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After becoming immortal, I traveled to modern times.

  • Genre: Paranormal
  • Author: lisa
  • Chapters: 49
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 204
  • 7.5
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After her ascension, Meng Qingzhou accidentally dresses up as a network anchorwoman with a fat house. The original owner was ridiculed by the whole network because of the filter failure, and even her family immediately cleared the relationship with her. Meng Zhou lightly glanced at herself in the mirror weighing two hundred pounds, backhanded from the space to pull out a bottle of grain pills and skin nourishing pills, lose weight and become beautiful is not too simple! After setting up a new home in the ancient town of Luoshui, Meng Qingzhou started her ideal retirement life!

Chapter 1

 ☆, Crossing

  The rumbling thunder echoed in her ears, and Meng Qingzhou only felt as if she had a huge stone pressed against her chest, suffocating her.

  This was an oppression and powerlessness that she had never felt before after stepping into the Immortal Cultivation World.

  Obviously, she had just carried the ninth heavenly thunderbolt and successfully ascended, why was her body so heavy?

  Exhausting all the strength in her body, Meng Qingzhou finally opened her eyes.

  Where is this?

  Why is she here!

  The narrow and dark enclosed space made Meng Qingzhou wary; the next second, her face changed drastically: all her cultivation had been drained out of her, and her hands didn't even have the strength to raise them at this moment.

  Before Meng Qingzhou could react, the "click" of thunder exploded again, and Meng Qingzhou's mind instantly flooded with many memories that did not belong to her.

  Strange world, strange people and things, everything is like a dream.

  Meng Qingzhou quickly watched the short life of an obese young girl as a bystander. The image in her mind was finally fixed on the moment when the young girl tearfully swallowed several bottles of sleeping pills.

  The original owner is gone, and she's here!

  Slowly closing her eyes, Meng Qingzhou struggled to digest the change that had happened to her.

  Undoubtedly, she didn't enter the Heavenly Realm after her successful ascension, but rather, she didn't know what went wrong midway and accidentally wore into this young girl with the same name as herself.

  The buffered Meng Qingzhou first thought of her health, the sleeping pills that the original owner had swallowed had not dissipated because of her arrival, no wonder she was particularly uncomfortable right now!

  Clenching her fists, Meng Qingzhou urgently mobilized the remaining aura in her sea of consciousness, letting this aura with an ounce of vitality run along her meridians in her body.

  Bean-sized cold sweat slid down Meng Qingzhou's forehead as she realized during the process of running her aura: the condition of this body was not generally bad; the original owner had taken a bunch of messy hormone-containing medicines when she was a child, resulting in a buildup of toxins in her body, a lack of qi and blood circulation, and several circulatory systems in her body were disordered and on strike.

  Even if she doesn't kill herself, she has at most five years to live if she doesn't regulate her treatment in time.

  Thinking of the memories she had just skimmed through, Meng Qingzhou let out a long sigh in her heart: may there be a large group of people to spoil and love you in your new life, no longer leaving you alone.

  The violent storm outside the window had long since ceased, and the eastern sky was vaguely white.


  It took most of the day to finally exorcise the toxins from his body.

  Meng Qingzhou exhaled a mouthful of turbid air, then sat up with her hands propped up on the big bed. Glancing down at her new body, Meng Qingzhou finally understood where the feeling like a boulder on her chest came from.

  She was now six-foot-eight and weighed two hundred pounds.

  Because of the detoxification, a layer of greasy, light brown secretion appeared on the surface of her body and was accompanied by an unpleasant stench.

  Meng Qingzhou was still not accustomed to this excessively fat physique, she slowly got off the bed, looked around and followed her memory to the washroom.

  The modern shower equipment made Meng Qingzhou feel better because of the grievances brought about by crossing over, she didn't care too much about her appearance and body type, but the fact that her cultivation had completely disappeared in the end made it difficult for her to get over it.

  The hot water stroked Meng Qingzhou's baby-like snowy skin, the biggest advantage of this body was about the original owner's snowy white skin that had been raised because of the mansion.

  It's just a shame that one fat person ruins everything.

  When Meng Qingzhou's wrist was raised and lifted to her eyes, a hint of surprise flashed across her face.

