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The Royal Heart

The Royal Heart

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: RICS
  • Chapters: 10
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 16+
  • 👁 5
  • 3.0
  • 💬 5


Royal heart is a social-economic fiction which portrays the life of Eddy, a young girl, who is born in a royal family but is abducted at an early age following a community dispute. Watch Eddy blossom despite the crown of thorns around her life. Join Hannah, who becomes eddy's foster mother in watching the life of a determined youngster who almost loses bearing at her prime age. The novel vividly portrays the true spirit of a fighter who is faced with two worlds and has to adapt in a record period or lose it all. This is a Novel worth the hooks of a reader and displays the real world through Eddy.

Chapter 1

The evening sun spread violent rays lazily through the beautifully crafted lawns making Butita palace even more magnificent. Afew ralations to King Arosa Xavier the second, tried to busy themselves with small market talks, afew elders tried to force smiles but their efforts yielded no more than sheer disappointment. The king watched it all from the bedroom window upstairs, scratching his bald head which had not more than twenty grey hairs. His glass was still full of nut wine despite his gross appetite for the drink, the dark was almost strolling and as the old man believed, the early bird never crows late. He adjusted his sleeves and made his way downstairs.

A baby had been born, against all the odds and wishes of the whole tribe, against the prestigious aura of his holiness king Xavier, a girl who was named Eddy. Instead of illuminating rays of joy and satisfaction, the child had sparked more chaos and unexpected drama. Phille, the king's mother was already threatening to disown his own son if the news crossed the palace walls.

It was customary that the first child had to be a boy, healthy, who would in turn inherit from his old man. A catastroph was brewing and the elders knew better than warm their loincloths and watch the glory of their kingdom sink to the seemingly bottomless abyss.

"So ladies and gentlemen", the king paused as if to express the importance of his appearance. "You know what brings us here, with all my respect held over your wisdom unending", Darkness was already spreading.

The boardroom was parked meargerly by about ten officials who occupied the inner circle in the palace.

" We all know the rules of nature, no human makes prime decisions when it comes to gender in child bearing", Arafat, who was the clans spokesman was already fidgeting. He could only attribute the misfortune solely to the king. How could a man of statue, well with all the energy produce a girl as the fist born? Had they not performed all the necessary rituals?

The automatic lights were already tormenting the bald heads of the old generals. A grey moth was circling the central bulb as if it were perfoming some sacred ritual, behind the heavy curtains some light flashes were landing softly on the crimson blue flowers at the lawn. All like nothing was happening.

"It is very sad that despite all the care we've taken, ill-luck has still found a way of offsetting our efforts"

"As you all know, there is nothing we can do..."

"There's alot we can do, alot, but you !" Arafat was almost shouting, he was shaking like a reef in the midday breeze.

"Watch your tone, Papa", another elder supplied with all the cool he could afford. Papa was the common name Arafat was referred to.

"But look, it's already two nights and nothing has been done, nothing, absolutely nothing", he was almost losing mind. "If we don't make a decision today, the child becomes legitimate and then what, tell me, what?" He asked no one in particular, who anyway could answer the question.

" I have a suggestion , maybe a solution ", that from Puth. Arafat's eyes were already sparkling with hope, atleast he was not taking the battle all alone.

"Go ahead, sir", for the first time the power thirst spokesman addressed someone with the tittle 'sir'.

"It's not every child born who sees the light of the day, maybe we could do something, besides no one past our own people do know of the delivery". King Xavier was almost losing breath.

"Do you suggest we kill my very own child, the only...".

"it's either you let go one little lad who could grow into a whore or kill the whole tribe, kill yourself , kill me, kill your mother and the thousands of kings who guarded this kingdom Jealously", Arafat was quick to supply.

" My elders, I'm sorry but...",

"No buts, my son, there's more reason to this than mere pride of the so called humanity", Eli, who supported almost all of Xavier's proposals cut in.

King Xavier was now visibly shaking with rage, things were really happening fast. Godspeed, like his late father would call it.

For the first time all the members present voted for the idea except the king, who had no choice but accept the path fate had placed him. The implementation part was the most devilish thing one would ever imagine. The child would be taken in the depths or the evil forest which was largely inhabited by dangerous animals, a cover up plan would be formulated that the child-a boy according to the plan, was born dead and that he was buried at the town cemetery. There would be a whole week of mourning, a period which people will be allowed to pay the king a visit for condolences.

The fate was sealed, but the future had much in store!

It was already late but all the elders stormed out without a word, the air outside was heavy with mist and the concrete ground was shinning with moisture. Some owl was hooting while another late night animal made a creaking sound.

Chapter 2


The fifth day of the week was dominated by heavy fog and the air was chocking with humidity, from the palace monster entrance you could have a giraffe view of the whole extent of Butita kingdom. Dark smoke marked different homesteads as young mothers tried to busy themselves milking and pretending to be more busy than the famous desert ants. Hannah watched all this with heightened anxiety, would she go against his very own master, the very man who had given her life at the verge of death? She remembered the previous evening conversation, one she had overheard about the verdict made the previous night, she remembered how king Xavier had made love with her despite being a mere maiden, the fruit of their illicit relationship? An abortion.

"Hey ma'am !", Hannah never realised she had been stuck at the entrance for nearly an hour, the sun was already paving its way up the sky and young boys were taking out herds to the pastures.

"Have you s


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