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A night stand with the CEO

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: P.unique
  • Chapters: 157
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 348
  • 7.5
  • 💬 26


Meet Bianca George, "the night cat", a lady with two identities. A student in the day and a stripper at night. She never had plans to fall in love but only cared about the money she got from her job as a stripper, things however turned around when she had a one night stand with Alexander, the CEO of a multi-national magazine company. Thinking the affair was only a one time thing, she discovers that she had to intern in his company and also to enter into a contract relationship with Him. She later falls in love with him but was unaware of his engagement with another lady. Now the truth is out, what would be the fate of Bianca and Alexander?

Chapter 1

Bianca’s POV

I woke up feeling uneasy, a bit tired and dizzy though I had been sleeping for a few hours

It took me a few seconds to realize I wasn’t at home or in my bed

I shook as I saw someone move beside me

It was the guy from the club last night, the one who made an outrageous bidding on me to come dance at his VIP section

But how did I end up in his bed? I tried not to think about it but got up from the bed

I felt a sharp pain in between my legs as I sat up on the bed, took a few slow breaths and bent my head to see what it was that hurted me

I saw blood stains on my lap and realized what had happened, I had a night stand with the stranger on the bed and lost my virginity to him

I moved quietly to the bathroom to wash up, I didn’t want to wake him up or get to face him again

Returning to the room I picked my bag up from the ground where I had dropped it

While trying to arrange the contents that was already scattered on the floor, he moved and my heart seized for a moment

I picked my mask up, tusked it into my bag and rushed out before He woke up

However, I promised not to get in contact with him again

I had just stepped down from the taxi in front of my house, still feeling the hangover when Jesse called me

I didn’t wish to receive the call, I just wanted to head inside, take my bath and take a nap, get over my hangover before having any discussion with any person

However when I saw that his call persisted, I had to pick on the third call

“Good morning, Bianca, where did you place your phone” He asked

“Good morning” I responded ignoring his question

“You sound tired, didn’t you sleep well at night” he asked and for a few seconds I remembered how my night was spent but was also aware that letting Jesse Charles, the guy who had confessed love to me from our first year in school know, wouldn’t be a good idea

“I did, just a little tired, why the call this morning?”

I asked wanting to end the call as quick as possible so as not to throw up outside my apartment

“O yes, Professor David asked us all to be in class by 9am this morning, I sent you messages on your Whatsapp all through last night but got no reply”

“But it’s weekend for Christ sake” I said angrily

“Yes, but it is compulsory we meet up with him, He has something to discuss with us”

“Can’t you cover up for me please?”

I asked knowing I could leverage on the fact that he had a crush on me to get favours like this from him

“Sorry, non can do as attendance is compulsory”

“Okay, see you in class” I said as I ended the call

I put my data on as I hadn’t done so since I stepped into the club house the night before, and He was right, he had left me a number of messages and even calls

Reaching into my bag, I brought out my keys , opened the door and headed for my room

Thankfully, David wasn’t home and wouldn’t have to see me looking all sick

I dropped my bag carelessly on my bed and rushed to the bathroom as I felt like throwing up

After a few visits to the bathroom to throw up, I finally felt better

Had my bath and went into the kitchen to get something to have for breakfast

My three room apartment looked smaller as I dragged myself to the kitchen, thankfully I found bread and had it with jam and a cup of hot tea

Feeling better, I checked the clock and realized I had about twenty minutes left before the class would kick off

I returned to my room to quickly dress up for the class, took another bag and placed my books into it

Another glance at my room with the bag I had returned with on the bed and part of its content outside the bag, I closed the door with the hopes that David wouldn’t get back before me

Alexander’s POV

I rowed on the bed as the light from the window hit my eyes

Stretching my hand to the other end of the bed, I realized it was empty

I opened my eyes and was shocked not to see "the night cat", the lady that accompanied me from the night club the night before in bed

I thought she would be in the bathroom freshening up, I stretched on the bed smiling to myself for a fun night had

Glad it was weekend and I wouldn't have to go to work, I stood up from the bed to search for her

Entering the bathroom I couldn’t find her there but observed it was wet, which meant she did make use of it

I called out her name but got no response, I searched the entire room but couldn’t find her

I couldn’t understand why she left without a word or even asking for some money as having a night stand wasn’t part of the bidding I made on her

While returning to the bed, I stepped on something

I picked it up and it was a school I.D. card, It belonged to Bianca "the night cat", as I could recognise the passport photograph on it to be hers with a different name

Holding the I.D card in hand, I went to the bed to sit so I could read the details of the card

However, on getting to the bed, I moved the sheet and I noticed blood stains on the white bedspread

It definitely belonged to her as the sheets were white when we entered the room the night before

I felt hunted by the thought of what I had done

Nevertheless, I sat on the bed to read the details on the I.D. card

‘University of Zee, Bianca George, Faculty of Mass communication’

I couldn’t believe she was a stripper and also a virgin

Or maybe it was much harder for me to understand how she was a mass communications student and a stripper

I heard a knock on the door and my heart beat increased as I hoped it would be her

I quickly put my trousers on and hide the I.D card in the pocket of my trouser

Opening the door I found James staring at me with a smirk on his lips

“Oh, it’s you” I said feeling disappointed that it was him rather than "the night cat", who was at the door

“Were you expecting someone else?” James asked

“No, What do you want?” I asked him knowing full well he was there to hunt me with questions about my night with "the night cat"

“Ah ah, calm down bro, is she still inside?” he asked

“Is who inside?” I tried to feign ignorance

“You know who I am talking about, the lady from the club last night”

I opened the door to prove to him that no one was inside the room

“But Alex you didn’t sleep here all by yourself, my informant told me they saw you walk in with a lady on mask, I take it that she followed you in here” He said

“Well, you can’t see anyone here, can you?” I said firmly

Trying to avoid his gaze, I looked into the room, and my eyes met the blood stain on the bedsheet

I had been in a hurry to respond to the knock on the door that I forgot to cover the sheets back

I rushed to the bed

Chapter 2

Bianca’s POV

I got to class just in time, and barely survived through the class, as I felt dizzy

At the end of the class, Professor David informed us that the list of our Internship attachment would be out the following week

I returned my books into my bag, stood up from my seat and was about reaching the door when I heard Jesse call my name

I turned and waited for him to get to where I stood as I took the opportunity to exchange greetings with other coursemates

“Am glad you could make it for the class” He said

“Thanks for the call” I said to him as I began walking out of the class

He walked alongside with me out of the hallway, telling me about his plans for the day but I was half present as my mind was recounting last night’s event

“Are you okay?” He asked placing his hand on my forehead

“Yes, I am. Just a little feverish, would be better after a nap”

“Please take care of yourself”

“I will try to” I said w


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