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A Journey with Paris

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“They said death is the only thing inevitable in life. However, I wasn't ready to die. At least not yet. Yet, here I was, trapped in a rustic helicopter that was about to crash. Looking death in the eye" ......... After a helicopter crash, Paris, a wealthy and self-centered heiress, finds herself stranded in a forest with a mysterious man. As they struggle to survive in the wilderness, Paris begins to let go of her arrogance and starts to rely on the man for survival. However, as they navigate the dangers of the forest together, she finds herself falling in love with the man she once considered beneath her. Will they be rescued and make it out alive? And if they do, will their newfound love be able to withstand the secrets and betrayals that await them outside the forest? Find out in this billionaire romance

1. The Beginning

Paris POV

They said death is the only thing inevitable in life.

However, I wasn't ready to die At least not yet Yet, here I was, trapped in a rustic helicopter that was about to crash.

The deafening beeping of the alarms met the erratic beating of my heart. I squeezed my eyes shut as my heart thrummed loudly in my chest, making it hard for me to breathe

As the helicopter rapidly descended, I clung to my seat with a death grip, my knuckles turning white. My mind raced with thoughts - if only I had known, I never would have decided to go on this trip. If only I had known, I never would have hired this useless helicopter. If only I had known…

"We need to brace for a rough landing" the man beside me shouted over the noise and my eyes flung open

“What?" I shouted, my throat cracking Is this it? Is this how people die?

I stole a glance at the window, witnessing the ground rush towards us as the helicopter descended with speed and I let out a deafening scream, ignoring my burning throat.

Death is inevitable, it's certain, I'm going to die. No, I'm dead. A tear trickled down my cheek. Would it hurt? Would death come quickly, or slowly? Or worse, would animals feed on my remains? Just as I questioned my death, everything went black and...silent


"What is it?" I demanded, before I reluctantly perched on the exquisite sofa opposite my father and his mistress, impatiently tapping my perfectly manicured nails

I may dislike my father for what he did to my mother but I still respect him. After all, he fed me, provided for my daily needs, and sheltered me.

He sighed, "Well… You know Sinclair's family?”

Yeah, who wouldn't know the Sinclairs? They are one of the wealthy families here. They owned 50% of the buildings in this town. I know that because we designed all the buildings. My father owns a large architecture firm which I now control not because I love designing and building houses but because I don't want anything to touch those money monger's hands

“Yeah," I said already bored

“Their youngest son is single and so are you"

Okay, I think I know where this conversation is going.

“So we've arranged for you to marry him. It's for the good of our legacy” he added

Tossing my perfectly styled hair. I scoffed, "Marriage? Whose idea was that?" I asked glaring at the step monster who averted her gaze.

It's obviously her doings.

“Besides, I've got my plans, and they don't involve being tied down to a man I don't know and don't care to know.”

Nor do I wish to get married for whatever reason. I am a woman of my own and I will never succumb to being any man's puppet like my mother did. Look where it ended for her.

"Paris, it's a splendid opportunity." The step monster chimed in. "Think of the social advantages. It's a beneficial match for both families."

Anger courses through me at her choice of words. If only she knows how much I detest the sound of her snaky voice

“Family?” I scoffed. “Did you just say family? After you stole everything my mother built for yourself? And you dare call yourself family?” I yelled, and she flinched

“Paris…” my father warned

“If you're that concerned about your family, why don't you make your daughter marry the man? Oh, I think I know the reason you're doing this” I let out a dry chuckle, glaring at her teary eyes. “You want to marry me off to another family so your daughter can have everything all to herself, is that it? As usual, your greediness is no bound”

"Paris, don't talk to your mother like that" my father warned in a stern voice

My mother? My brain spiked and I lost it.

“She is not my mother. I do not have a mother and don't you dare compare my mother to this sl*t” I yelled to his face

My father raised his hand and delivered a resounding slap on my cheek. I gasp in shock at the unexpected action. My hand rubs my throbbing cheek and I glance at my stepmother who was holding my father's hand, fake tears rolling down her eyes.

I roll my eyes at her pretense. I would never believe her feelings toward me were true especially when she deceived and betrayed her friend

“Paris,.. “ he started and cleared his throat "You will not talk to her like that and you will do as I say without complaining.” He stated. “I blame myself for bringing you up spoilt” he muttered under his breath but I heard him clear as a day

Wow! That's nice to know by the way

"Please don't say that. I understand her anger and hatred towards me. It's my fault and I take the blame but please don't hit her again” she pleaded, and I narrowed my eyes at her silly pretense to look tearful and pitiful. My father may be lovestruck or dense but her pretense won't get to me.

“You know,” I started grinning and wiping the tears that escaped my eye from the impact of the slap. “You should consider acting. I feel it's your calling" I laughed ignoring my father's fuming gaze

“Paris… “ he started I raise my palm, “I don't care about your family or your legacy. I won't marry some random guy just to boost your precious status. You have another daughter to do that, don't you?” I turned to leave but paused, my back facing them.

