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Peerless Little Divine Physician

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Relying solely on Sister's companionship, the simple-minded Zhang Can was persistently subjected to mistreatment by villagers. However, an unexpected event led to his awakening, and to his surprise, he uncovered Sister's hidden secret. Subsequently, the entire village was inundated with allure and beauty. "Kind sister, please refrain from such advances; I am still but a youth!"

Chapter 1 Continuation of Incense Flame.

The night unfolded in an inky hue, shrouded in tranquil silence, within the courtyard at the head of Zhang Jiagou village.

Li Qianru, the alluring widow, stood bare in a bath bucket, her lustrous hair coiled into an elegant chignon at the nape of her neck. With meticulous care, she cleansed every inch of her skin, revealing a delicate complexion amid the misty veil of water droplets, akin to the pristine petals of a white lotus.

Her gracefully contoured silhouette, bathed in the soft glow of a yellow-hued lamp, cast a stunning shadow on the window—a depiction reminiscent of a beautiful maiden emerging from her bath.

This spectacle, if witnessed by the village elders, would undoubtedly leave them restless throughout the night.

Regrettably, the only witness outside Li Qianru's dwelling was the simpleton, Zhang Can. By the lamplight, he stood in the courtyard, amusing himself with a wooden stick, teasing two frogs engaged in a playful confrontation.

Peering through the window, Li Qianru observed Zhang Can's seemingly foolish demeanor and couldn't help but smile sweetly.

The man who had once captivated her dreams would tonight become her true companion, despite the ridicule he endured from the villagers.

"Godfather, Godmother, rest assured, I will do everything in my power to continue the lineage of the Zhang family," Li Qianru silently vowed.

Sold off as a child bride by her biological parents at a tender age, Li Qianru's life unfolded through adversity. Finally reaching adulthood, her husband met an untimely demise, branding her as an ominous woman linked to both marital and familial misfortune.

Her mother-in-law not only expelled her but even her biological parents disowned her. In her dire circumstances, it was Zhang Can's parents who extended their warmth and sheltered her.

Such kindness, worthy of a lifetime of gratitude, could scarcely be repaid adequately.

Zhang Can, the village's first university graduate, initially held a promising future. Yet, upon graduation, he returned to the village with the intent of initiating an enterprise to uplift the villagers.

Tragically, a car accident at the brink of this endeavor caused severe brain injuries. The hit-and-run driver's escape hindered timely medical intervention, resulting in Zhang Can's mental regression to that of a seven or eight-year-old, according to medical diagnosis.

Over the past half-year, Li Qianru exhausted her hard-earned savings and resorted to high-interest loans in an attempt to cure Zhang Can's ailment, but alas, to no avail.

Many in the village urged Li Qianru to abandon the situation and let Zhang Can fend for himself, yet how could she? Her godparents had passed away years ago, leaving her as the pillar of this household. Moreover, she couldn't bear to part with Zhang Can.

Stepping out of the bath bucket with long, slender legs, Li Qianru reached for a towel to dry herself. However, just as she extended her hand, her body wavered.


A sharp pain shot through her ankle, prompting an involuntary cry.

Hearing the sound, Zhang Can dropped the wooden stick and hurriedly ran toward the house.

He pushed the door open in a rush.

Seated beside the bath bucket, Li Qianru huddled on the floor, cradling her right ankle with both hands.

A trace of anguish adorned her exquisitely delicate visage, and her cherry lips emitted involuntary, pained sighs.

Adorned in nothing, she lay exposed before Zhang Can's gaze, a spectacle that might incite fervor in others.

Yet, the simpleton Zhang Can exhibited no reaction. Clumsily, he rushed to Li Qianru's side, urgently exclaiming, "Qianru sister, what... what happened to you?"

Li Qianru lifted her gaze, beholding Zhang Can's concerned expression, and an inexplicable sweetness pervaded her heart.

Despite her decision to surrender herself to Zhang Can tonight, her vulnerable state left her feeling bashful. Her charming face blushed uncontrollably under the dim light.

Quickly extending her hand to shield herself, she realized that her petite hand barely covered the most crucial areas, leaving a vast expanse of ivory exposed.

