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One night of wild pleasure brings two dangerous hearts together. When Nicole leaves the room the next morning, she can't erase him from her mind but decides to forget about him, because it's the best option. 'He won't accept me if he knew the kind of life I live' she consoles herself as she drives home. He doesn't believe love exists. The only thing he knows how to do better is to kill and earn more money. When his eyes look into hers for the first time, he instantly resolves that she's the one he's gonna spend the rest of the night with. Only when morning comes, Alessio Fernandez is unwilling to let her go. A month passes with no sight of her and when he is on a mission to kill some unspecified target, can you imagine the surprise he perceives when his target turns out to be Nicole Valdez? What choice will Alessio make? And how will Nicole handle the truth about who her one night turns out to be? Find out more in the book.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1


I slowly nod my head to the strong bass of the erotic song playing through the speakers. This is giving me the perfect mood I need for what I'm here to do tonight.

To get laid.

I don't know how I survived with my purity to this age though, I should blame it on work and my uptight boss.

That man never allows me to rest. I was forced to sneak out of the house to be here and that's why I have to make sure it's worth it.

The good thing in all this is the fact that I'm yet to have my freedom, at least that's what he said.

I can't wait to start my life afresh somewhere far from the world I'm currently living in.

I have been working for my independence for three years now. According to my boss who also happens to be my uncle, I have one more mission and after that, I will be free to live the life I have always wanted.

A life where I can do what I want without restrictions or frequent close monitoring. A life where it's just Nicole and the world she will create for herself.

And for starters, I want to enter the real world like a normal 19-year-old and not some awkward naive virgin.

This advice came from my crazy best friend actually, and most of the time she is always right about almost everything.

So here I am, sipping on my cocktail as my eyes roam around the room, looking for a perfect partner for tonight.

I specifically chose this club because it carries people from the high end of class.

Come on, I'm not gonna give myself to a broke gentleman especially when it's my first time, and tonight I don't want some soft caring guy, no.

I want it hard and rough, I want him to be relentless with me in every way possible. It's not like I'm some soft kind of a girl anyway.

Also, Tara mentioned the harder the fuck the hotter it will be. She has the experience and I'm positive that she knows this stuff better than anyone.

So far, I haven't spotted that special someone. Guys here look too nice or too gentle, Yet, I want someone destructive.

The song ends with applause from the crowd and another one starts to my amazement. It's like the DJ is in sync with my thoughts.

It has been half an hour and yet I haven't found someone interesting enough for me.

With a hopeless sigh, I take a sip and glance around for the last time and it's like the heavens just answered my prayers.

Looks like I finally found what I'm looking for and no doubt he is the one. The ideal part is that he is already undressing me with his hungry eyes, despite the strippers surrounding him and his two friends.

Fucking perfect.

The man looks intimidating but what can I say, I encounter such men daily and they don't terrify me one bit.

He is in a white dress shirt that is tightly gripping his strong arms. The shirt is folded to his elbows giving me a glimpse of his tatted skin. I so much like men with tattoos because I find them hot.

The only tattoo I have is the single star on my wrist, and the funny part is that I don't know when I got it. I don't remember my life before the age of ten and it's alarming.

The guy's shirt buttons are halfway undone and the big skull drawn on his chest intrigues me more. This is enough confirmation that he is bad, just the way I want him to be.

No good guy will have the courage of sketching obscene images on their holy skin, especially a big scary skull. I won't do it either.

I think the search is over. Now it's time for step two.

I don't know what it feels like to be fucked, but I'm hoping it will be amazing. Tara is always doing it every day and with different guys at that, it only means the feeling is terrific.

It's the reason I'm so excited about tonight.

I deliberately bring the glass to my red-painted lips and take a careful sip while holding my target's gaze. The man does the same with his glass and I smile in triumph.

I like responsive males.

Seducing men is one of my finest art and it's the leisurely way to earn a kill. Another advantage is that I'm young and beautiful, so people will never think I could hurt a fly until when they're fading to nothing, they realize a rose is not only beautiful but can be harmful as well.

I always like it when they think we are about to do the act and boom, their neck is gone. And I happily walk home to receive my payment.

The man I'm looking at though is extremely hot and I would feel bad if I had to terminate him. Good thing I don't know him at all, he probably won't appear on my target list.

He looks strong and a cold aura surrounds him. His friends look deep into whatever stories they are telling each other but this guy has his eyes occupied by my view.

