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The mystery murder

The mystery murder

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Olivia wakes up one morning to find her entire family lying in the pool of their own blood, they have been massacred by something powerful and unknown. Fearing for her life, Olivia fles from California to Los Angeles, there she meets a lovely childless couple, the Wilsons whom had had their own fair share of the unfairness of life, they later agreed to adopt Olivia as their child since they felt they were both the same and had been treated unfairly by life. There, she meets and falls in love with Gilbert whom she believes the heavens had packaged and sent down to her as a compensation for loosing her family. At a point in Olivia's life, she felt that she needed to find out what happened to the rest of her family, who killed them, what was their offense, why they were killed in such gruesome manner. Olivia later embarks on a journey to a very shocking revelation about her life which almost made her hate herself, not just that, she was also later to find out more about some other entities that wanted her dead too and why. Olivia was later to get another biggest shock of her life when she found out that the people she loved and held dear to her heart did not feel the same way about her. This is a story of suspense, love, thrills, betrayal and hurt

Chapter 1

She was awoken that night by a sound on her window, it was like an owl was crying by her window, the window was slightly open so she could see that it was still dark outside.

She had always been told that a crying owl meant impending doom but she had never taken it seriously, after all they were all myths.

Her attention was however called to something else. Apart from the killer headache she felt, she noticed scratches on her shoulders, not just that, her hands were stained with blood.

Alarmed, Olivia jumped down from her bed and ran out of her room, straight to her parents room with the hope of finding her parents and showing them the blood. Panic washed over her fragile mind as she tiptoed in the dark to her parents room.

"Mom, dad" she called simultaneously as she banged her blood soaked fist on the wooden door.

Almost tearing up when she got no reply, she gently pushed the door open and was surprised that it gave way so easily, her parents never left their door open. Olivia was later to find out why. Her parents were not there, it was weird that her parents were not in their room at that time.

Feeling a strange energy around the environment, Olivia ran to the sitting room, she almost puked at what she saw.

There, right on the living room floor, lay her parents and two brothers in the pool of their own blood, they had bite and scratch marks on their neck and other parts of their bodies, the same mark she had up her arms.

"Mom, dad, Aiden, Jasper"

She went from person to person trying to shake them awake, but to no avail, their bodies were stiff, just like the fish her mom had put in the freezer the previous day.

"Nooooo!!!!!" Came her scream of anguish as she watched the lifeless bodies of every single member of her family, sprawled on ground and covered in blood.

Fearing that whatever had taken the lifes of the rest of her family was still lurking around and would find her too, Olivia opened the living room door and stepped into the cold night, fleeing for her life

"Beep beep beep!!!" Came the annoying sound from the alarm clock on the bedside table.

Olivia stretched out her hand tiredly to switch off the alarm clock that was blaring loudly in her ears, feeling tired, as if she should go back to bed, she turned around in her bed and pulled the covers over her head.

It was another beautiful day, although she had been taunted all night by the nightmares which now came more often than not, they had frequented her sleep so much so that she had started to get used to them, she was beginning to see them as a part of her.

She suddenly sat up, pulling the covers away from her face and slowing pushing backwards the hair that had scattered all over her face. Why does the happen to her all the time? She went to bed every night looking organized and pretty, but then she always woke up with scattered hair and swollen eyes. If Gilbert should see her like that he would probably fall out of love. She chuckled thinking how silly she was.

Standing in front of the mirror, she accessed the mess that was her, and how she could fix it. Her life was a mess, both literally and figuratively.

"What can do? Fix the fixables and let the rest be" so were her thoughts as she slipped on her running shoes after brushing her hair and packing it into a clean ponytail, if one did not know they would think she woke up looking like a Cinderella princess. Grabbing her headset that sat on the bedside table, she put it on and off she went.

Olivia had never missed going for her routine morning runs, she needed to keep fit, and she needed to stay in shape. So that is how it had been for her, running every morning before coming back home to get ready for school.

She remembered her mom always made it a point of duty to remind her about going for a run in the morning until she had mastered the act and no longer needed anybody to remind her.

"Mom, dad, I'm off" she called from the sitting room, but she did not get any reply, thinking that her parents were probably still sleeping, she zoomed off. They would just figure it out themselves when they wake up.

Halfway from her house, Olivia bumped into somebody and almost falls to the ground.

"Oh! My" she held unto her chest, feeling her heartbeat, She had no idea why she had panicked so much.

She slowly looked up to see who it was that has ran into her. "Mr. Wilberforce". It was her nice old neighbor.

"Oh! My dear Olivia, I'm so sorry for scaring you this much" the nice old man said with a smile.

He offered to pick up her headset which had fallen of when she collided with him but she declined and picked it up herself.

She assured him with a smile that she was okay before he walked away.

Olivia inspected her headset that was broken as a result of the force with which it hit the ground.

"What a waste, I would just get a new one next time". She hung her headset back on her neck and continued her run, but she noticed halfway that she could not continue, because her heart was beating too fast. She wondered why she got so scared and panicked so much when she had run into the nice old man earlier.

Could it be that her nightmare had succeeded in instilling fear in her?

"Nah! That can't be, Olivia is never scared of anything.

She however made herself comfortable on a bench, hoping to get enough rest and then make her way back home.

Just when Olivia was about taking a sip from the water bottle she held in her hand, she felt like she saw a shadow in front of her. She turned back sharply to see who it was, but just as quick as it had come, the shadow disappeared with no trace.

"Weird" she said aloud, probably her mind playing tricks with her once again.

Just as she was about taking a sip again, she felt something snatch her bottle from her and just as quick as that had happened, she felt someone pull something over her face thereby blocking her view of her environment. And right after that, as she was about to scream. She heard something heavy come down on her head from behind and then it was total darkness.

Chapter 2


Mrs Wilson turned in her bed, she stretched out her hand and tried to reach out for her husband. But it looked like he was already up.

She said a silent prayer and did the sign of the cross. Her husband had this bad habit of waking up early and leaving the room without praying which Mrs Wilson never liked, she had always believed in the foundation of prayers, in her words "you should always start everyday by saying a prayer to your creator and commiting the rest of the day into his hands". But her husband and daughter chose to develop a deaf ear to all her sermons on prayers.

"God help them both" she mumbled to herself as she stepped out of bed.

The moment she stepped out of the room she shared with her husband, the sweet aroma of cooking from the kitchen hit her nose, her husband was probably at it again, he must have missed a career as a chef because he was practically a good cook, in fact he takes up most part of the kitchen


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