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The Omnipotent Super-Talented Genius

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Reborn by merging the souls and memories of over a hundred death row inmates into the body of a cowardly and incompetent wealthy heir, Yang Hongtao transforms into an almost omniscient and super-talented genius. He also unexpectedly gains a beautiful wife. The powerful soul energy grants him a life-creating ability, allowing him to endow a mosquito, a phone, or even a piece of bread with temporary, low-level intelligence and life. When faced with assassination attempts from the world's top ten killers, he can easily crush their throats with ancient martial arts techniques. However, he prefers to secretly capture the enemies' weapons and endow them with life. Thus, when a fierce swordsman wields his beloved curved blade, he might end up cutting off his own nose first. And when a cold-blooded gunman draws his gun, he might blow off his own manhood before anything else!

Chapter 1

### Volume One: The Rebirth of a Fiend

#### Chapter 001: Execution

The autumn morning breeze carried a piercing chill as it swept relentlessly through the nearly bare poplar trees, occasionally dislodging a few dry leaves. These withered leaves fluttered in the wind like solitary boats lost at sea, exuding an aura of melancholy and desolation.

On a plot of land near the east side of the mortuary, enclosed by barbed wire, twenty-six death row inmates in prison garb knelt in a row. Hundreds of armed police officers, their expressions solemn, stood guard at the four corners of the execution ground, their loaded guns aimed at the prisoners, awaiting the final command from their commander.

Yang Hongtao knelt among the group of convicts, his body rigid like a dried-up wooden stake. He knew that any words he might utter now would be futile; resistance would only hasten his death. In court, Yang Hongtao had felt a surge of desire to recant, especially upon seeing his once beloved girlfriend Xiaoya enter the courtroom, intimately close to his treacherous boss Huang Lianshu, who had framed him. A torrent of anger nearly consumed his reason.

Yet, when his gaze fell upon the tear-streaked faces and concerned eyes of his elderly parents and sister's family seated in the gallery, the anger and faint instinct to survive were immediately submerged by the warmth of familial love. He knew he could never win against Huang Lianshu. It was a fundamentally uneven battle, their levels completely disparate.

In his newfound calm, Yang Hongtao realized that even if he dared to tell the truth in court, it would be pointless without concrete evidence linking Huang Lianshu to the series of economic and criminal activities. Even if the judge believed him, Huang Lianshu could easily find a scapegoat to take the fall, at most incurring a financial loss.

Yang Hongtao knew he wouldn't escape Huang Lianshu's vengeance afterward. His death would be inevitable, and even his family would suffer the consequences. Not wanting his loved ones to be dragged into his plight, Yang Hongtao gritted his teeth and bore the full weight of everything.

After accepting his fate and leaving the courtroom, Yang Hongtao believed he could face death calmly. However, when he felt the cold barrel of the gun against the back of his head, emitting an aura of death, fear inevitably crept in.

Regardless of Yang Hongtao's acceptance, the inevitable approached. At the command of the armed police officer, the sound of bullets being loaded echoed, like an invisible hand knocking on the gates of hell.


At the final command, a volley of gunfire resounded across the execution ground. Simultaneously, twenty-six 7.62mm bullets, burning with rage, drilled into the back of each prisoner's head.

In the moment before the gunfire, as Yang Hongtao's life was about to end, his mind, clinging desperately to the vibrant world, flashed through unforgettable faces from his short life—his kind mother, stern father, beloved sister, childhood neighbor girl...

Then, Xiaoya's beautiful yet merciless face, alongside Huang Lianshu's sinister, disdainful visage, were etched in his mind, expanding like the legendary soul-reaping demons, mocking him, the soon-to-be-executed prisoner.

The intense anger and resentment burned like a raging fire within Yang Hongtao's soul. When these emotions reached their peak, his heart unexpectedly returned to tranquility.

Whether by divine intervention or fate, at the brink of death, the last face in Yang Hongtao's mind was that of an old, wrinkled monk he met three years ago in a dilapidated temple in Lhasa. The monk, with a compassionate demeanor, had convinced Yang Hongtao to buy an amulet for five hundred yuan, a trinket worth no more than five yuan at a street stall.

The amulet, inscribed with the six-syllable mantra of Avalokitesvara in Tibetan, was said by the monk to be a sacred chant. Despite the monk's peculiar accent, which made the chant sound awkward, it left a deep impression on Yang Hongtao.

At the moment of death, Yang Hongtao instinctively recited the mantra in his mind:

"Om Mani Padme Hum—"

To his astonishment, as he chanted, six large characters appeared in the sky, transforming into six halos of white light that enveloped him. Before he could comprehend what was happening, the halos began to constrict.

Though Yang Hongtao's body remained kneeling, he felt as if he were being compressed into a tiny sugar crystal by the halos. In an instant, he lost control over his body, with his consciousness concentrated to a single point in his mind.

At that moment, a searing bullet drilled through Yang Hongtao's skull, brushing past his consciousness compressed by the halos. The bullet seemed to imprint an invisible net on the bullet's surface, but it continued its trajectory, exiting through his mouth and falling to the ground.

The execution complete, the twenty-six bodies lay lifeless, each with a bullet hole in the back of their heads. The armed police quickly began cleaning the execution ground, confirming deaths and loading the bodies onto trucks.

Yang Hongtao felt his consciousness trapped in the bullet, watching helplessly as his lifeless body was carried away. He realized that even in death, his soul was confined, unlike the other inmates' souls, which drifted aimlessly around their bodies.

As the sun rose, its light scattering across the ground, the wandering souls began to dissipate in the sunlight. Yang Hongtao, shielded by a rock, watched in horror, fearing that he, too, would soon face the same fate.

Determined to avoid complete annihilation, Yang Hongtao's desire for survival intensified. He didn't want to die a second time, his soul forever lost in the vast universe. With desperation, he watched the other souls dissolve, vowing to find a way to survive.

Chapter 2

### Volume 1: The Demon’s Rebirth

#### Chapter 002: Merging Souls

The intense, unwavering desire to survive left Yang Hongtao utterly restless. The more he tried to calm down, the more he felt the relentless sunlight gnawing at his soul. The once cold bullet tip began to heat up gradually.

He couldn't wait any longer! Yang Hongtao knew that idle waiting would only lead to death. However, he couldn't move or run. What else could he do but wait passively? Suddenly, he remembered the Six-Word Mantra. Regardless of the consequences, he had personally experienced its extraordinary power.

Although this miraculous power might bring adverse changes, for someone like Yang Hongtao, who was bound to face dire straits, no transformation could be worse than having his soul dissolve completely under the sun’s rays.

Given this, what was there to fear? Under the increasing pressure from the sunlight, Yang Hongtao once again began to silently


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