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The supernatural abilities of science.

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In this seemingly ordinary era, a mysterious meteor shower descended upon the Earth, infusing unprecedented vitality into this planet. The once mundane world flourished in the wake of this cosmic miracle, and a power, familiar to people yet never truly believed to exist, began to manifest on Earth - superpowers. Superpowers, a term once deemed fantastical, now became tangible and astonishing in this era. The evolutionary path of Earth's technology was overturned in this moment, and an unknown future unfolded before everyone. Red Ink, an ordinary individual, became one of the witnesses of this era due to the whims of fate. Red Ink's life underwent a dramatic transformation from that point onward. Burdened with the responsibility of unraveling the mysterious origin of this meteor shower, he, through a stroke of luck, discovered that he possessed an incredible superpower. He was no longer an ordinary human being but stood at the forefront where technology and supernatural forces intersected. In this era filled with unknowns and dangers, Red Ink would face numerous challenges and trials. Could his superpower bring hope to humanity, or would it become the catalyst for disaster? Who could truly understand the pressure and loneliness he bore? How would he cope with this real yet mysterious world? This is an era full of challenges and adventures, where every step could become a turning point in history. Red Ink's story is not just about his personal growth and struggle but also an exploration and evolution of the entire Earth civilization. This era is destined to be a real and yet dreamlike one, an era of awakened superpowers, a time of great change. The story is just beginning, and readers will follow in Red Ink's footsteps, embarking on this gripping journey, unveiling the secrets behind the enigmatic meteor shower, and searching for the truth of humanity's future.

Chapter 1

Red Ink stifled a yawn, discarded the pen, and turned to gaze out of the window. It was September, the beginning of the school year, and Red Ink had not yet recovered from the profound changes of the past year.

In late January last year, nearing the end of the semester, Red Ink had the privilege of witnessing a grand meteor shower.

It was a rare spectacle that occurs once in a century. Having lived for over a decade, Red Ink had only witnessed such a meteor shower once before, although this time it was more extravagant. It was said that this meteor shower, originating from the constellation Cassiopeia, passed through Earth, and due to unknown reasons, a small portion fell to the planet.

Leaders of various countries were reportedly sweating in fear at the time. If this meteor belt had collided directly with Earth, the current civilization might have been obliterated. Unfortunately, ordinary citizens like Red Ink, oblivious to the world's affairs, continued to live carefree lives.

Though only a small portion of the meteor shower fell on Earth, several countries still suffered significant damage.

First was Japan, where a massive meteor, approximately two hundred meters in diameter, fell directly onto Tokyo. Red Ink wasn't sure about the extent of the damage, having seen only a few post-disaster images online. There was a lot of online chatter, mostly Schadenfreude. Red Ink felt indifferent, thinking Japan just had bad luck.

Next was Paralakrus, a small and previously unheard-of country. It gained attention due to a stroke of misfortune – a meteor, about one hundred meters in diameter, fell on its capital, resulting in a situation similar to that in Japan.

It's not that the meteor was exceptionally large; other countries experienced larger meteor falls. However, those incidents occurred in remote areas, incomparable to the capital of Paralakrus.

The United States, having its share of falling meteors, even one with a diameter exceeding one kilometer slated for Los Angeles, managed to detonate it outside the Earth's atmosphere using advanced technology. Various missiles intercepted other meteors, leaving Red Ink somewhat regretful.

The U.S. seized the opportunity to showcase its military prowess.

Lastly, China experienced numerous falling meteors, fortunately none as large as Japan's. The largest, perhaps several dozen meters in size. Red Ink couldn't help but complain; despite significant damage, China donated a billion to Japan.

A billion! Red Ink had no direct experience with such wealth; the most money he ever possessed was five thousand, a gift from his father to buy a computer when he entered university.

On the day of the meteor shower, Red Ink narrowly escaped being hit by a meteor. After being rejected for the third time while chasing a girl, he slept despondently in the park, and the football-sized meteor fell nearby.

He hadn't seen other meteors, but the one he witnessed was beautiful. After the impact, the gray-white stone shell cracked open, revealing a sturdy core inside. A fist-sized meteor, split in half, lay quietly among the gray-white fragments.

Another person who noticed this meteor at the same time was a girl. The night was hazy, and Red Ink couldn't see her face clearly.

