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Loving a Vampire

  • Genre: Paranormal
  • Author: Vrsh
  • Chapters: 7
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 9
  • 5.0
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"So, you are a God now?" Jay leaned forward till he was only a few inches away from her. His breath was fanning on her cheeks & gaze fell on her lips, which he wanted to taste. He brought his lips closer to her ear and spoke in his hoarse tone "Not a God, Hazel. A devil." ________ Vampires and humans are never meant to be together but what if a bloodthirsty vampire lays his eyes on a human whose presence he can’t resist and believes she is the one for him? Hazel is a simple girl with outstanding grades, who chooses logic over magic. Good grades, supportive friends, & an amazing boyfriend. She never wanted anything complicated in her life but things don’t remain the same when she realizes she is surrounded by supernatural beings & a possessive vampire to mess up her life.

Chapter 1 - Started Love Life

In a dark forest, there lay an old man on the ground, shouting at the top of his lungs. There were two beasts beside him biting and drinking his blood. One of the men had been drinking the blood from that man’s wrist whereas the other one was enjoying the blood from the man’s neck. After satisfying their blood thirst that resulted in the man’s death, they both stood there licking their lips.
“Blood always makes me go insane.” Said one of the men, who looked so evil with his black orbs.
“Yes. It makes us commit sins too.” Another person with sparkling blue eyes laughed looking at the black orbs.
The black-eyed monster turned his side to the blue-eyed one and said smirking “I love to commit sins for the blood.”
The sun rays falling on her beautiful face, made her rub the knuckles onto her eyes. Without opening her eyes, she yawned stretching her arms. Her laziness was begging her to sleep for five more minutes but the passing time was saying another story; to move her lazy *ss from the bed as she needed to go to her college.
In the battle between time and her laziness, she let time win by standing from the bed. Her black eyes kept blinking while adjusting to the light that was striking straight into her face from the window. She swept up her loose black curls over her head and fastened them up with a hairpin.
Lazily she reached her bathroom. After taking a hot shower she came out of it and wore casual jeans along with a crop top. She then straightened her hair and left it loose. She walked down the stairs to reach the main hall and saw her father drinking coffee while writing a journal.
“Morning Dad.” Hazel smiled brightly looking at her father.
“Morning darling.” Her father smiled back.
“What’s there to eat now?” Asking that, she made her steps towards the kitchen. She noticed oats, pancakes along with boiled milk. She started having her food while remarking on her father’s cooking. “You’ve been cooking for many years. You still should learn to cook better.”
Her father approached her speaking “I bet no one can cook better than your dad.”
“Oh! I would love to bet on this.” Hazel replied.
“I’ll pass.” Her father rolled his eyes.
She laughed looking at her tall, handsome father, who had features almost similar to her. He was the only family for her. Her mother died in an accident when she was four. From then, her father became all the family she needed. She had a lovely relationship with her father. They were more like friends than just a father and daughter.
Hazel washed her hands and waved her hand saying “Bye Dad.”
“Bye, darling.” He waved his hand.
Hazel started walking to her college. The town was surrounded by hills and forests and it had all the facilities including a renowned private college. She didn't have a rich background. She was a simple girl who enjoyed little things. Her father was an accountant in an office. His salary was enough for them both to lead a satisfactory life. The only thing they had as their own was their house which was inherited by Hazel’s father from his parents. They both were contended with whatever they had and they never wanted anything more in their lives.
While Hazel was heading to her college, she passed by a rich and famous restaurant in their town. Her walk abruptly became slow looking at it. Her lips curved up with a smile while her eyes started searching for someone. When a well-built, tall guy came out from the restaurant her face lit up. He didn’t notice her and he hopped in his car. He then drove off and she continued her walk in the direction he drove.
“D*mn Haze! It’s becoming a routine.” Mumbling it she slammed her forehead with her hand.
Austin - Her senior in college. Being a sports player along with good manners he grabbed most of the girl’s attention including Hazel’s. Like every other girl, she too started to have a crush on him but never dared to talk to him. She silently collected all the details and kept admiring him. Austin came from a rich family and his family had many businesses including eateries in many places. Though a lot of girls were drooling over him, he never gave a sh*t about anyone which made Hazel admire him more. He always helped his father in their businesses and spent most of his time in the restaurant. As Hazel knew it, she always made reasons to go to his restaurant.
After a few minutes of walking, Hazel reached her college. She saw a dark blonde of medium height similar to her standing at the entrance of the college. Looking at her, Hazel waved her hand smiling.
“Hey, Chloe!” Hazel hugged her friend. Chloe hugged her back smiling then she pulled her out of the hug.
“You are always late. I’ve been waiting for you” Chloe said with a raised eyebrow.
“You come by car but I have to walk. There’s a difference.” Hazel crossed her arms looking at her friend.
“Don’t lie. Your walk came to a halt when you reached your dream boy’s restaurant so you are late.” She said wiggling her eyebrows.
Chloe had been Hazel’s best friend since she was a kid and she knew everything about Hazel, even the things that Hazel hesitated to share with her father.
