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Moonlit Wedding

Moonlit Wedding

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The protagonist is a Lycanthrope werewolf who falls in love with a human and decides to reveal his true nature to the human. When they plan a moonlit wedding, they face opposition from both the human and werewolf communities, who fear that their union could upset the delicate balance between the two worlds. Dave abduct Anna with intentions of killing her but Mark tries to stop him asking and begging him to not do this to Alex, instead just warn Anna to disappear from Alex's life and tell him he found love. Anna does as told and the two separate but after longing for each other for some time and Alex keeping on nagging and begging Anna to consider him. Anna tells him the truth and they start to date secretly again. Dave finds out and abduct Anna again but this time he wanted to teach her a lesson before killing her but while at it he falls in love with Anna. Dave hesitantly let Anna go home with plans of confessing to her soon, the three of them get in a love triangle but at the end Alex and Anna's love win and they end up with a beautiful moonlit Wedding.

Chapter 1


“Wow this place is beautiful, the sound of the birds chirping and the sound of the water fall sounds so good. I could live here if it was possible”

Anna exclaimed happily as she was wandering around the beautiful forest, looking at the waterfall, totally unaware that someone is watching her admiring the beauty in front of him but unfortunately this beauty was going to be his meal tonight as werewolves don’t admire humans but kill them brutally and eat them like they are a piece of gum or snacks.

“I can’t believe I only  found this beautiful place today, it feels like peace, like home… no like heaven. I feel like I don’t have problems, like I’m freeeeee”

She shouted the word 'free' raising her arms in the air wiggling her fingers happily with a huge smile on her face. The Lycanthrope wolf Alex who was watching her chuckled to her cuteness but quickly scolded himself for looking dumb. What was he even doing or thinking. He went there to hunt for food not to admire some lady who looks crazy  busy talking aloud all by herself, one who is  his potential meal for the day.

He smirked seeing how that woman was all alone, carefree and could be killed easily. He took a step forward but hesitated. His stomach growled and he walked towards that woman making sure to not make any sound that could alarm her that she’s a prey that’s being targeted by a lycanthrope wolf.

‘I have never seen such a careless and carefree soul in a forest at this time of the day before. She looks so happy, I guess she will die happy since today is unfortunately her last day alive.'

Alex the lycanthrope wolf thought to himself, shaking his head at the woman’s stupidity or should he say ignorance. As Alex got closer he heard the woman sobbing and saw her Hugging herself dearly. Alex hesitated to attack her, he stepped back and hid nearby still looking at her wondering why she is suddenly crying.

Why can’t I just kill her and have my meal like any other day, what’s wrong with me, ugh let me get out of here.’

Alex thought once again wondering why he is acting this way but he had no answer to his questions. Anna suddenly stood up from where she was sitting and stood at the edge of a cliff catching Alex's attention, snapping him out of his thoughts.

What is she thinking of doing, is she going to jump, she won’t right?’ Alex wondered questioning Anna’s actions, carefully looking at her.

“I want to die and go join my father in heaven, no one loves me anyway, I'm sorry Quinton, I love you.” Anna shouted out loud and looked at end of the cliff where she wants to end her life.

“I will just fall and die without much pain right?" She sighed heavily.

She tried to convince herself that her death won't be painful and closed her eyes breathing in and out and let herself go,  but to her surprise someone held her arm and pulled her to himself and embraced her securely. She got startled and quickly snapped her eyes open to find a handsome man looking at her. She blinked twice lost in his beauty not believing her eyes.

She finally snapped out of his beauty spell and pushed him away. "What the hell?" Anna asked annoyed.

“Are you crazy? How can you throw yourself in there? Have you thought about how bad you will fall, drown and die painfully. And what about your family where the hell will they find you if you die in there? Did you even think about them for a second?”

Alex scolded Anna scaring her with his deep voice and angry face but she acted tough and brave. “And who are you to stop me? Why didn’t you just let me die you don’t even know the kind of life I’m living or that stupid family you are talking about.” Anna yelled mad and annoyed  by the stranger’s tone and noisy behaviour.

“You’re right, I don’t know you or what you are going through but what you was about to do is stupid and death is not always the answer” Alpha Alex stood his ground trying to make Anna hear him out from his point of view, Alex didn’t even understand why he’s being all nice to this human whom he don’t know.

“You ruined it all ugh, I hate you." Anna complained stomping her feet on the ground and pushed Alex out of her way as she walked away angry.

“Hey!! It’s dangerous out here around this time, let me accompany you” Alex yelled out but Anna kept on walking away ignoring him, mad that she couldn’t kill herself because of some handsome stranger who decided to save her. Alex sighed and followed Anna but a little away from her just to make sure she gets out of the forest safe.

Anna stopped on her tracks and turned to look at the stranger that was following her, the one who saved her, when she didn’t need to be saved. “Why are you following me?” she asked folding her arms over her chest looking at the stranger guy unamused.

‘I strangely like your scent and I don’t even know why I’m not killing you since I'm hungry, why I’m out here saving you from possible harm’ Alex thought to himself and sighed.

"Because it’s late and dangerous out here.” Alex replied he didn’t understand why he was doing this but he was doing it anyways. “I’m a big girl I can take care of myself” Anna sassily said and flicked her hair away from her eye as she started walking away again.

“As if.”  Alex snickered rolling his eyes and joined Anna, now walking next to her.

“Can you really take care of yourself, I could kill you right now and there’s nothing you can do about it or can you save yourself from me?” Alex suddenly asked walking side to side with Anna making Anna gulp at his expression as he said those word.

"W-what is wrong with you?" Anna asked her hands almost shaking as she looked at Alex glaring at her, looking like he really wants to murder her.

Chapter 2


"Ha ha I'm just playing, look at you all scared I thought you're a big girl who can take care of herself." Alex snickered looking at Anna's terrified face.

“Right.. Why would you kill me, you’re a good guy who just saved me, so I’m safe with you” Anna flashed a beautiful smile at the stranger relieved and Alex's heart skipped a beat, his ears turning red, totally taken aback by Anna’s words.

“I’m not a good guy.” Alex blurted out frowning and Anna looked at him with questioning eyes which didn’t go unnoticed by Alex. “Ha ha I don’t mean that I kill people or something like that. Yes I'm a good guy.” Alex concluded and awkwardly laughed trying to put Anna’s mind at ease. The poor girl was starting to be suspicious of Alex.

“Oh and here is my car, thank you for accompanying me Um… who?” Anna asked suddenly realizing that she does not even know this stranger's name.

“I’m Alex” Alex mentio


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