Since both discovered it simultaneously, they each took a half. Red Ink obtained the silver-white portion with a faint glow, while the girl took the crystal-clear, almost crystalline half.

It was unimaginable; although they originated from the same meteor, the two halves appeared entirely different. Perhaps that was why this sturdy meteor split.

Out of appreciation, Red Ink turned the meteor into a pendant and wore it around his neck.

He thought the matter had concluded, but subsequent changes made Red Ink realize it was just the beginning.

Not long after getting the meteor, Red Ink noticed subtle changes in his body. The first change was an increased appetite, tripling within a month. Alongside the increased appetite, his strength grew to about five times its original.

Red Ink didn't disclose these changes to anyone. He feared becoming a laboratory guinea pig. For confidentiality reasons, Red Ink moved off-campus, focusing on studying and recording changes in his body.

Initially, he thought he was unique until he met another person who had undergone a similar awakening.

Her name was Muse Rain, a senior in her second year. Although Red Ink knew of her, they had never interacted. One day, while queuing in the cafeteria, about ten meters apart, Red Ink suddenly felt a palpitation, as if something crucial was nearby. Turning around, he met Muse Rain's gaze.

That glance felt like a millennium of waiting!

Nonsense. Although he didn't understand why, Red Ink and Muse Rain both sensed something profoundly important in each other.

The subsequent events were complex. In circumstances where neither side wanted to reveal their abilities, they engaged in discreet observation, mental battles, and perhaps a bit of strategizing. Fortunately, in the end, both sides understood what they desired. Muse Rain turned out to be the girl who had shared the meteor with Red Ink that night.

It wasn't a mutual understanding. When Red Ink learned about it, he regretted it for a long time.

Muse Rain underwent changes similar to Red Ink's. Shortly after, she felt a cold energy flowing within her and awakened the ability to control ice. Not long after, Red Ink awakened the ability to control electricity.

What was even more peculiar was that as their abilities awakened, the two meteors slowly disappeared. Whether they dissipated or integrated into their bodies, neither could guess.

However, the disappearance of the meteors did not diminish the abilities they gained. Instead, these abilities became more potent.

With superpowers in hand, Red Ink and Muse Rain didn't act recklessly, partly due to the fear of becoming laboratory subjects and partly because they didn't know the extent of their abilities.

Reflecting on the grandeur of the meteor shower and the insignificant portion of the meteor they each received, Red Ink couldn't help but envy the countries initially believed to be victims, such as Japan, Paralakrus, and Iraq. These nations suffered significant damage from large meteors falling in the bustling city centers.

A fist-sized meteor caused such a transformation for Red Ink and Muse Rain. What about those countries that experienced even larger meteor falls?

Contemplating this, Red Ink paid close attention to the progress of events, but unfortunately, there seemed to be no changes in the world. No superheroes, no time travelers, no extraterrestrials. Could those massive meteors have been mere decorations? Or were the meteors Red Ink and Muse Rain received truly special?

After considering this, Red Ink kept a watchful eye on the developments. Yet, seemingly, there were no significant changes globally. Only a video caught his attention—a girl cosplaying as Mai Shiranui, not only beautiful but also with an incredible physique. Most importantly, she could execute Mai Shiranui's moves.

Yes, moves that involved manipulating flames. This 'Mai Shiranui' became famous online, although Red Ink didn't know how she achieved the ability to control fire.

Red Ink leaned towards the belief that she had awakened the 'fire' ability. Unfortunately, it couldn't be confirmed. Red Ink downloaded the video, but within a few days, even the information about

Chapter 2

The fleeting thoughts raced through my mind as I gazed at the somewhat bald lecturer on the stage. Once again, my gaze shifted outside the window. Indeed, attending a chemistry class was a tragedy. If it weren't for the strict grip of Zhou Tuzi, probably only a few would bother attending his lectures.

On the fourth floor of the teaching building, with ample height and a perfect angle, looking out the window revealed a splendid landscape. Not far away lay the Minghua Pond of the school, where students without classes were leisurely sitting on stone benches by the pond.

And there she was, Muse Yu!

By the pond, Red Ink spotted a familiar figure. In this past year, Red Ink had undergone significant changes. Notably, his vision had increased several times. Even from a few hundred meters away, Red Ink could still clearly see Muse Yu's face. If he focused, he could discern even the smallest details on her face.

However, who was


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