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Alpha's Obsession

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WARNING : MATURED CONTENTS. "STRIP," Axel ordered sitting on the bed staring at Isabella who was standing before him. His tone was commanding as he told Isabella to remove her clothes. She looked at him with a shy expression, unsure if she was ready to go through with it. She had come here with the thought of them being intimate but she had not expected it to be like this. . . . . . . . . . . . There are lots of fun places you can find in Oak Valley, a small town that accommodates Werewolf, Witches and Vampires but the last place you want to be is under the Alpha's son (Axel Gonzalo) sheets.

Chapter 1

"STRIP," Axel ordered sitting on the bed and staring at Isabella who was standing before him. His tone was commanding as he told Isabella to remove her clothes.

She looked at him with a shy expression, unsure if she was ready to go through with it. She had come here with the thought of them being intimate but she had not expected it to be like this.

When they got into the room, Axel took a few drags from the cigarette on his nightstand then he got naked in front of her and got in bed sited and now he was asking her to get naked in front of him.

However, as she thought about it more, she realized that she trusted Axel and agreed to follow his instructions.

"Start from the top," Axel ordered. She was wearing a peplum blouse and a mini-skirt, he was sure she wasn't wearing anything underneath.

Isabella hesitantly began to undress, taking her time with each piece of clothing. She removed the peplum blouse first over her head as her breast bounced off, then she removed her mini skirt revealing her unshaven self.

Axel watched her intently, his eyes never leaving her as she stripped down to nothing. Despite her initial shyness, Isabella soon felt a sense of liberation wash over her as she stood before Axel completely naked.    

"Twirl slowly, I want to see you," Axel ordered as Isabella twirled around for him to see her properly.

Axel stared at her bottom, it wasn't bad but it wasn't exactly his taste, but he didn't mind.

"Come and s*ck me," Axel said touching his manhood, his eyes not leaving Isabella as she got on the bed immediately, even though she looked naive Axel could tell she had done this before with someone else.

Isabella took his length in her hand kneeling in between his legs that were now wide open. "She leaned forward and placed it into his mouth slowly, sucking on the tip."

"Take it all like the sl*t you are, I know you can."

Isabella's eyes met Axel who was watching closely what she was doing, if someone else had told her that, she would have been upset but it was Axel. Instead of getting angry, she was getting turned on by being called a sl*t.

She took him all in her mouth as Axel moaned feeling her wet mouth on him, he grabbed her head and began to push it up and down his length.

Isabella was shocked by the aggressive way he had grabbed her head and was currently pushing it but she allowed him, she felt his length getting harder in her mouth and her eyes filled with tears.

She felt like she would vomit anytime soon as Axel slapped her right across the face with his length in her mouth.

"Tighten your mouth," he said noticing she was holding back and he was getting softer back again. "Tighter, s*ck it hard," he added letting go of her head as he reached for the condom on the nightstand next to him while Isabella continued sucking on him.

He opened the condom pack with his teeth as he stared at Isabella still sucking his length.

"Wait," he said removing her head from his length as he placed the condom over his length, the last thing he wanted was impregnating anyone. Having a child was the last thing on his mind, he suddenly removed his length and pushed her on the bed.

He grabbed her bottom up in the arm as he plunged himself into her without warning, Isabella winced in pain at the shock, she was wet but she wasn't wet enough for him.

"Axel," she winced in pain trying to touch him to be gently but he caught hold of her hand throwing it to the side as he began to move in and out of her swiftly. "F*ck," Isabella moaned loudly.

"Say it, I f*ck better than your ex," Axel ordered.

"You f*ck better than...." Isabella trailed off moaning as she felt his length deeper inside her, she grabbed the sheets holding on tightly as Axel slapped her bottom hard three times by the third her moan grew louder.

"Say it," Axel ordered grabbing her hair up and squeezing her throat.

"You f*ck better than my ex," she muttered. It felt rough and painful the way he was but she didn't want it to stop and she didn't know why. Axel pushed her head back on the bed smacking her *ss continuously as he continued to plunge into her.

He suddenly felt like convulsing as he grabbed her waist tightly moving even faster than before, hitting every spot inside her. His nails dug deep into Isabella as her screams echoed in the room.

"F*ck," he cursed removing his d*ck quickly as he rolled to the side releasing into the condom, He could have just released inside her since he was using a condom but he knew sometimes the condom could get loose and with the way he had been with her, he was sure the condom must have slipped.

He breathed out heavily like he had just finished a marathon, his chest rising as Isabella lay on the bed surprised by the way it had ended.

He rose from the bed, his expression stern as he addressed Isabella. "I want you out of my house," he said firmly. Without waiting for a response, he strode into the bathroom, shutting the door behind him.

Inside, he washed his face and ran a comb through his hair, trying to collect his thoughts. He couldn't believe how blindsided Isabella was.

As he emerged from the bathroom naked, he found Isabella gathering her clothes on the floor. She shot him a glare, but he refused to back down. "I meant what I said," he told her. "Get out."

Isabella huffed and gathered her bags, stomping past Axel and out the door. Axel went back into the bathroom to get his towel to tie around his waist to cover his nakedness.

Chapter 2

"You are a jerk, you all are fucking morons," Isabella cried out as she rushed out of the room embarrassed, she couldn't believe his friends had been listening in on them.

When she opened the door, they were right there listening, she continued to curse at them as she ran off.

When she was gone they rushed in chuckling as Axel stepped out of the bathroom cleaning his face with a hand towel.

"How was it huh?" Lucas asked laughing. "Was she good in bed or has she been bluffing all this while?"

"I don't know, you all should leave," Axel replied walking over to his wardrobe to look for something simple to wear.

"I told you not to use him for the bet, he always leaves the juicy details out," Eric hissed. He had been hoping to hear every single detail about what went down with them, if it was Lucas, he was sure he would get all the details he wanted without even h


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