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Vampire husband

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On a stormy night, I stumbled upon an abandoned infant on the street. His cold, tiny face stirred compassion within me, and I decided to take him home and raise him as my own. Little did I know that this seemingly innocent baby was, in fact, a descendant of the Bloodline—a vampire. As the years passed, the child grew, displaying extraordinary strength and keen senses. It became increasingly clear that he was not an ordinary human, but my love for him had deepened to a point of no return. He became my 'son,' an inseparable part of my life, and I became an indispensable part of his. One day, a mysterious visitor revealed his true identity. The visitor informed me that the child I loved dearly was the prince of the Bloodline, destined to be the future ruler of the vampires. The revelation shocked me, but even more difficult to accept was the fact that, over time, I had inadvertently been transformed by him into the same kind of being—a vampire. From that moment, my world was turned upside down. Friends and family who once cared for me now saw me as a monster. Forced into exile, I had to evade relentless pursuers. Yet, the bond of blood we shared made it impossible for me to abandon him. I chose to stand by his side, fighting against the enemies of the Bloodline and human hunters alike. We traversed the night, facing countless life-and-death trials. As we fought to survive, I struggled with the duality of my human heart and my vampiric nature. Ultimately, I was faced with a choice: continue existing in the shadows or sacrifice my life to restore whatever remained of my humanity. In this tale filled with love and betrayal, power and helplessness, I will do everything in my power to protect what I hold dear. If fate is so cruel, I am willing to break this endless cycle with my own life. Are you ready to embark on this heart-pounding journey? In this adventure that spans life, death, and eternity, you will witness how a human grapples with love and darkness until he is nothing but dust.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 White Night

"Little Man, time to eat!"

"Well, a little more! Come as soon as you finish!"

This is how I spend my days, in front of my mother's shouts and computer. I'm a helpless and miserable little writer, but I haven't written anything brilliant.

But I have a strong heart and always believe that one day I will be somebody.

"Little Man, your grandmother and I are going to visit your grandfather in the countryside, leaving this afternoon, and may not come back for a month or two." I can't come to cook for you, remember to eat three meals, don't write and forget to eat." My name is Shen Manjun. My mother always calls me Xiao Man.

I looked at the computer screen and quickly typed my fingers on the keyboard, "I know, Mom! I'm not a kid anymore! Even if you are in the city, you don't have to come to cook for me all the time, I am not so useless, I can still manage my own life."

Mom helplessly shook her head: "You are in front of the computer all day I have not seen you rise to prominence ah, and radiation is not good for the body..." I heard it affects fertility.

You tell me, what if you get married and you can't have kids? You're the one who's suffering. I think you'd better find another job."

"Oh my dear mother, don't joke, this is not scientific, why do you worry about this?" I didn't get ahead when I wrote this. That's now, not in the future! Save your mind, I have no money and I won't ask you!"

Can not stand the mother's nagging, the mind is not how smooth ideas immediately broke, can not help but some irritability in the heart, simply don't write, stood up from the chair to the table.

After dinner, and so on mom left, feel no inspiration, I took the keys and wallet also went out, no inspiration to go out when the heart is the best, than the nest at home sad face.

The temperature outside is very high, after all, the weather in June, even without the sun, is stifling.

I do not have the habit of going out in summer to open an umbrella, basking in the sun and killing bacteria, like I do not often go out to see the sun. Over time, the color will be very bad, the skin is white, and it looks like a vampire.


"Oh, no way!!"

After the thunder, looking at the lightning across the sky, I kind of want to curse the impulse, finally go out, but also encountered this ghost weather, more irritating is that I did not bring an umbrella.

There were fewer and fewer pedestrians on the road, and the big raindrops fell down. I reached out my hand to block my head and turned to run home.

Running towards a man wearing a pink shirt dyed yellow hair like "wash, cut and blow", his mouth has been swearing: "God, God!!"

I was trying to be a quiet lady, but then that guy walked past me and hit me on the shoulder like nothing happened.

Then it was my turn. "Oh, my God!"

Walking, suddenly feel something wrong, this is clearly in the afternoon, but the sky is unspeakably dark, as if quickly into the night.

It is too exaggerated to describe with "reaching out and not seeing the five fingers", it is true that you can't see what others look like, at this time there are no street lights, and the scenery slightly far away is completely unclear.

There was once a time when it was suddenly dark in broad daylight.

But that was a child, a very long memory, I did not expect to encounter such weather now.

A lot of people like me quickly became drowned, which gave me some balance in my heart, at least I was not the only one who was unlucky

"Boom -- wah -- wah..."

I stopped, along with the thunder, as if I heard a baby crying, perhaps because of the natural sensitivity of perception, I always felt that something was wrong.

I do not know when, except for me, there is no one in the street. Now I am standing at an intersection where there is nothing but the occasional passing car, but the crying of the baby continues.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 The Baby

The rain was running down my cheeks, and I couldn't see clearly. It was raining so hard that I could hear nothing but the sound of rain and the faint sound of a baby crying.

"Boom --"

The thunderous thunder suddenly sounded again, and then a menacing lightning struck me straight down, I stared at the lightning, my heart only one idea: what did I do to harm the nature of things? Is this about to be struck by lightning?

Just when I thought I was going to be grilled chicken the next second, there was a strong spark and I couldn't open my eyes.

When my eyes felt better, I carefully opened them to see what had happened, and the scene in front of me made me a little surprised.

Within two metres of me, the ground was black with lightning and there were puffs of smoke under the curtain of rain.

Cold sweat mixed in the rain drops, let me feel the silk cool. If I had gone a little further, I would have died.

"Whoa, whoa... Wow


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