Instinctively reaching for a nearby towel to conceal what remained uncovered, Li Qianru, upon lowering her head, discovered that even her long, slender legs were on display.

In an instant, she wished for a hole to bury herself in.

With her head lowered, Li Qianru spoke in a voice as soft as a mosquito's murmur, "Xiao Can, I, I'm fine, just accidentally fell."

As she attempted to rise, halfway through, the stabbing pain in her ankle caused her to collapse again with a muffled thud.

"Qianru sister..."

Zhang Can grew anxious, hastily approaching to cradle Li Qianru and gently placing her on the bed.

At this moment, Li Qianru's ankle had already swelled.

Zhang Can, with a sincere expression, said, "Qianru sister, your foot, it's red... Mother used to say, if you fall, just press on it."

With that, he lightly placed his hand on the swollen area of Li Qianru's ankle, gently applying pressure.

Despite Zhang Can's usual clumsiness, his massaging technique for Li Qianru seemed surprisingly adept. Periodically lifting his head, he innocently inquired, "Qianru sister, does it feel any better? Mother said it's very effective!"

Initially feeling extremely embarrassed, Li Qianru, with head bowed, found herself gradually relaxing under Zhang Can's tender ministrations. Even the pain in her ankle seemed to diminish.

Raising her head, she looked at Zhang Can's handsome face with a subtle charm.

The desire to continue the family's lineage should not be delayed due to her twisted ankle!

Blushing, Li Qianru asked, "Xiao Can, am I attractive?"

Without hesitation, Zhang Can nodded, affirming, "Attractive."

Li Qianru's joyous smile intensified, and she continued, "Then... Xiao Can, do you like Qianru sister?"

"Like," spontaneously responded Zhang Can.

At that moment, Li Qianru's cheeks reddened further, resembling a fully ripened apple.

Summoning her courage, she gritted her teeth and continued, "Do you want to join me in continuing the Zhang family line, compensating for the regret of our parents?"

"Family line?" Zhang Can appeared bewildered, evidently not comprehending the implication.

Biting her lip, Li Qianru softly explained, "It means having children together."

"Having children? Excellent, excellent! Mother advised me to focus on my studies and then start a family..." Zhang Can seemed to recollect something, nodding with delight.

"All right!" Li Qianru sniffled, "Qianru sister will bear a child for you. This way, I can also fulfill the expectations of godfather and godmother."

Saying this, she seized Zhang Can's hands from her ankle and pressed them onto her straight and slender thighs.

Zhang Can, appearing puzzled, glanced at those fair legs resembling lotus roots, as if instinctively wanting to touch them.

Yet, as his fingers made a slight movement, he promptly withdrew his hand.

Li Qianru couldn't help but smile and sigh, "Xiao Can, you..."

At this moment, Zhang Can earnestly declared, "Mother said, only touch one's wife, not others... Can't touch. Qianru sister is not a wife."

Despite being a simpleton, he retained certain principles.

"What an innocent fellow..." Li Qianru chuckled.

She had long grown accustomed to Zhang Can's simple and occasionally astonishing expressions.

Therefore, she took the initiative.

Summoning her courage, she unbuttoned Zhang Can's shirt, reassuring, "Xiao Can, Qianru sister is different. Not only can you touch, but you can also..."

Chapter 2 at a loss

Faced with Li Qianru's initiative, Zhang Can felt somewhat bewildered.

Just at this moment.


A thunderous roar echoed in the sky.

The intense sound seemed to make the windows vibrate in response.


"Don't hit me, don't hit me!"

Zhang Can suddenly jumped up, shouting as he rushed out of the house.

While running, he covered his ears, his face showing a horrified expression.

"Lord of Thunder, Lord of Thunder, don't hit me!"

"I was wrong!"

"I'll never touch Qianru again..."

"Don't hit me..."

In Zhang Can's foolish subconscious, he still remembered his mother telling him when he was a child that doing bad things would be punished by lightning, and thunder was the Lord of Thunder punishing wrongdoers.

When he and Li Qianru were about to have a child, sudden thunderous explosions made Zhang Can think t


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