  How come she hadn't noticed just now that her carry-on space had followed her to this unfamiliar realm.

  A birthmark the size of a copper coin appeared on the inside of Meng Qingzhou's right wrist, the birthmark was not ugly and looked like a dark orange koi carp.

  "Good thing I have you with me!"

  Meng Qingzhou laughed out softly and tapped the head of the koi with her index finger.

  The next second, something magical happened, the birthmark that was supposed to be motionless actually did swim like a koi in a small area.

  Meng Qingzhou's inner depression was soothed, and after taking a bath, she lightly glanced at herself in the mirror weighing two hundred pounds, and backhandedly pulled out a bottle of grain-repelling pills and face nourishing pills from space, losing weight and becoming beautiful should not be too simple.

  These things were insignificant objects in the cultivation world, but here, they were good things that money couldn't buy.

  Swallowing a Rescue Pill and a Face Nourishing Pill, Meng Qingzhou sat on the floating window and used a towel to wipe her hair while gazing out through the outdoor scenery.

  At this time, the sun had already risen from the east;although the sun here was the same as the sun in the cultivation world, the scenery was completely different.

  A high-rise building rose from the ground, and when Meng Qingzhou looked around, she couldn't see any mountains or rivers, only cold buildings made of steel and cement.

  Reaching out to pull the window open, a heat wave hit his face, mixed with the dust and murkiness that belonged to the city.

  Meng Qingzhou immediately closed the window, and she unexpectedly traveled to a realm where even the air was full of impurities!

  Throwing away the towel in her hands in frustration, Meng Qingzhou took a deep breath.

  Forget it. If it's here, it's here.

  Bewildered, she walked around the one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment, the furniture and decorations of this world seemed nothing more than that to her. Meng Qingzhou habitually returned to her bed to meditate.

  The residual aura in the sea of consciousness was almost depleted due to the expulsion of the toxin.

  Meng Qingzhou didn't believe it and closed her eyes, focusing and carefully feeling the scent around her.

  Ten minutes later, Meng Qingzhou completely gave up, this was a world without aura. Within a twenty kilometer radius centered around her, not a single trace of aura existed.

  Looking ahead, the computer across the room that was still playing a news video caught Meng Qingzhou's attention, she walked over to the desk and sat down in front of it, finding the jack for the headphones and trying to unplug it.

  "Next, let's welcome this year's top student in Arts in Province S, Meng Mingzhu, with a warm round of applause!"

  When the host's lighthearted voice came out of the computer, Meng Qingzhou's eyes widened;this thing called a computer seemed to be clearer and better than the Retention Stone.

  Meng Qingzhou's mind flashed through the original owner's memories, and her eyes fell on the young girl who appeared in the video.

  "Mr. Meng, thank you for accepting our interview. I'm sure there must be many students and parents in front of the TV set watching our program now. So, it's up to me, as your representative, to ask you some questions about your studies, is that okay with you?"

  Meng Mingzhu smiled lightly at the camera and answered the questions with a sweet, sweet voice.

  However, in Meng Qingzhou's opinion, this so-called genius girl was particularly fake.

  False smiles, answers without any gold, seemingly sincere and frank, but in fact every word is a disguise; this person should be extremely deep, and accustomed to disguise themselves.

  Just as Meng Qingzhou was about to turn off the video, a question from the host made her stop what she was doing.

  "Some people say that the Netflix anchorwoman who was ridiculed all over the internet a week ago because the filter failed to reveal her real face is your own sister, may I ask if this is true?"

  The young girl in the video seemed to have heard something quite unbelievable, her eyes widened, blinked, and then looked incredulously at the host, "My parents never told me that I have a sister, and I don't know where this kind of rumor out of thin air came from."

  "I do, however, have a bright and intelligent brother who will be in first grade this September."

  The corner of Meng Qingzhou's mouth hooked up with a touch of mockery, and without hesitation, she clicked off the video. Such a hypocritical and pretentious woman, looking at her again would make her vomit.

  It wasn't until this time that Meng Qingzhou had time to organize everything about the original owner.

  Meng Mingzhu was indeed the original owner's real sister, and she also had a real brother named Meng Guigen. Only, Meng Mingzhu and Meng Guigen grew up with their parents, while the original owner was thrown to her patriarchal grandmother by those cruel parents.

