bid goodbye to each other. Thelmo laughed at Zachary as he pointed to the guest room where I was and sneaked a peek at them. Zachary kept shaking his head and telling Thelmo to bring me home, but his friend ignored him and left the condo.

Zachary couldn't do anything else but massage his temples. Later, I saw him facing in my direction—toward the guest room. I quickly moved away from the door and sat on the bed. I'm waiting for him to enter, even though I don't know if he will come to me.

I adjusted the red lingerie I was wearing as well as the black mask that covered half of my face. I don't know if Zachary can recognize me, but it's good to be sure. My plans can't be ruined.

Few seconds later, I heard his footsteps outside. I sat up straighter and assumed a more seductive position. Zachary went through the door as it slowly opened. Without glancing at me, he undid his tie, as if he didn't want to entertain me at all.

"You can leav—" his words were cut off the moment his eyes landed on me.

He looked at me for a moment. I could clearly see how he was stunned and then slowly swallowed. I remained in my position, not doing anything or saying anything.

"Do I know you?" he asked, brows furrowed.

Very well-known.

I just clenched my jaw and slowly shook my head. As much as I want to say anything, this is not the right time. I had to feel whether he recognized me or not.

He licked his lower lip and walked near me. His eyes never left me. I don't know if he's checking me out because of how I look or if he's checking me out because I am familiar. Once again, his throat moved.

"F*ck..." he murmured a curse and ran his fingers through his hair. "I'm really drunk," he added while shaking his head.

I showed a lot of restraint, just by not rolling my eyes. Instead of waiting for him to act, I voluntarily took off my clothes. His jaw tensed up as he watched me slowly getting naked while still sitting on the bed.

Even though I could sense a hint of lust in his eyes, his expression was stern. He seemed to be holding back even though he was really affected by my presence. I was secretly smirked because of that.

"Stop," he uttered hoarsely when I was about to pull my underwear off my foot.

I looked up at him. I have already stripped off. I thought he stopped me so I wouldn't continue whatever I was going to do, but I didn't expect him to slowly kneel in front of me.

I caught my breath when his hand reached my foot. His fingers sensually ran through my skin and slowly pulled off the remaining fabric. After that, he raised his gaze at me.

Lust. That's all I could see in his eyes.

"You got paid for this, so I'll make the most of it," he said, and his hands traveled to my knees.

I secretly smiled.

Yeah, Zachary. Prove what an *ssh*l* you are.

I spread my legs, exposing my womanhood, and put both of my hands on the bed to support my weight. "You have the entire evening to enjoy me," I started speaking.

His throat moved again, and then he shifted his gaze to my feminity. His jaw tightened with his heavy breathing. From my knee, his hand moved slowly up my thigh.

I could feel his hand slightly trembling. I almost smirked because of that.

I have no other feeling for the man in front of me other than hatred. Lust? Affection? I don't have any of it. I just want to have s*x with him.

"It will be a rough night. I'm warning you," he said hoarsely as he locked eyes with me for a moment.

I smiled at him and then took his hand, which was close to my womanhood. "I'm prepared," I stated, and put it on my mound.

His jaw clenched. His eyes darkened as well as he stared back at my femininity. Without further ado, he started moving his thumb on my collar. My lips parted involuntarily, and I closed my eyes in sensation because of what he did.

Yes, I don't like him. I also don't lust over him. But to make this plan work, I should accept the desire wholeheartedly.

I spread my thighs even more, causing him to curse one after another. "You like it?" he asked, amused.

I didn't say anything and tried to put his voice out of my mind.

I let out a low moan as his thumb continued to play with my cl-toris while his other finger teased my entrance. There, I felt myself gradually getting wet. I admit, he's good.

My body finally collapsed when he inserted a finger inside my mound. I felt a little discomfort, but it's manageable. It's been what? Two years since my last intercourse.

Zachary started moving his finger in and out at a slow pace, making my moans echoed all over the room. He did that for a few seconds till his pace accelerated. After some time, he pulled my waist closer to the corner of the bed.

"Hnnghh . . ." I moaned under my breath when I felt his mouth on my womanhood.

He explored my wetness from my labia, clitoral area, and vulva. He's lapping, sucking, and tongue-fvcking me. I couldn't stop holding his hair while my thighs were now resting on both of his shoulders. His tongue-thrusts became more intense. Exploring my whole will and driving me crazy. I quickly felt my belly twist as he mercilessly worshiped my c*nt.

Another flick of his tongue, and I finally reached my peak. I let out a long moan. My knees trembled. My body suddenly became weak. Zachary didn't stop lapping my mound until I ran out of my release.

When he was finally satisfied, he carefully removed my legs from his shoulders and then crawled on top of me. He looked at me again. He was about to touch the mask I was wearing when I quickly tilted my head.

"It's not in the contract," I said simply.

"I'll pay," he replied.

He was still staring at me. I avoided my face so that he wouldn't recognize me completely. Not now.

"Don't worry. I'll reveal my face later . . ." I paused and slowly moved my hand at his arousal. "After doing it," I added sensually.

