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“What did you see?” Leonardo asked as he condescendingly moved towards Chef Levi. Chef Levi took a step back, dropped the mop, and whispered, “What the f*ck are you, Leonardo?” Left penniless, after buying the Siri Michelin Restaurant, Chef Levi was forced to hire more staff since his current staff had quit. The new hire Leonardo Besian is too good to be true and Chef Levi knows that he is more than meets the eye. Demon Prince Leonardo Besian is a rebellious prince who wants nothing to do with the Besian Family Business or becoming Demon Lord. He hides deep in the city and interviews for a Chef job in a Michelin Restaurant. Sparks fly between him and his new boss. But will Chef Levi be willing to accept him for who is or accept where he comes from? Or will both end up being burnt by the kitchen flames?



Review after the novel completion

I'm enjoying the book it's like a murder mystery book with a twist in a family . Love the characters in this book I hope there is another book like this because it's gripping lots of sex which is very good in this book. Is nasty the Father and Son eventually getting on with each other although the father was always loving towards his son just say some needed to see that for himself but you have to read it to see for yourself

January 16, 2024

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