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A Celebrity Wife Yet A Nobody

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Imagine waking up the following morning after an incredible bed activities with a random woman you met at the club . Then you look at that random woman who was on mask last night ,she is none but your best friend wife! Nate woke up to see his best friend wife , Mirabelle naked on the bed with him in an hotel .Worst nightmare came when Mirabelle became pregnant for him. ... Mirabelle Arlo , a decent teenager living her life as simple as she can ,chasing her dreams ,she wants to be a lawyer, had a one night stand with a famous actor Nate , which created a bond between them ,Nate loves Mirabelle but he is proud to admit and tell her . Everything was going well between Nate and Mirabelle not until the Prince family came telling her she is betrothed to their son,Miguel,a famous popstar and has to marry him. Why would she marry at a young age when she has a dream to chase , Why will she marry Miguel when she loves Nate ? Miguel hates Mirabelle with everything in him; She is from a middle class family , she doesn't put on make ups ,doesn't wear s*xy dresses . Mirabelle also doesn't like Miguel ,On their first day of meeting he told her straight that she irritates him , getting married to that type of man means hell! To save both dads ,they have to get married .They hated each other but has to get married or their dads dies . Nate regretted losing Mirabelle to Miguel who maltreated her. A love triangle between an actor, musician and a peasant girl. Lots of drama as Mirabelle became pregnant for Nate and as she discover a lot of lies and dirty deeds by her in-law family. Mirabelle who was a weak, naive, easy to manipulate woman suddenly become a strong and powerful woman through the help of Nate. She dig up terrible events done by the prince family, bringing them down. Miguel seeing how powerful Mirabelle is, asked for forgiveness, he wants her back but Mirabelle had had enough, she wants revenge especially when she found out Miguel was behind her dad death, she wants revenge and revenge she must have!

Chapter 1: The Ancestors Vow

Back in the years, the Arlo family helped the Prince family in defeating their greatest enemy, The two families are best friends, the Arlo family is an average middle-class family, and they are not rich, unlike the Prince family.

For the Arlo family's contribution in defeating their enemy, The prince family made a vow; every last born of the Prince family must marry the last born of the Arlo family.

This Vow was sealed with blood and its flows from generation to generation. This vow continues till the 5th generation, The prince's family broke the vow, they found it embarrassing, to get married to a poor family when there are lots of rich families.

The head of the prince's family died for breaking the vow, His successor also broke the vow, he died at a young age. This continues for a long time, with the prince's family dying at a young age for breaking the vow. The Vow has been forgotten between the two families.

Now in the present world, Prince Starvalour is ill, he is a young man, 42 years old yet at the point of death. After spending millions, going from one hospital to another, still, no cure he called the family sorcerers she said he is going to die if he do not fulfill the promise made by his ancestors.

Fulfilling the long-forgotten promise isn't a problem but Miguel their last-born son is.

Miguel is a celebrity and he will never agree to get married to a peasant girl.

The Prince family is one of the richest in the country, they have lands, companies, estates, schools, hospitals,s and a lot more. The first ancestor of the Prince family was a prince, he is an illegitimate son of the king.

His real name is James but everyone calls him Prince, Prince is the eldest son of the king but because he is the son of a concubine, the throne was given to his younger brother who is a legitimate son of the king.

Everyone loves Prince for his good heart and deeds, they give him gifts lands, houses, gold, diamonds, clothes, animals like horses, oxen, dogs, and a lot more.

They supported him when the throne was taken away from him. Prince himself is a fashion designer, he makes beautiful fabrics, he also has lands where he hired farmers to cultivate on it, during harvest he divided the crops into two, one for his household, and one for the people. He gives generously.

He has a best friend, Arlo Matt, they are close friends unlike Prince, Arlo isn't that wealthy, he has lands but not as much as Prince.

Prince's empire became to expand, and he is having twice the king's (his brother's) wealth, because of that the king became jealous of him, and he is scared that one day Prince will plot and take the throne. The king(his brother) framed him and ban him from entering the palace not satisfied he burnt some of the Prince's lands.

Prince was frustrated, he left the town to build his empire somewhere else far from his brother's jealous and wicked heart. Prince's departure did a lot of damage in the people's hearts, their hero is gone but before he left he gave the remaining lands to the people.

Prince was a man of good heart and he remains in history forever but his descendants are quite the opposite of him, they are rather proud, wicked, and selfish.

Mirabelle POV

brring brring the alarm sound , Zzzzzzz I snored, scratching my hair.

Brrr the alarm was louder, I also snored louder drawing it zzzzzzzzzzz. The louder the alarm rang, the louder I snore it's like we are doing a battle.

brring brring brrring, the table was vibrating, "ahh" I shouted stood up, off the alarm, geez this alarm won't allow me to sleep in peace, the worst is that the alarm won't stop until you off it if you fix the time at 5 am, it will continue to ring till noon if you did not off it.

