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Jolie Kim

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Who doesn't love books! Who? I love expressing myself through writing, hop on let's enjoy a ride.


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  • Author: Jolie Kim
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 49
  • 5.0

Imagine waking up the following morning after an incredible bed activities with a random woman you met at the club . Then you look at that random woman who was on mask last night ,she is none but your best friend wife! Nate woke up to see his best friend wife , Mirabelle naked on the bed with him in an hotel .Worst nightmare came when Mirabelle became pregnant for him. ... Mirabelle Arlo , a decent teenager living her life as simple as she can ,chasing her dreams ,she wants to be a lawyer, had a one night stand with a famous actor Nate , which created a bond between them ,Nate loves Mirabelle but he is proud to admit and tell her . Everything was going well between Nate and Mirabelle not until the Prince family came telling her she is betrothed to their son,Miguel,a famous popstar and has to marry him. Why would she marry at a young age when she has a dream to chase , Why will she marry Miguel when she loves Nate ? Miguel hates Mirabelle with everything in him; She is from a middle class family , she doesn't put on make ups ,doesn't wear s*xy dresses . Mirabelle also doesn't like Miguel ,On their first day of meeting he told her straight that she irritates him , getting married to that type of man means hell! To save both dads ,they have to get married .They hated each other but has to get married or their dads dies . Nate regretted losing Mirabelle to Miguel who maltreated her. A love triangle between an actor, musician and a peasant girl. Lots of drama as Mirabelle became pregnant for Nate and as she discover a lot of lies and dirty deeds by her in-law family. Mirabelle who was a weak, naive, easy to manipulate woman suddenly become a strong and powerful woman through the help of Nate. She dig up terrible events done by the prince family, bringing them down. Miguel seeing how powerful Mirabelle is, asked for forgiveness, he wants her back but Mirabelle had had enough, she wants revenge especially when she found out Miguel was behind her dad death, she wants revenge and revenge she must have!


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