Zachary shut his eyes as he heaved a deep breath. It was as if my touch on his manhood was scorching.

"D*mn," he murmured and crashed his lips against mine.

Shocked. I almost lost my breath at that moment. I felt my heart racing. Excitement? Yes. Because I knew my plan was going well.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him back. I was almost out of breath. There was a thrill in each of his kisses that was obviously searching.

"Ohhh . . ." My lips were very loose from Zachary when his hand touched my chest, and he alternately massaged it.

His lips trailed from my jaw down to my neck until he finally reached my t*ts. I was tightly clinging to the bedsheet as he massaged and s*ck*d on my breasts at the same time. Take turns. Back and forth.

I haven't been able to follow what else he's doing. I just came back to my senses when I felt his shaft grinding against my entrance. In anticipation of him penetrating me, I gripped him firmly.

He let out a soft grunt as his length finally slid in, while I closed my eyes tightly as I arched my back on the bed. His body was slightly lifted from me while his hands were focused on both sides of my head.

He's huge. There was a little pain, but it quickly disappeared when he started to thrust.

"F*ck . . ." I heard him murmur between his rough pounds.

Zachary looked up slightly, and I could clearly see in my blurred vision the appearance of the veins on his neck. His face was also red, and he was obviously enjoying what we were doing today. I also gradually lost my passion every time he entered inside me. He fvck me carelessly. Very full, and I could hardly feel the pull of his manhood because of the speed of his thrusting.

I bit my lower lip when I felt my tummy twisting again. Zachary groaned when my walls hugged his hugeness for my upcoming release. He kept pounding like a beast; it's like he really wanted to trigger my peak.

"Hmmnngh!" I finally exploded when he pressed and slightly moved his length inside me.

My toes curled up. I could still feel my release even though he was still inside and thrusting in and out again. My mouth parted as I let out another moan when he s*ck*d my breast and deeply buried his manhood. I felt him throb inside me as he reached his peak.

We were both out of breath afterwards. He stayed inside me even after he was done coming out. He was lying on my top but was careful not to get me uncomfortable.

"D*mn. I can't get enough of you," he uttered.

I was shocked when he rose and fixed my legs, parting them more so he could thrust swiftly. I moaned and grunted constantly as he started to take me again. I thought he'd stop after doing it a second time, but I was wrong. I can't count how many times we did that; all I know is that the sun was almost setting when he stopped fvcking me.

My lips curled into a smile as I watched him sleep. I didn't leave his side. I took off the mask I was wearing and then laid down properly, not bothering to cover my body.

I should rest. Later today, there will be a fascinating show. Thinking about that made me sleep peacefully.

"Have a good day, Zachary," I murmured before finally failing into oblivion.

"HOW DARE YOU DO THIS TO ME!" A loud scream woke me up from my deep sleep.

Even though I'm tired, I can't help but smile, and I can feel the person next to me quickly turn rose because of what I heard.

"Fvck," I heard him utter.

I slowly opened my eyes. Zachary was running his fingers through his hair as he glanced at the woman who was now standing at the door. I could clearly see the redness in her eyes from anger and pain.

"Eunice," Zachary called his fiancee's name.

I slowly got up. Instantly, Eunice, my so-called half sister, dropped her mouth open as she stared at me. She blinked several times as if she couldn't believe what she was seeing. Because of it, Zachary, my ex-boyfriend, started to pay more attention to me.

From the corner of my eyes, I saw how his jaw clenched. If last night it was because of my body, today it's because he didn't expect me to be the one he f*ck*d. I badly wanted to smile because of that.

Unbothered by their stares, I slowly picked up the comforter and covered my naked body with it. When I finished, I turned my eyes to my sister and smiled. I didn't pay attention to the man next to me, who was silently watching me.

"Good morning, sister." I almost puked after saying the last word. "It's good to see you again," I added and grinned devilishly.

"You are shameless," she said with trembling lips.

I acted surprised by what she said. "Come on, Eunice. Is this how you welcome me?" I said it sullenly. "Look, can't we have a good greeting first? You know... I'm a bit tired now, eh?" I continued looking at Zachary. "Your fiance made me so . . . exhausted."

Chapter 2

"Do you think you can destroy our marriage? Is this why you're doing this?"

My focus turned to her again. We stared at each other for a second. She gave a mocking laugh and shook her head incredulously.

"You haven't changed at all, Atasha," she snorted.

I stood up with the blanket wrapped around my body. Without asking, I went to Zachary's closet and picked one of his oversized t-shirts. I also chose shorts there and then got dressed in front of them without caring. After dressing myself, I then turned to look at my sister. Zachary was still sitting on the bed with his boxers on.

"Eunice, you are too much of an overthinker," I said and laughed a little. "Destroy it? Can't I just miss my ex?" I smiled mockingly.

"How dare you?!" She quickly came to me and gave me a slap.

I didn't move from my place and smiled. "What? Isn't this normal? I thought it was okay for us


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