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Paranoia and Love

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He is the president who once suffered from autism, in the empty world, only she can make him feel at ease. Because of her, he destroyed the biggest nightclub in Avalon City in one night; because of her, he took a set of ravishingly beautiful photos that were sensational. He domineeringly confined her to him, destroying the things she liked just because he wanted to be loved by her. She felt bad and unlucky; he was simply as crazy as a madman, paranoid and determined, and his insane desire for exclusivity frightened her. When she opened her mouth to ask him to let her go, she was surprised that he actually agreed. "Karina, I'm releasing you for only ten years, and after that, you must belong to me alone." She thought his statement was nothing more than a joke, but to her surprise, ten years later, he reappeared in front of her, murmuring in her ear, "Karina, I've missed you so much."

Chapter 1

"Karina, you're the only one I have in my life, so you can only have me in your life."

On the large, white bed, the teenager's lean, sturdy body pressed against the young girl beneath him, his delicate thin lips flowing over her collarbone.

"Let go of me." The young girl's voice carried a hint of a gasp.

"Don't like me?" The kissing motion stopped as a result, and his jaw slowly lifted, the teenager's beautiful eyes staring intently at the young girl in front of him.

It was a very focused look, the pupils, the color of his eyes, all imprinted with her features, as if - she was the only thing that existed in his eyes. "So who do you like?" His eyebrows raised slightly, showy but also gloomy.

The young girl's heart trembled abruptly, and she did not utter a word.

In the next moment, he grabbed her right hand, opened his mouth and held her finger, sucking, licking, spitting out and holding it in, constantly repeating the repetitive action, as if her finger, was his most cherished toy at this moment.

Sighing, she said, "No, I don't have a crush on anyone." With that, she twisted her wrist, trying to break her fingers free from his grip.

However, his force was too great, making her struggles not have the slightest effect at all.

Thin lips gently lifted, and the corners of those near-perfect lips hooked up in a shallow smile, "Luckily you didn't say the name of another man, otherwise, I would have gotten him killed."

All she could feel was a tingle in her scalp, "Gareth, you're a madman!"

"Well, I am crazy." He moved the backs of her hands to his lips and kissed the backs of them gently, "Karina, I'm only crazy about you."

He said it so blandly, so carelessly, but it sent a chill up her spine.

It was as if it was an all-too-obvious fact that he'd been mad only for her in his world since that year when he'd clutched the hem of her skirt.

"Like me, Karina, I want you to like me!" His knees easily parted her legs, pressing against her softness.

She stared at him, his lips still pressed against the back of her hand, wet and hot and lingering. He was paranoid, that she couldn't understand, like he was treating a toy and like he had to have an answer.

Taking a deep breath, she said, "Let go of me first, my hand hurts."

"It hurts?" He frowned slightly, but didn't let go of his hand, instead he stretched out the tip of his tongue and gently licked the place at her wrist where he had pinched the red, "If you like me, it won't hurt."

"Do you like me?" She asked in return.

"Like." He answered without the slightest hesitation.

"And do you know what I really want?" She continued to ask.

He looked steadily straight at her, then dropped his eyelids and lowered his head, his lips pressed to her neck, feeling the blood flow through her warm skin, "Hmm? What is it you really want?"

"Let me go." She answered as she did, and suddenly, felt a pain in her neck.

His teeth, biting down hard on her neck, as if they were trying to penetrate her flesh and bite through her arteries.

It hurt ...... but she didn t say anything until his lips left her neck, and his hands caressed her cheeks.

The demonic lips with incomparable crimson red, the pair of beautiful like white lotus eyes, sunk in her face.

Chapter 2

"Okay Karina, I'll give you whatever you want. You want me to release you, then I will." He said lightly.

She was stunned, somewhat incredulous of what she was hearing. He would release her, so easily?

But immediately after, his voice continued, "But I will only release you for ten years, and after ten years, you have to like me, and then belong to me alone."

The corners of the young man's lips, gently flushed with a demonic and incomparable smile, but his gaze as he looked at her was dead, as dead as a dead sea.

Slowly, he raised his right hand and hooked the pinky of her left hand, "Hook and line, one hundred years.Karina, this is what you taught me."

She froze as she looked at her fingers entwined with each other and at his face close at hand.

Yes ...... that was what she had taught him, the pact gesture.

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