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The Chosen One

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"You mean these two are not my parents? This whole story was cooked up, right? Just tell me it's a joke." He scoffed, hoping the old man's last statement was a lie.  . . . Alex found himself entangled in a destiny, just when he was about to enjoy his teenage days. He reluctantly accepted to save his hometown from a calamity which had been happening for some years. He discovered some secrets in the course of saving his people from the calamity, to his surprise. How on earth is the people he regarded to be his biological parents for eighteen years not his? Will he eventually accept his destiny? Will he embrace his identity? Watch out as secrets unfold.

Chapter 1

Suddenly, Alex found himself in a dark room. He felt trapped because he had no clue where he was, how he got there, or where to head towards to leave the darkness. Still wondering all these, he saw a dim of light from afar, but the dim got brighter later on making it seem like it emanated from his front initially. He heard a voice echoes,"your people await you" several times, while still blinking his eyes from the glittering light which took him abacked because he didn't noticed that someone accompanied the light.  Then, he tried to take a look at the person to examine the person's appearances notwithstanding the light. He then concluded that the person was an old woman due to her conspicuous shaky voice, but after he managed to take an in-depth look at her, he noticed that she wore a dirty white cloth; her hair and fingers were so dirty that one would think she used her hand to till a soil, which attested his initial observation. However, he couldn't see her face because her dirty hair covered it. "Who are you and how did I get here?" He asked the woman unconsciously. "Your people await you". She replied to his surprise, because he wasn't expecting her to reply. He looked back to see if the statement was made to another person. After verifying they were only the one still present at the spot, he yelled, "which people, what the hell are you talking about?!" He thought that his yelling would prompt her to give him a detailed reply, instead, she and the light faded away in seconds. After noticing that he was the only one left in what he referred to as 'a dark room', he yelled" hello, can someone hear me?" with the hope of getting a response which he didn't. He woke up sweating profusely and somehow glad it was all a dream. Although, he had been having the same dream recently, but it felt real this time. In the recent ones he had, he couldn't see neither the old woman's face nor did she say anything. Realising the fan in the room was still working and he was only on underpant, he wondered why he was sweating at that rate because his bed was soaked with his sweat. He stood up from the bed, walked towards the wall to switch on the light and laid back on it . Still wondering why he had been having the same dream recently, he thought if it denoted a meaning because he wasn't the type that believed in dreams. Nature took over him while still on his thoughts.    The consistent banging on his door woke him up. He hesitantly picked his phone that was on a blue plastic table behind his bed. He switched it on to check the time."Oh f*ck!" he screamed, on realising it was already some minutes past seven. "Is today a weekend or is your school on holiday?" His mother asked him sarcastically.He didn't bother to answer her because he was not in a good mood; if he was in a good mood, his reply would have been "oh! How did you know? I'm sorry for not letting you know", Instead, he stood up, walked to the bathroom, quickly brushed his teeth and took his bath. He didn't use up to three minutes taking his bath and brushing his teeth which was very unusual of him. In a good mood, he would have spent at least fifteen minutes doing all these before coming out of the bathroom. He dried himself up within some seconds, stood in front of a long-squared mirror which was hung in a corner around the room. He would have spent a lot of time appreciating his well-built physique while staring at the mirror if he was in a good mood, because he wasn't, he quickly applied lotion on his body, wore his school uniform and his shoe, carried his backpack and left the room. "Did you sleep late because you were busy chatting with someone?" His mother asked him from the kitchen immediately he stepped out from his room. "No, I wasn't", he muttered. "Good morning dad, good morning mum", he greeted his parents and walked towards the dining table simultaneously. However, only his dad replied, his mother asked him another question instead. "So tell me, what's the girl's name?",she asked him, but his father cut in before he could reply. "Will you stop asking the young man these silly questions and serve him his breakfast already?!" "Please don't interfere with our discussion because you can't understand", his mum replied jokingly.  "Can't you see he's late for school for God's sake?!" His father retorted. She then brought out some loaves of bread and a cup of tea in a ceramic tray from the kitchen and placed it in front of Alex who was impatiently waiting to be served.          "Moreover, what can't I understand?", his father asked his mum calmly because he was surprised by her statement. "You don't need to bother yourself, just forget about it because you can't understand." She replied while laughing hysterically. "What and why can't I understand exactly?!" he replied fumingly. "Well, since you insisted on knowing why I said that, you can't know him more than I do. He came out from my womb so you can't and won't know him than I do." His father hissed on hearing this and continued reading the morning news from his phone while his mother returned to the kitchen.When Alex noticed everywhere was already quiet, he then announced suddenly,"I had the same dream overnight again." Not looking at them to see their reactions."And it's getting scarier everytime I dream about it." He continued, after none of them replied him some seconds after he uttered that statement. He stood up abruptly from the chair he was sitting on in the dining room because he expected a reply from them which they didn't. Then, he carried his backpack which was beside the chair and mumbled, "I'm off to school, goodbye." His mother shouted from the kitchen as if he was already outside, "won't you comb your hair?!"    He decided to play dumb and ignore her because he was really angry but was just trying to keep his cool regardless. He wasn't in the mood to dress smart and one could easily notice that he wasn't in a good mood due to his unsmart dressing and unkempt appearance which was very unusual of him.   "Have a wonderful day, my son." His father  s asaid, before he stepped out of the house. "I wish", he mumbled because he was pessimistic about the day.          

Chapter 2

Leaving his house, he ran to his classmate and friend's house - Brian. His house and Brian's are just some few minutes away from each other, and they have been going to school together ever since Alex and his family relocated from the States.He halted from running to catch up his breath on getting to the front of Brian's house because he ran out of breath from running in haste. Luckily, he met Brian's mum - Mrs Smith, who was about to enter her freshly washed red Venza car which was parked on their driveway. She was surprised to see him that way. "Good morning ma." He greeted her, realising Mrs Smith's weird look. "Good morning, Alex. Hope everything is okay with you?" She replied. "Yes, I am." He answered, still knee bent trying to catch up his breath. "Is Brian still at home?" He asked her. "No, he left already. I thought something was odd between you t


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