I got up lazily from the bed dragging my feet t scratching my but, "What's the time" I checked the time and go! it'9 am, I should be in school a7 am.

I ran across the room," What should I do ?, how could I have slept so long, take my bath no, no time for that "

I went to my wardrobe, took out a pair of faded jeans, put it on, and wore my bra and a big sweater on the jean.

I packed my hair into a bun, spray perfume on my body and head out.

on my way, I forgot I didn't brush my teeth, sh*t! I will have to buy bubble gum or candy to prevent my mouth from smelling, I stayed by the roadside looking for a taxi but none came.

"oh come on, don't do this to me " I waited and waited, but no taxi, not a single one, and am already late, I think I will have to use my legs, I ran and ran like a lion was chasing me.

I have been running for twenty minutes, I smiled to myself thinking am close to school but then I stopped and look closely oh sh*t!

I took the opposite direction, in other words, the race I have been running since was taking me far away from school, I fell to the ground "Why am I this stupid? "

Finally got to school but guess what the time is 11 am, am so so so late.

Mr Obama must not see me or I will be in detention. I sneaked in through the back door to my class, phew thank goodness I wasn't caught.

"Hey, where have you been ?"Clara my friend came to me.

"shhh no noise class is going on, I woke up late "I whispered

"As usual "

I hate it as I am being tagged as a latecomer, people see it as something usual to me, I have been trying to fix it but just didn't work out.

"stop, it's not my fault "I whispered again

"yeah but seriously what's you with the whisper, speak normally it's not like there is anybody in class "

"What?" I looked up, the class was dry, only I and Clara are in class "Oh we are on a break "

"uh I don't know what I should do with your clumsy attitude " Clara stood up "Come let's grab something to eat "

"okay "we left the classroom, on our way to the cafeteria students were running towards the main hall, and some were pushing us.

"what's going on ?"I asked

"There is only one way to find out "Clara replied, we stared and walked towards the main hall to see what was happening.

We got to the hall, the students are so many, we couldn't see anything but most of the students were blushing, taking pictures.

one after the other, they started to pave the way in the middle, I and Clara are at the far end of the crowd.

"OMG!" Clara said, she left the middle paving way for him, yes him.

I saw Nate walking majestically, wait,


I stood still, my heart beating hard lub-dub-lub-dub-lub-dub, Nate is an actor and a model, he is f***ing handsome, I have only seen him in movies, not real life what is he doing in my school?

Nate is my number one celebrity crush, he is just so romantic in his movies, I stood still like a stick, "How can a guy be so handsome "

He came to me or let's say in my point of view he walked to me.

"Get lost " I heard Nate saying, I stared at his eyeballs so beautiful, nodding my head.

"Get out of the way "

"oh sorry, "I said, I was so embarrassed, the students were laughing, staring at me, I shifted a little bit for him to pass.

he didn't say anything he went on.

Some students were laughing at me, and the crowd dispatched, I stood still "Hey what's wrong with you ?" Clara came to me

"I don't know, he is so cool," I said absent-mindedly

"hey snap out of it, what's Nate doing in our school ?"

" That's true, maybe he came to shoot a movie or something "

"Okay but why didn't you get out of the way when you saw him coming "

"I got carried away "

"Everyone was but at least you should have given way for him "

"Whatever "

"Why are you sounding like you are sad ?"

"I am, he is just so lucky, he is a year older than me, rich, young, and handsome, he is a celebrity, life will be so easy for him "I sighed.

"hey don't worry that's why we were sent to school, we have to read hard and make sure we make it in life, we will be rich one day now is just not the time besides who knows maybe then people like Nate won't be as rich as we are," Clara said smiling.

"Aww you are such a darling, thanks for the speech "I hugged Clara.

"Mirabelle! " I heard a voice behind me, I turned and saw. ...

Chapter 2 : In Violet House

"That will be all," the lecturer said leaving the class, the students left remaining me.

I sighed.

life hasn't been easy not at all, at home and in school, in school Nate is frustrating my life, I heard he came to finish his education or something, I don't know, it's okay if he is here at school but why is he making my life here a hell.

He hates me for no reason, he always tells on me, reporting me to school authorities when am late or do something bad, he doesn't report anyone else but me.

I hit my head with my book, I remembered the day before yesterday, I was late for school, and I don't have money for a cab so I decided to walk to school, fortunately, or let me say unfortunately Nate was on his way to the school, cruising in his Lamborghini car, he saw me, he stopped, he told me to enter his car which I did.

I was so happy, so happy but he made the drive a hell, he kept insulting me, and judgi


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