  The original owner's parents, Meng Fuguo and Xiao Hua, were among the first to go to the south of the sea to do business, and they were able to work hard and flexible, and soon accumulated the first bucket of gold.

  Since the original owner is a daughter, and when she was born Xiao Hua went to the ghost gate because of the difficult labor. So the husband and wife very tacitly disliked the original owner, and never even thought of taking her to the side to raise her.

  When Meng Fuguo and Xiao Hua gave birth to their second child, in order to avoid paying a fine for overbreeding, they found a way to transfer the original owner to the name of Meng Fuguo's long-dead elder brother, and this matter has been hidden from the original owner.

  If it was not for the fact that this time the original owner fell off the horse and was man-meat, Meng Fuguo specially sent Meng Qingzhou's account book in order to clear up the relationship, and also sent a message to warn her not to climb relatives, the original owner did not know that she had been abandoned by her parents a long time ago.

  She had been foolish enough to think that her parents were just too busy to care about her, so they didn't have the time or energy.

  The pressure of public opinion on the Internet and the callousness of her parents broke the heart of this nineteen-year-old girl.

  Doing live broadcasts was the only thing that made her happy in the past nineteen years, however, people's unbridled taunts and malicious curses after learning of her true appearance and figure left her disheartened and on the brink of extinction.

  Although Meng Qingzhou disapproved of the original owner's light-hearted move, the wood had been turned into a boat, and it was futile to think about it any more.

  She didn't have a good feeling about this strange world, where people's greed and lust were infinitely amplified by the internet in a seemingly technologically advanced environment. Everyone wanted to get, but few were willing to give.

  People are restless and materialistic.

  No one cares what kind of bad publicity their words may cause, perhaps even driving a flower girl to her death.

  Putting the original owner's things back in order, Meng Qingzhou quickly learned to trade online and used the original owner's few remaining deposits to buy her a cemetery plot, intending to build a clothes grave for the original owner.

  At least there was her in the world who would remember that such a young girl who tried to make herself happy and bring joy to others had been here.

  After the transaction was completed, Meng Qingzhou only had a hundred dollars left in her account.

  No matter where one survived, it was difficult to move an inch without money. Meng Qingzhou cheered up and tapped the koi on her wrist with her index finger.

  "Little Gold, it's time to show your strength. Otherwise, your poor, ringing sister will have no choice but to catch you out and sell you."

  The dark orange koi wagged its tail and pleasingly kissed Meng Qingzhou's index finger that had not yet been removed. Then, Meng Qingzhou realized that the computer interface across from her was functioning on its own, and the remaining one hundred dollars was used by Xiao Jin to buy fifty scratch-off lottery tickets.

  By this point, Xiao Jin was paralyzed with exhaustion and did not move no matter how much Meng Qingzhou poked him.

  Meng Qingzhou had to scratch them off one by one by herself.

  Two minutes later, Meng Qingzhou had an additional five hundred thousand dollars in her account. She raised her eyebrows, given the prices in this world, half a million dollars should be enough for a while.

  For the next week, Meng Qingzhou used her fastest speed to learn information about this world, she didn't want to go out and be dragged as a monster to do slicing experiments.

  The Rescue Pill and the Facial Nourishment Pill didn't work immediately after eating them, and Meng Qingzhou planned to wait until she had lost enough weight to be able to see people before she went out.

  But who would have thought that a sudden knock on the door interrupted Meng Qingzhou's plans.

Chapter 2

 ☆, Burial

  "Is there anyone in the house, please? Is anyone in there?"

  The person outside the door seemed to be in a great hurry and knocked with extra loud movements.

  "We're police, not bad guys, so if you're home make a noise. Don't be afraid, we really don't mean any harm, we just want to make sure you're safe now. You can tell us if you need our help in any way."

  Meng Qingzhou opened the cat's eye and looked out, there were two people in police uniforms standing at the front door.

  Glancing down at the clothes on her body, Meng Qingzhou was sure that she didn't have anything unbecoming, and she placed her hand on the doorknob, finally deciding to chain the protective door and only open a small crack of about fifteen centimeters.

  Defense is not an option, who knows if they have ulterior motives.

  "What do you want with me?"

  When the cool female vo


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