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Alpha's Fallen Royal

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"You are my mate, I will kill everyone who gets in our way," Araia felt a shiver run down her spine as the cruel and cold-hearted Alpha, known as "The Bloody Alpha" for his merciless reputation, tightened his grip on her waist and gritted his teeth, declaring. Transported to a mysterious world, Araia discovers that she is the long lost royal of a fallen pack. Desperate to reclaim her rightful place, she forms an uneasy alliance with the ruthless Alpha Alejandro, known for his merciless ways. As they work together, Araia begins to see a different side of Alejandro, and their relationship takes an unexpected turn. But when she is betrayed by Alejandro and those closest to her, Araia must confront her shattered trust and navigate the dangerous politics of the werewolf world. How will she handle the betrayal of the man she once trusted?

CHAPTER 1 Plans Part 1

Araia's POV

"Finally!" Joseph shouted, then threw the papers he's holding in the air causing it to fly everywhere.

"Goodness, I thought we wouldn't still make it today!" Bea scoffs.

It's only been a few minutes since we finished our exams for this semester. Everyone is happy because apart from the fact that we can breathe easy, it is a vacation tomorrow.

"I agree, especially our last professor, he arrived late and I thought we still need to come tomorrow." Kourtney looked around as she adjusted her pink shoulder bag.

I took the comb from my bag and addressed them, "it's nice to have a vacation."

Their faces lit up at what I said as if someone had thought of something.

"OMG you're right Araia!" After saying that Bea confronted Sky, her boyfriend.

The man raised two eyebrows and wondered as he looked back at Bea.

"What?" It's question is full of wonder.

Bea approached him and sat on his lap. This kind of scene is not new for us who are always around the two, they are always sweet to each other and they rarely quarrel. Nor is it obscene to look unlike others who have a relationship.

Bea wrapped her arms around her boyfriend's neck. "How about we go on a vacation?" Suggest it.

Everyone agreed but we still didn't know where to go.

"We can't go too far, we cannot go to a strange place,right?"

Everyone agreed again. It's only been a month since something bad happened to one of our batchmates. They wandered around to have fun but a colleague had an accident, even if the circumstances were unintentional, it would be better for us to be careful especially now that we're graduating.

"Where are we going? It's boring when we'll visit the places that we've been to. " Hasel asked, this was my first friend in class because she was loud and friendly.

"Somewhere fun and safe." Joseph stated as he cleans the mess he made.

The direction of our heads was focused on Joseph. He returned the gaze to us with astonishment.

"Oh, why do you look at me like that?"

"Of course we shouldn't go to a place that isn't safe, come on!" Hasel, as if she's already done with Joseph.

Joseph scratched his head and said, "Of course."

A few minutes of silence around, each of us seemed to be thinking.

"Where should we go?" Hasel asked, prolonging the pronunciation of the last letter.

Suddenly, Bea stood up thinking.

"Don't you have a vacation house in Bicol?" She asks her boyfriend.

Sky thought for a moment before speaking.

"Yeah, I just remembered."

Then, our group decided to go to Sky's vacation home in Bicol. Sky is one of our friends who is the son of the owner of our school. He's wealthy enough to offer us his house in Bicol. He said that we can go there since they're not using it often anymore.

During lunch break, we talked about when we should go to his house. We planned and agreed that we should all ask for our parents 'opinion first. They also discussed what vehicle we were going to take there, and others suggested renting a car.

Joseph volunteered to be the one to answer for the vehicle we'll be using for our ride to Bicol because they have vans that they use every time their whole family leaves, their family is quite big so they use big vehicles also.

We were dismissed earlier than expected because It is just our exam day. I went straight home because I worried that I might miss my parents again, though it happens all the time. They were doctors in a private hospital

near BGC. We rarely see each other because they are always busy and their schedule changes every time.

I remember when I was still a child, I always prayed that they would come during family days. I also pray that they will sing me to sleep every night, specially I pray every year that they will come on my birthday but that never happens. They hired me one nanny instead and continued their busy life.

Our relationship isn't that bad but they always tell me that what they're doing is for me, that they're working hard to give me a better life. I grew up as a mature child. That's why I always tell them that it's ok even though I am hurting, I always tell them that there's no problem with being alone and I understand them but the truth is my heart was broken already. I tried to talk to them about it but they just said what they always said.

I remembered, one day when my friend from our neighborhood came along to play with me, I accidentally pushed her a little but the girl was pushed back like someone strongly pushed her. Our parents scolded me, I tried to tell them that I didn't push her hard because we're just playing and it's part of the game but they never believed me. They didn't talk to me the whole day because of that, telling me to reflect on what I've done.

There's never a time where they spare their free time with me. It's either they will go abroad or go to their friend's house. I can't also remember waking up beside them or eating together with them. I was so broken-hearted at that time but now everything changes. I am not that child anymore and now i don't long for them anymore. I just want to see them but I don't want their attention anymore.

CHAPTER 2 Plans Part 2

When I got home, I saw one of our maids cleaning the dining table. It must be my parents', they eat already and are going to bed now. Maybe it's better to not tell them that I'll go somewhere, they never care anyway.

I went straight to my room and started to pack my things. I texted my friends that I will come with them, then lie on my bed. This is how it is everyday. It's dinner time already but I'm not feeling hungry.

I tried to close my eyes. Before when I was still a child I used to pray every night to have a happy family but now I just want to graduate and leave our house.

I closed my eyes.

THE NEXT MORNING, we gathered in the capital. Thankfully, they were all allowed to go. They each carried a travel bag when they arrived at our meeting place. Some of them are wearing summer clothes but others wear comfy clothes that almost look like a rug. Just to be honest though.

They arrived one by one, the last one to arrive were the boyfriend and girlfriend


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