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The Monster Hunters

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Jacob Nicholas was your average kind of guy; Until he died and got reincarnated in a world where monsters prey on humankind. Armed with a rather snobbish system, follow him and a bunch of misfits, as they journey through the world to save humankind. **** [EDIT] Being shot to death by unknown men seemed to be the end of Jacob's life, till he got reincarnated into a new world. Living in a new world would have also been alright, except; Monsters straight from the Underworld plagued the new world, leaving destruction and death at their wake. But then, what happens if Jacob, who was once an average Joe, got into this new world with a system??, the kind that grants him the opportunity to wine and dine with Gods, battle Demon Overlords and even conquer the higher realms??. The adventure awaits......

Chapter 1


The school bus whizzed past Jacob as he alighted. Clutching his schoolbag tighter, he walked rapidly towards his apartment. Since he lived alone, he just trudged heavily towards the room and flopped onto the bed.

His parents died from a terrible car accident when he was 12; and since then, he had withdrawn from the world, just living like an automated robot. Since his parents were fairly well off, they left some amount of money for him before they died. Sighing, Jacob walked tiredly to the bathroom.

Having showered, he microwaved some food and sat in front of his computer screen, eating while scrolling through the news.

'THUD', a loud sound jolted Jacob awake, orientating himself, he realised he fell asleep in front of his computer.

'THUD', he heard the sound again with some voices

"Do you think he lives here??", a hoarse voice croaked

"Yeah, I saw him entering earlier", another voice replied.

Realising something was wrong, Jacob stood up immediately, the hastiness of his actions knocking over the chair he was sitting on, making a loud noise.

'SWOOSH', Jacob dashed towards the window, planning to jump.

'BANG', the door to his room was kicked open and a burly looking man in a ski mask walked in, holding a pistol.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you", the man said, pointing his gun towards Jacob.

"Who are you?", Jacob asked, his voice jarringly cold.

"Me?", the man asked, mockery apparent in his voice

"I guess you can call me the messenger of Death", the man continued.

"Why are you wasting time talking to this trash??", a second man entered, also in ski masks.

Putting everything together, Jacob realised that these two men in front of him were probably paid to kill him, but he just couldn't wrap his head around the reason why someone would want to kill him; he was just an orphan leading a boring life.

"Who sent you guys?", Jacob asked.

The man that called Jacob trash got irritated, probably because Jacob's expression was calm, without any hint of fear.

"You have no right to know who we are or who we work for", the man snorted coldly, pulling out his own pistol and pointing it at Jacob.

'These men are trained', Jacob thought; 'although both of these men entered casually, the man earlier is blocking the window side and the second man is blocking the door', Jacob thought. There was no escape.

"Tsk tsk, what a pity, you and your parents were supposed to die together", the man in front of the window said. Jacob's expression finally changed, from cold indifference to rage.

"You killed my parents??", Jacob asked, his voice unsteady from rage.

The second man, finally satisfied with the change of Jacob's expression, looked at Jacob in the eyes and pulled the trigger.

"Bang", a muffled sound echoed followed by the dropping of a body.

"Let's get out of here", looking at Jacob's body, the second man spat exiting the room. The man by the window took one last look at Jacob's body and also left the room.

On the cold floor, Jacob's laid, losing consciousness.

"I wish I could know who ordered this", was Jacob's last thought before he died.

Chapter 2


In a certain hospital, in a certain world, there laid a young man on an hospital bed; the man looked to be around 18 years of age, blonde hair, blue eyes, bushy eyebrows, double eyelids, straight nose and a sharp jaw. He would have been considered handsome, except for his extremely pale skin and dead looking eyes.

"Hmmmn?, thought I died", the young man muttered. Looking at himself, Jacob suddenly had a spark of enlightenment;

"I transmigrated, didn't I?", he muttered again.

As an average Joe, he had read many novels when he was bored, so the idea of transmigration wasn't new to him.

Wondering about the identity of the person whose body he jumped into, Jacob suddenly felt a sharp pain in his brain;

Restraining the urge to scream out, Jacob digested the memories of the person whose body he was inhabiting.

The young man's name was also Jacob Nicholas, also an average Joe, but their circumstances


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