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Virtual Era

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: HoomEye
  • Chapters: 18
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 56
  • 7.5
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In the parallel world of Huaguo, a once thriving planet, the echoes of a cataclysmic war reverberate through the desolate wastelands. The year is 2340, marking the 211th year since the onset of the Wasteland Era. Humanity, having survived the brutal nuclear winter, finds itself grappling with the remnants of a shattered civilization and the looming threat of mutated beings known as the "Others." Amidst the ruins, factions have emerged, each with its own vision for the future and unique struggles for survival. The New Alliance, driven by a collective ambition, seeks to forge a new order from the ashes of devastation. In the Great Rift, a geographically advantaged faction harnesses abundant resources to assert dominance over the wastelands, while Corporations manipulate economic forces to secure power. The remnants of the once-unified Legion now navigate the harsh realities independently, their former military prowess scattered across the desolate landscape. The Academy, a beacon of knowledge, strives to restore pre-war civilization through research and education. Meanwhile, covert factions like the Enlightenment Society work in the shadows to preserve crucial knowledge for a future rebirth. Secondary factions, including the South Sea Alliance and the Bukgla Free State, grapple with external threats and internal strife as they endeavor to establish a foothold in the tumultuous wastelands. The Torch Church, once powerful, now operates in secrecy, adapting to escape the relentless pursuit of the Others. In the Poluo Province, various powers engage in perpetual struggles for limited resources, while the Five Kingdoms in the Sunset Province forge alliances and territorial control to ensure their survival. Covert forces, such as the Torch Church and the Enlightenment Society, operate with mysterious intent, influencing the delicate balance of power. As survivors navigate this treacherous landscape, the Dam Alliance controls crucial water resources, and the Red River Alliance strategically positions itself in trade routes and resource-rich areas. In Junk City, human adaptability shines through resource recycling, proving that survival in this harsh reality demands ingenuity. "Wasteland Chronicles: Rebirth from Ruin" weaves a tale of survival, power struggles, and the quest for redemption in a world where the remnants of civilization are juxtaposed against the threat of the Others. Each faction must navigate a complex web of alliances, resource scarcity, and the ever-present danger to rebuild civilization from the ashes of destruction.

Chapter 1 Is this really just a game?

On Earth, in a university computer room, the chat messages flicker with a peculiar discussion that transcends the realm of gaming. For Ye Wei, the vivid image in his mind isn't a game but rather the stark reality of a wasteland, complete with the struggles for survival and justice.

Delving into specifics, it involves his character in the game, "Wasteland OL," who, with a level exceeding 200, resurrects both the in-game character and the meticulously crafted wives. Ye Wei's secrecy about the details reflects the fragility of the in-game world, where revealing too much might lead to consequences.

In the midst of the lively chat, a figure named Chu Guang, known as "Dawn" and bearing the title of Manager, stands out. His genetic enhancements, talents, and managerial responsibilities make him a formidable force in the wasteland. As discussions unfold about the game's realism and its hypothetical impact on reality, Chu Guang poses a thought-provoking question to the group.

Chu Guang presents a scenario of a game where the virtual world mirrors reality in every aspect, from sensory experiences to a 1:1 time flow, blurring the lines between the game and sleep. The intriguing discussion prompts diverse reactions from the group, ranging from skepticism to enthusiasm.

As the conversation meanders into the feasibility of such a game, the mysterious "Light" shares that he is part of a company developing a fully immersive virtual reality game. The revelation captures the attention of the group, and Light provides a link to the game's official website.

Ye Wei, initially skeptical, decides to click "yes" on the reservation prompt. To his surprise, the website's simplistic design and lack of a registration page leave him questioning the legitimacy of the game. However, the numbers on the reservation counter change, indicating a growing interest.

Switching scenes to the 404 Shelter, Chu Guang, who initiated the conversation, completes a mission in the virtual world, earning a carbon nanofiber bulletproof vest as a reward. The seamless integration between the virtual and physical worlds blurs the boundaries, leaving Chu Guang to contemplate the implications of his actions.

The story unfolds with a mix of skepticism, excitement, and mystery, setting the stage for a journey into the unknown realms of virtual reality and its impact on the lives of those who dare to explore it.

Chapter 2 Vault 404

Chu Guang, male, appears to be 26, experienced his parents' divorce at a young age and was raised by his grandfather.

In his second year of university, Chu Guang's grandfather passed away, leaving him alone.

Fortunately, in this era of peace, he managed to finish his studies through a combination of work and study. After graduating, he found a job in sales. Due to his outstanding performance, he quickly rose from being a newcomer to a supervisor.

Just when Chu Guang thought he had overcome the toughest days and was about to enjoy some peaceful moments, fate took an unexpected turn.

About five months ago, during a business negotiation with a client for a 20 million contract, Chu Guang, caught up in the celebration with his boss, had a bit too much to drink and passed out.

When he regained consciousness, he found himself lying in a desolate wilderness. Not just any wilderness, though—after walking for about two miles, he saw


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