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The student and the vampire

The student and the vampire

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Vampire girl goes to school, meets a human boy and falls for him. But doesn’t want to share her secret, until a time comes and she is made to show her true self. To protect the one she loves and cares for, the only human she trusts and loves with all her heart. She is afraid of his reaction to her true form, but has to do what she can to save the one she loves. Even if that means killing and risking her life to protect him. Even if it means losing her own life, and protecting his. This story is love and lust.

Chapter 1

As the cold air blows, many children are playing. swinging on trees and playing tag. Little Leo was swinging on the swing set, as he hears a little girl crying in the dark woods a few feet from him and the other kids. He stops, walks towards the crying to see a little girl against a trees with her knees against her chest.

“Hey! What’s wrong?“ he worries as he walks closer to her,

”please just leave me alone!” She cries as the wind blows harder then before. Leo stops in his tracks as he notices that the wind has slowed when she stop talking.

”I just want to help you, please?” Leo wonders, the girl stand up and looks at him, her eyes as red as blood and her hair dark as the dark woods behind her.

“Are you ok?” Leo asks walking a bit closer,

”I will be..” the girl lunges towards him, sending him flying across the woods, his body slamming against a tree, knocking him out.

2 hours passed, Leo wakes up to the girl gone and no memory of what happened, he goes back to his house and goes to bed.

The next morning, Leo wakes up to his mom standing before him with a cake, “happy 10th birthday my sweet boy!” Leo‘s mom exclaims,

“Thanks mom, do I have to go to school today?” Leo asks,

“Sadly yes, even though I want to spend the time with my sweet boy- I mean young man!” She cries.

Leo heads off to school and sits in his seat,

“class welcome our new student, miss Emma!” The teacher announces, Leo looks at the girl and sees her long dark hair and her pink eyes, the girl looks shocked looking at Leo. He is confused as he wonders where he saw her before…just can’t remember where.


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