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My Partner Sex, Really?

My Partner Sex, Really?

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After enjoying a hot night with a sweet man underneath. It is very easy for Febrian to say that this sweet man under him is to marry his sister. What happened to Febrian was that cruel? Six years ago, Febrian is a delinquent teenage boy who has an enemy, Vero, smart teenager who becomes a tool to make his school proud and he is the favorite child of the principal who is Febrian's biological father. There were rumors that the handsome man was sick from sleeping with Febrian, his father also forbade Febrian to approach him and blamed Febrian. Febrian is heartbroken again, but his true enemy Vero is always beside Febrian to calm him down. For some reason every time he is close to Vero, he feels very aroused and always wants to have a hot relationship with Vero. Febrian and Vero often fight boxing but somehow on the other hand they often have a hot relationship, Febrian is always weak whenever Vero speaks softly to him. An enemy who always ends up in a hotbed, until finally Febrian is suspected of being pregnant with Vero's child, a true enemy who has taken a commitment to become Febrian's sex partner, just for mutual satisfaction. Febrian became pregnant when he was a teenager, he chose the decision to leave school because he didn't want everyone to insult him. Vero is a teenage boy who is full of high responsibilities, he has planned a simple marriage with Febrian.Right at the altar of a simple marriage, Febrian ran away from his marriage while keeping his future child. Next six years, "Back to father, my son." Febrian tightened his embrace until a sweet man came and immediately embraced Febrian's body "Don't go near my husband." "Greetings, he is my wife. My naughty wife."

Chapter 1 pov febrian

I asked myself again about getting an offer for a one night stand with a guy. I was silent and thought hard, I don't care if I'm going to be gay, right now I just want to get rid of the pain in my heart.

"Take this, go to the room the man is waiting for you."

My hand received the room key, I carried myself up the stairs looking for the room with the same number written on the key I received.


I staggered, only half awake. I entered the room with a very sore body. My heart hurts so much, but my body feels crushed and weak, I want to let go of all the pain in my heart

This pain, constantly torments my body and heart. I saw the figure of a very handsome man sitting on the bed, he was waiting for me. I walked over and sat beside him I hugged him tightly, giving him all the pain that kept tormenting me.

"Please, help me forget all this pain."

My tears were like heavy rain, I wet his clothes. I can feel this handsome man hugging me, he pats my back gently. I felt a calm and peace that slowly made me shake off the pain I was feeling.

With his big hands, he carried me like a baby koala, he brought me to the front of the bedroom window, I could hear the heavy rain falling. I tried to clear my vision to see his face, but my head felt so dizzy.

"You don't have to bother looking at me, it's enough that you feel that I will always be beside you."

I nodded obeying his orders, he sat me back on the bed, I felt a cloth covering my eyes made me unable to see anything completely. I can feel him taking off all my clothes up to my underwear, he takes it all off and throws it all over the place.

"Mmpphh what happened?"

I didn't hear any answer from him, I could only feel my lips, which he sucked and bit. I feel the soft crushing on my lips the taste of her lips is very sweet I enjoy the crushing of her. After being satisfied with giving me a sweet lips, he pushed my body slowly to lie down on the bed feeling his warm breath on my neck, it hurt a little I'm sure he must have given a kiss mark on my neck.

"Relax baby." He whispers right in my ear and I just node.

I can't feel his presence near me, it makes me a little nervous, I don't want him to go.

"Where are you?"

"Relax, OK?"

After a long time, I didn't feel anything from him. After five minutes of him gone, I felt his warm hands grip my smooth thighs, he spread two my thighs.

A sigh escaped my mouth, after feeling something stab in my hole, I felt him move his finger back and forth. I enjoyed it after he added his two fingers into my hole.

"ahhh enjoy-menthh ah."

My sigh was unbearable, I felt him on top of me he kissed me again on my lips with his very sweet lips.

"Relax, my baby."

I nodded slowly, I was surprised after feeling something big and it felt tight into my hole. It hurt so much, it made me scream in pain. But he obscured the pain I felt from his stab, with a deep kiss on my lips, after a long time of keeping the object in my hole, he pounded my hole with a slow tempo, he continued to give pleasure to me.

"Ahhh I'm in love with you"

He keeps pounding my hole, I feel the warmth of his breath, he whispers in my ear

"I will always be there for you, even if you don't realize it, my dear."

I smiled, he continued to rub my lips without stopping pounding my hole with a fast tempo, tonight it became very hot for me and the man I didn't know but made my heart touched with his tenderness and the pleasure I felt. He made me squirm with pleasure, I don't know how many times I climaxed and it seemed like we played in five rounds until I felt my body collapse right in his arms.

"Don't go."

I kept whining, begging him not to leave me alone, I tightened my hug.

"Don't go, please don't go."

we kissed very deeply, he hugged me tightly and let me fall asleep in his warm embrace without removing my blindfold.

Chapter 2 pov febrian

The sound of my motorbike driving beautifully across the highway, I put on an angry and disappointed face.

"Not polite!!!"

Said one of the teachers. After seeing me who came in with the pants I accidentally ripped last night, I was grinning tirelessly.


Shouted one of the teachers who looked at me glaring sharply, my ears reddened because getting a tug from her hands made my ears hurt so much, she dragged me to class.

My eyeballs see my true enemy looking at me with mocking eyes.

"Why are you walking like that!!" Ask the teacher again, who is still pulling my ears red.

"Shh, it hurts, Miss,"

The teacher glared at me up and down with a confused look.

"What's wrong with your leg? But why is the road so wide?"

"Not miss feet, but my a*s hurts."

My complaint made one class laugh out loud, including my mortal enemy, who looked at me with disdain.


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