“And if I could, I would change my name" With that, I stormed out of their f*ck*ng house, leaving them both behind, with my heels echoing through the house.


The moment I got inside my penthouse with the door beeping shot behind me, I crashed to the ground, my hands trembling and my heart pounding in rage as my cheeks stung, a reminder of my father's slap. I can't believe he slapped me for that wh*r* he called his wife and dared to call my mother.

Tears stung my eyes as my fingers traced the swollen mark on my cheek with the scene replaying itself in my head. F*ck me if I step foot in that house again.

I don't know how it happened, I don't know what changed. How could a love as strong as the one my parents had, change drastically, just like that, with no warning?

We were happy and I was content with just me and my parents. I could remember how happy we were. What changed or was it because I was too young to understand? F*ck that - there is no explanation for his infidelity. He decided on his own to cheat on my mother with her best friend for a good five years.

At least, that's how I calculated it since he brought home his mistress and her five-year-old daughter when I was eleven years old. He had the nerve to bring them into our home when he knew my mother wasn't strong which spiked her blood pressure.

Now, the money monger he brought home didn't only drive me out of the house, but she's going as worse as persuading my father to marry me into another family so she could get her hands on the company my mother built together with my father.

Oh! She must be delusional if she thinks I'll give up without a fight. Sometimes, I wonder if my father is dumb or if he is just acting dumb. All in all, I don't care nor do I give a f*ck about anything concerning that family or the stupid proposed arranged marriage

Gathering myself, I walk to my sitting room, toss my purse on the sofa, then flop down on it with a sigh. I usually don't mind the silence but today, it's just overwhelming.

You could say I'm a loner and I am fine with it. I've been fine with it and it's not going to change. Not after what friendship and love did to my mother. She trusted her husband and her best friend and looked where that got her - six feet underground.

Feeling utterly drained and clingy, I decided to indulge in a relaxing bath and my nightly beauty routine. The warm water melted away the day's stresses. After I got into my nightwear, and applied my favorite skincare products, I found myself back in my room, plopping down on my comfy bed, laptop in tow.

The soft glow of the screen highlights my face as my eyes zone on the screen. I might be a loner but I have a lot of followers on my social media page and my daily post has a million likes in minutes.

As I browsed through my social media page, my eyes caught a captivating picture of a breathtaking island bathed in sunlight. An idea suddenly popped into my mind.

Without a second thought, I dialed my assistant's number. The phone rang and it was picked up almost immediately. I heard some shuffling before she spoke into the phone

"Hello ma'am" her voice came out muffled like she was asleep

"Cancel all my appointments for the week," I instructed, not bothering with pleasantries

Surprised, Kyle, my assistant, asked, "Is everything okay?"

"Perfectly, I'm going on a one-week vacation. I need a break from all the stress"

There was a pause on the other end, and then she responded, "Are you sure? What about the meetings and deadlines?"

I rolled my eyes, "Handle things here and I'll deal with them when I get back. And rent me a chopper. I heard there's a popular place where they rent a private chopper" I said

"Private chopper? What happened to the private jet?" She asked.

Only Kyle can question me without getting scared. She has been a pain in my neck since high school and although I wouldn't call her a friend, I do tolerate her

"Book me a private chopper. That is none of your business and do not let this conversation get out to my father or anyone. You'll be fired if my phone rings, and disrupts my vacation" I seethed, hanging up the phone before she could form a word.

I can imagine her rolling her eyes, she does that whenever she thinks I'm not looking. Ever since I saved her from a bully back in high school, she's stuck to me like glue and hasn't left my side. Even when I'm not particularly kind to her, she remains unfazed. Although I don't consider her a friend, I can't deny that I see her as more than just an employee.

With a final look at the picture, I closed the laptop, already daydreaming about sandy shores and crystal-clear waters waiting for my arrival. But first, I'm starving.

2. I Need a Ride (The First Meet)

Paris POV

The car screeched to a stop, drawing the attention of two men walking on the open tarmac

“Are you going to get out?" I asked, sarcastically, staring at Kyle who looked pale like a corpse.

She barely settled into the passenger seat earlier when I slammed my foot on the gas pedal, speeding down the driveway, leaving her to hold on to the door handle for her dear life

I watched her hesitantly step out of the car. She looked like she was going to faint any minute.

“Don't be dramatic," I said after her. With a roll of my eyes, I opened my car door and stepped into the cool morning breeze, flailing my hair into my face as we made our way into the so-called airport

It's a chaotic mess and doesn't look like an airport. It's said to be owned by a man who fell from grace centuries ago. He runs this small business of renting out his choppers for a stipulated time. I can't believe I subjected myself to this inco


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