His eyes are specifically on my chest and it makes a proud smirk appear on my face. The little to no dress Tara chose for me must leave little to his imagination. To make it better, I'm wearing no bra and my titties are attentively present.

Firm, soft, perky, and untouched, starting right back at him and waiting to be ruined tonight.

Hopefully, I will have him for the whole night because I don't know when another chance like this will prevail.

The way his dark gazes are hungrily taking me in makes me more eager for this night. Maybe this is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my entire existence.

Deciding that we have had enough of staring, I take my odds and slowly get on my feet. I'm not looking for a man to keep, it's just sex and everyone will go back to whatever hole they crawled from when morning comes.

So I'm not gonna try to play hard to get or waste time waiting for him to approach me.

If he is not into it, I will simply move to the next guy. I must experience what sex feels like tonight, that's for sure.

"Hello," I say, lowering myself on his black couch and recklessly crossing my legs. I'm aware the dress I wore just rose higher exposing my thighs and that is my intention, I want him to see what I'm willing to offer.

I can't believe I followed Tara's advice.

He looks damn hot up close and I wonder how kissing those full and red lips would feel, though that is the one intimate thing I'm not willing to do tonight.

He has slight facial hairs that make him look mature enough for me.

The more mature the better. Tara reminded me to consider that when choosing a partner.

I think I like him.

His eyes hold only starvation for me and no other emotion. My eyes lower on his big long fingers and wonder how far they can go.

Oh! me.

When did I become so naughty?

My prey has skull rings on three of his tattooed fingers and no doubt he is in illegal shit. Who I'm I to judge anyway.

"Who are you? " his gruff voice answers and it makes me look back into his piercing gaze. I know he won't be able to recognize me because I chose two towns away from home.

I have killed so many people that I'm not supposed to be this comfortable around this kind of man. Especially when the only weapon I brought with me is a small pocket knife and it's just so much it can do when shit goes down.

I have to look as innocent as possible to achieve my goal and get out of here alive.

"Who are you?" he repeats the question this time a bit colder. Fuck! Why is he so uptight?

Anyone else would be relishing the opportunity by now.

I can't tell him my name, that is rule number one when you are on a mission. This is a mission too I believe.

"Some girl looking for some relaxation tonight" I seductively mutter but his eyes don't waver from my face, not even for a second. Whoever this man is, he must be good, he's so fucking cautious.

From the look in his eyes, he wants to fuck me so bad yet his guard is all up.

I drown the remaining drink from my glass and decide to risk it again. I'm not drunk, I only drink when necessary and that is like never.

I get up from my position and he carefully watches me as I gently straddle his lap. His arms quickly hold me in place to stop any further movement and I wonder why he is so stuck up.

"You will get hurt little girl, I'm not here to entertain your stupid Immature games" He grumbles with a deep frown on his face but his hands don't let my waist go, instead, his grip tightens.

He doesn't have to be harsh with his words. It's not like I'm forcing him into this.

"Your eyes are telling a different story Mr" I place my palms on his shoulders and manHehe smells fine and he's fucking firm, so big.

He is the definition of my dream guy.

"What do you want?" the stranger groans as he slightly squeezes my waist and my body immediately responds to the action.

I move further into him until I'm sitting on his hard erection and this time, he doesn't stop me. I'm glad that I'm not the only one who is affected here.

My dress completely pulls up higher and I feel the coldness of his rings on my bare thighs as he softly caresses them..

It's not the first time I have been close to a man, but this one makes me feel different. It's like my body reacts to his without even us touching

And the ragged breaths he is releasing in my ear, prove that we are both on the same level of fucked up.

"You know what I want" I breathlessly murmur and his black eyes dilate more. Without warning, he stands up with me in his arms and heads for the door.

Chapter 2


(Warning; Mature content)

Luca wanted me to check out one of my recently opened clubs and I reluctantly agreed.

I am a busy man and I trust him to take care of something small like a club.

So I'm sitting here bored to death, not following whatever they are saying or the strippers that are supposedly entertaining us.

This is the last place I planned to be, especially when a bitch is probably lying naked on my bed.

Yesterday I had a wide pussy that got me disgusted and I couldn't even relieve myself. So to make it up to me, the bitch who controls all the strippers in my clubs promised me a good lay today.

Hopefully, she does because I waste a lot of my money on them.

Still contemplating on how I'm gonna ditch the two boys, a girl walks into my club looking like a sinful angel that just got kicked out from heaven. And like the angel she is, she grabs every present man's attention to herself but she doesn&


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