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Fire Sealing Mage

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In the decisive confrontation, the deliberate subterfuge ultimately rendered Xia Qihui's soul astral, consigning him to the vegetative state of a sickbed. However, before savoring the liberty of this newfound state, he found himself inexorably drawn into another corporeal vessel. The possessor of this form, Mu Xiaoshuang, descended from a lineage of sealers but conspicuously lacked any prowess in the art of magical restraint. The sudden emergence of the prodigious soul of a sealing maestro within her corporeal confines transformed her into an alternate prodigy. One body, two souls—thus unfolds the tumultuous narrative of the sealing mage, replete with chaotic and unpredictable twists.

The battle for leadership

The headquarters of the preeminent demon-sealing faction, the Pyro Clan, is concealed amidst the mountainous woods on the outskirts of the city. At first glance, it appears to be nothing more than an "ordinary" villa—albeit of a notably grander scale.

In recent days, explosions have frequently reverberated from this location, accompanied by occasional bursts of flame. Were it not for the absence of residents in the vicinity, the police and firefighters would have undoubtedly paid a visit by now.

The primary members of the Pyro Clan, representing the Fire Element, gathered at this grand residence a week ago. Due to the sheer number of individuals, tents had to be erected in the spacious courtyard. The sole reason for their assembly was a martial arts competition.

A month prior, the venerable leader of the Pyro Clan, Xia Boyuan, had recently passed away. According to tradition, the successor must be the most formidable descendant among the direct heirs. Consequently, all those connected to Xia Boyuan have converged here. After several days of elimination rounds, only two contenders remain—Xia Qihui, the 18-year-old legitimate grandson of Xia Boyuan, and Xia Lan, the 16-year-old niece.

Almost everyone favors Xia Qihui, the youth acclaimed as a "prodigy" in the art of demon-sealing. At the tender age of five, while other children were still nestled in their mothers' arms, he had already dispatched a demonic creature bare-handed. His subsequent achievements have shone ever more brilliantly; if chronicled on paper, they would undoubtedly be dazzling to the point of blinding.

Why should such a prodigy lose to a branch member, even if she is also hailed as a talented young lady? Despite her being recognized as a prodigious girl, her abilities still bear an undeniable gap compared to this "legitimate grandson." In fact, most participants in this martial arts competition have come merely to showcase their abilities and lay the foundation for future advancements. No one can rival Xia Qihui; this is beyond dispute.

Xia Qihui's father, Xia Zhiyang, anxiously watches his son on the stage.

Xia Zhiyang understands his son's capabilities and has employed all means, even unconventional ones, to refine him and chart a path. As long as Xia Qihui continues along this trajectory, he will undoubtedly ascend to the position of clan leader. He possesses unwavering confidence in Xia Qihui, determined not to allow the branch to seize the leadership.

Xia Qihui comprehends his father's intentions well.

Glancing at the clan leader emblem placed nearby, he turns to observe the hopeful gaze in his father's eyes. Today, he must assume the mantle of leadership, fulfilling his familial duty to prevent his lineage from becoming a pitiable branch. He has always played the role of the perfect and obedient successor, all for this day. With his strength, the position of clan leader rightfully belongs to him. However, does he genuinely belong to that exalted seat?

Never has Xia Qihui coquetted, shed a tear, or defied any of his father's wishes, even during the most rigorous training. He does not need to contemplate what to do tomorrow or ponder his future prospects. His life is entirely within his father's grasp, and sometimes he even harbors the illusion that he is merely his father's puppet. "You are the heir of the main branch; you must surpass everyone else," his father always emphasizes. Thus, he proceeds along the predetermined path. Yet today, doubts suddenly arise regarding the perceived inevitability of it all—does it truly matter who inherits the leadership? Must he ascend to that throne for the sake of so-called "main branch glory"?

He has been a puppet for 18 years...

A faint smile graces Xia Qihui's lips, the first genuine one. Gazing at his cousin preparing for battle on the other end, he suddenly feels a sense of liberation.

Why must it be him? Why must it be the main branch? Why indeed?

Rising from his seat, Xia Qihui walks over to Xia Lan. Expecting a provocation, she stares at him tensely.

Always this expression, Xia Qihui helplessly shakes his head. Each time Xia Lan sees him, she adopts this guarded demeanor. Is he fated to duel with her? The family has long designated them as two prodigious children destined for a direct confrontation. Xia Lan represents the hope of the branch to seize power, enduring no less hardship than him. He pities her, but it seems Xia Lan is not appreciative. "You are my enemy!" she declared at the age of three. Xia Qihui still vividly remembers her expression from that time. This statement seems to have distinctly defined their relationship.


"Actually, I would prefer to be siblings with you," Xia Qihui says, looking into Xia Lan's amber eyes, a gentle smile playing on his lips.

Title suggestion: "Flame Showdown: Xia Lan's Determination"

Xia Lan was momentarily stupefied. Her cousin rarely smiled at her, usually casting only a fleeting glance before turning away. Regardless of how fiercely she presented herself, Xia Qihui never paid any attention. Why, then, the departure from the usual today? Why did he take the initiative to approach her and engage in conversation? Weren't they enemies? Since when do enemies exchange sentiments before battle? Could it be that he aimed to shake her military resolve? She would not be fooled! She had to win; Xia Lan was destined to claim the position of sect leader – it was her raison d'être! "Losers are worthless" – her father's mantra. To possess everything, one must emerge victorious.

"Speak no more flattering words; I shall show no mercy. Prepare yourself for imminent demise!" Xia Lan's eyes emitted a faint crimson glow, indicating her amplification of power. As the pale red transformed into a fiery crimson, it signaled the culminatio


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