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Beauty And The Beast

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Most times the beast doesn't have to be a guy that turns into a charming prince. Sometimes the beast could a family member or that friend you thought could never bite. When Amber's dad gets murdered, she falls into a coma. She wakes up and all fingers points toward her as everyone thinks she is responsible. But then someone is set to kill her. Who could that be? And was her father's death just a mere coincidence or is someone else behind it? Find out the Beast as Amber Unravels the mystery behind her existence.

Chapter 1


Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, not everyone has your best interest at heart....

MAY 9TH, 2007


The morning sun pierced my face from the curtains and I groaned turning to the other side.

I sat upright and scratched my head. it was such a long night at the bar and I'm having a hangover. it's even worse than a migraine.  

My eyes had dark circles around them. I quickly picked up the bottle of aspirin on my desk and gulped it down with a bottle of water I found on my desk too. 

I picked up my laptop and searched the news for headlines. 

*Myer's daughter Frolicking with a group of gangsters*

I scrolled through the comments and my eyes caught one.

*Probably feeling bad about her sad low life. who would've thought that the rich could also be a nuisance too*

I shook my head and read on. All I saw were demeaning comments but I didn't feel bad and neither did I cry. for what anyway? after all everyone knows not to trust things on the internet.

and besides that's not even the real news. but everyone could say anything to get noticed. people.

The door flew open and dad walked in with a tray of tea and muffins.

I quickly shut my laptop and threw it on the bed. I don't want him to see any of it. but I know he has already.

"Are you up?"

"Yeah" I said and took the tray from him "thanks for this dad"

"Hope you don't have a hangover?" he said and I stopped halfway through my burger and gulped.


I couldn't finish the sentence

"You came back drunk and wasted. I quickly brought you to your room. you don't have to do this to yourself Amber. you're not the cause of your moth... "

"please dad" I cut him off "don't start please. I don't wanna talk about it."

"but it's been thirteen years already. you have to let go and move on."

"it would've been easier if I wasn't the cause of everything" I said sipping my tea.

"You're not only hurting yourself but others as well. because of this, my business is suffering badly. Do you think it's easy for me. I have to spend every second of my life cleaning up your mess. And I know that it's only a matter of time before I loose investors as well. I miss my daughter Amber." he sounded like someone who's about to cry. "the one who draws and makes me smile not this version of yourself" he said pointing at the walls of my room.

Ever since mom died, I changed.

not just a mere change or phase as you would call it. I completely changed.

I cut my hair, and changed my clothes. my room had posters of guy celebrities hanging on them. Instead of a normal teenage girl room, it was more of a guys room or a dark room just like dad calls it.

I was more of a tom boy. The only difference was that I had boobs hanging on my chest.

I pierced different parts of my body and hanged out with male friends instead of females. I don't even have friends to begin with so I hang with pretty much everyone who was just like me. 


"You better heal the wound that hurt you before you bleed on those who didn't cut you" he said before walking out of my room. I pondered on his words.


I know dad had already seen everything on the internet but he loves me very much cause in his own words, I'm just like my mother and he loves her very much too. 

I love my father a lot too. Despite being a billionaire and a proud owner of MYER'S PRESTIGE, he was the best father that I could ever wish for. 

Even though I was a handful and a pain in the beak he was always there for me. At a time, we used to be the portrait family. something everyone wished to have. our love and bond was remarkable but when mom dad, I lost touch. Deep down I know I caused everything. I took away the only source of our happiness. I made dad a widower. Dad always believed that I was still traumatized from what happened and that I would get over it soon but it never happened. Everyday I woke up with a constant reminder that she's no longer here with us. Dad waited for me to reach out to the world, to him but I couldn't. it was just too hard for me and so I kept blaming myself for everything. 

After eating, I dashed into the bathroom and had my bath.

I wore a pair of black pants with black T-shirt and sneakers.

I picked my phone and the keys to my motorcycle.

Dad bought it for me on my 16th birthday and I painted it black as well.

I walked outside my room to the living room and saw dad already dressed up.

"Where are you off too?" I asked cause he never goes out on Saturdays.

"I'm going to work. Stella accidentally scheduled my board meeting today. now I have to meet with our investors" he said knotting his tie.

"OK then"

"So your birthday is tomorrow. any plans?"

"No. I don't wanna celebrate. I'll just hang out with my friends" I lied. that's what I tell him every year but I never celebrate. I just visit mom's grave and grab some drinks at the bar. my birthday reminds me of sad memories.

"OK. I wish you could visit the company. everyone is asking of you especially Chairman Kim. I wish things would just go back to how it used to be" he said and held My cheeks lightly.

"You know, everyone misses your collection. your designs and everything"

"I don't wanna do it Dad. I don't like drawing anymore. I hate it now" I tell him. Actually, I had scribbled some designs on my sketch pad.

Dad's company designs bags cause its a fashion company and at a time I was his best designer, hoping to take over the company someday. I design bags and they make it.

my designs had gone far across the globe and I had was hoping to win an award someday. 

"it's okay. l hope you'll change your mind very soon. Anyways I'm off" he said and kissed my cheeks.

He took his briefcase and we both walked outside. I mounted on my motorcycle

"Tell Jerry to drive you"

"I'm okay dad"

I started the engines and drove off.


I had zero idea on where to go but I just kept driving around to clear my head in order to think straight. It wasn't just me anymore, even dad thinks I've got to let go of everything and focus on what lies ahead. Do I even know what the future holds for me? I'm just a lost sheep trying to navigate through the crowd. Maybe Dad was right. maybe there's a future out there waiting for me. I've got to.... 

Arrrrgggghhh!! !" I yell when I realized what was about to happen.

There he was lying on the ground. I almost hit someone with my motorcycle. why me? why do I constantly want to end the lives of people? am I cursed? f*ck I need answers.

I quickly shut the engines and climbed down to where he was on the ground. "A.. Are you okay? are you hurt?" I said but he didn't respond.

I quickly removed the helmet from my head. that's when he looked at me but he gave me a weird look I couldn't comprehend. "I'm fine OK" he said.

I nod and extended my hand to lift him off the ground and he took it. "Thanks" he said when he got back on his feet."

"You're welcome"

"I'm Chad by the way" he said but I pretended not to hear and mounted back on my motorcycle. "I'm glad you're still alive"

I started the engines and placed the helmet back on my head. I caught him staring at me from the corner of my eye. 

"I guess I'll see you around." 

"If fate wants us to" I replied before zooming off. 

I drove to a nearby bar and get some shots occasionally thinking about how I would've been arrested if I had killed that dude. My life is so messed up. 

I gave the bartender her pay before heading back home. 

I need to rest and probably think about my life...






Chapter 2

"Happy birthday sweetest" dad said kissing my cheeks. I woke up to embrace the familiar scent that filled the house. 

"Morning dad and thanks"

"I made you a cake since you said you don't want to celebrate" 

I shrugged "fine. what's the worst that could happen" 

he brought the cake and it was half burnt. 

"You forgot to check the timer on the oven didn't you?" I grinned causing us both to laugh. 

I took a slice of cake and placed it in my mouth. 

"hmm yummy. dad's such a great baker" I said munching on the burnt cake. it wasn't that good but for the fact that he made it just for me and with good intentions then It's the best cake I've ever tasted. 

"don't eat that or you'll have your stomach to deal with later" he said placing the rest on my desk. 

"here I've got something for you" he said placing a small wrapped gift in front of me. 

"What's this?" I asked getting excited

"open it" he cajoled

I tore the ribbons


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