Hazel blushed hearing her and bent her head down saying “No.”
“Lies. I know about you, baby. By the time he starts college, you will be there in front of his restaurant. Love your timing.” Chloe laughed.
“Fine. Leave it. It’s getting late.” Saying that Hazel held her friend’s hand and dragged her along with her.
They sat on their chairs gossiping about things. Within a few minutes, the classroom was filled and everyone started concentrating on their classes.
During the break, Hazel and Chloe strolled to the college canteen. They had their lunch and started walking to their classroom while talking about a few things. While strolling, they saw Raymond, Chloe’s boyfriend. Chloe didn’t even give a smile to him. He too looked like he didn’t care about her. They both always fought. They both were trying so hard to not break their relationship but things were not getting easy for them. He always felt she never cared for him and she felt he was just a dumbass boyfriend. Many times they thought to break up but didn’t as they both kept giving chances to each other.
“He called me at night one but I was sleeping and my cell phone was on silent mode. In the morning, he texted I won’t care about him. Can you believe it? Who would pick up a call when someone calls at midnight?” Chloe said making an irritated face.
Hearing the word call, Hazel noticed her cell phone was missing. She left it in the canteen.
“Sh*t! I forgot my cell phone in the canteen.” Saying that Hazel ran there. She reached the table where they previously sat.
Luckily her cell phone was still there and she took it.
While she was walking, she saw a wallet fall to the ground from someone’s pocket while taking a turn. She ran there and took the wallet shouting “Hey! Your wallet.”
She raised her head and saw her handsome senior. Smiling brightly, she kept looking at him without even blinking.
“Oh! Thank you.” Austin said taking his wallet. She was neither shifting her gaze away from him nor blinking. She stood like a smiling frozen doll.
He snapped his fingers in front of her eyes which made her come back to reality.
“S-Sure. I… I mean no problem.” She smiled.
Talking to her crush for the first time made her feel like she was on cloud nine.
“I feel like I’ve seen you already.” He said looking at her face.
Of course, he might have seen her. She always wandered around him. She even went to his restaurant many times.
“Me? Same college, right? You might have seen me in the college.”
“Yeah! Maybe. Okay. Bye.” He waved his hand and walked away.
Hazel ran to her friend shouting. She kept laughing in happiness.
“Whoa! What happened?” Chloe asked confused.
“Austin talked to me.” She replied smiling.
“What? Why?”
Hazel told her everything that happened. They both were smiling in happiness.
“Oh Haze! Guess your love life starts from today.” Chloe laughed.
Then they both reached their classrooms. After a few hours, their classes ended and they both started to their houses. Though her friend offered her a drive, Hazel didn’t accept as their houses were not near and they should start on different paths.
Hazel kept walking on an empty road with silent surroundings. She suddenly felt someone was following her. It was not the first time she walked on that road. She never felt that way but it felt strange this time.
She turned back to see if anyone was following her but she didn’t see anyone. Ignoring it, she continued her walk. When she crossed the alley, turning to her right, she heard a grunt from behind. She looked back and saw a handsome man in his black shirt and jeans. She looked at the black eyes which seemed so evil. His sleeves were rolled up. She saw a deep fresh cut on his arm and gasped.
“Oh my God! You are wounded. Let me help you.” She made a worried expression touching his arm. She was always kind to others even if she didn’t have any relationship with them. Her grandfather was a doctor who used to treat the patients in his private clinic with a low fee. Hazel was so close to her grandfather and learned things from him. One such thing is showing kindness. Though he died a few years back, she continued following the things he taught her.
The man took his hand away from her grip and twisted his arm to his back, hiding it from her view.
She looked at him with a confused expression. She noticed the sharp wooden fencing that was arranged at the side of the road. She understood his hand might have contacted it with force, unknowingly.
He kept looking at her with a weird expression on his face. His aura felt dangerous to her. Apart from the dangerous vibes, he had the personality that any girl would drool over. His sharp jaw and well-built physique can make anyone surrender to him.
“The clinic is so near.” She said looking at him.
The man spoke in his hoarse voice which sounded almost scary. “This wound can’t do anything to me.”
She narrowed her eyebrows and turned around. Her back was facing towards him. She pointed her finger at a shop, giving him directions to the clinic. Though she was not sure whether he already knew the address of the clinic or not, she kept telling him.
As she turned around to look at him, her eyes widened & she was beyond shocked.
"What the - "

Chapter 2 - Shopping Street

"What the -"

Hazel couldn't find him. He was nowhere as if he had disappeared into thin air.

"Could he have gone to the next street?" She mumbled.

Out of curiosity, she tried to search for him but was stopped by a phone call.

"Haze! I'll be a little late today." Her father informed her.

"Okay!" She cut the call.

Hazel reached her house and unlocked the door using the spare key. Her father sometimes arrives late at night after finishing all his work. She strolled in and threw herself on the sofa for a while and then freshened up to have her snacks.

She sat on the sofa watching TV. She kept recalling the things that happened that day and started smiling while thinking about Austin.

After a few hours, her father reached home, tired. She gave him his coffee mug and they both kept talking about how they spent their day.



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