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The Lord of the Eight Realms

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In the mystical realm of the Eight Realms, a formidable figure rises – the Lord of the Eight Realms. Fear? None. Mockery? Laughable. Unbeknownst to all, this seemingly ordinary master harbors the mightiest physique, a secret that unveils itself when facing challenges, especially those who underestimate. Brimming with confidence, the Lord of the Eight Realms navigates the delicate art of arrogance, confidently outshining even the most esteemed. Who would dare poison such a figure? Little do they know, the Lord's dantian devours toxins as if they were elixirs, turning venom into vitality, reveling in the unexpected bliss. But what's this? Afflicted by a curse? Nay, the Lord ingests spiritual medicine, only to expel alchemical wonders. A mysterious transformation that perplexes all who witness it. The secret to this extraordinary phenomenon remains shrouded in enigma. Yet, there's more. Unlike others who manifest a single realm, the Lord astonishes with eight. A formidable advantage, a subtle strategy to conquer discreetly. Deception is a weapon, and the Lord wields it skillfully, plotting the demise of adversaries in the shadows. The intrigue deepens as questions linger. What extraordinary destiny awaits the Lord of the Eight Realms? How will the interplay of realms shape the course of their journey? In this enthralling tale of mystery, power, and cunning, the Lord's enigmatic prowess promises an odyssey that transcends the ordinary, inviting readers into a world where each chapter unveils a new layer of the Lord's extraordinary existence. Prepare to be captivated as the Lord of the Eight Realms orchestrates a symphony of deception, strength, and supernatural mastery, leaving readers eager to delve further into the secrets that bind this enigmatic figure to the fates of the Eight Realms.

Chapter 1 Peng Xiaoxie

In the serene town of Qingfeng, situated in the desolate northern region of the Source Continent, lies the prestigious Peng family, one of the four prominent clans in Qingfeng.

Two years ago, during the cultivation assessment of the younger generation of the Peng family, Peng Xiaoxie's cultivation reached the pinnacle of the Pulse Connecting Realm. However, he endured numerous disdainful glances from onlookers.

Last year, in the routine assessment, Peng Xiaoxie's cultivation remained at the pinnacle of the Pulse Connecting Realm, attracting a plethora of sarcastic comments.

Today, in this year's examination, Peng Xiaoxie once again couldn't escape the nightmare – still at the pinnacle of the Pulse Connecting Realm, a seemingly insurmountable waste.

It's worth noting that even a warrior with mediocre aptitude can progress from initial martial training to breaking through to the Source Induction Realm within three years. Yet, Peng Xiaoxie has been trapped at the Pulse Connecting Realm for a full three years.

What does this signify? It means facing not only disdainful mockery but expulsion from the family. Now at eighteen, family regulations dictate that those who haven't broken through to the Source Induction Realm by this age will be abandoned and exiled.

As a warrior, exile implies a bleak future with no chance of redemption. The realms of martial cultivation begin with the Pulse Connecting Realm, followed by breakthroughs to the Source Induction Realm, and ultimately, the Source Liquid Realm.

At this moment, the younger generation watches dumbfounded as Peng Xiaoxie descends from the testing platform. Mocking comments fill the air.

"The wild lad is down. Look at his pitiful appearance!"

"Young Master Three, what a miserable state he's in. Forget about breaking through; he can't even remember who he is! Pathetic!"

Respected as Young Master Three and scorned as the wild lad, everyone knows that Peng Xiaoxie was adopted by the family head, Peng Sheng, five years ago. Not being of direct bloodline, he is derogatorily referred to as the "wild lad." Moreover, he was discovered with complete amnesia, unaware of his own identity.

"Hehe! Such a waste should have been expelled long ago. Keeping him is a waste of resources. Even if it's not done today, it will happen in five days at the coming-of-age ceremony. I wonder if the family head will still protect him then?" Some youths express disdain and mockery, even blaming the family head for favoring Peng Xiaoxie.

In the midst of the crowd's disdain, Peng Xiaoxie has grown accustomed. For three years, he has endured countless insults, unable to break through to the Source Induction Realm and free himself from these humiliations.

"At the age of fourteen, I'm about to break through. But him... truly embarrassing."

"Words aside, though his aptitude is nearly zero, the melody he plays on the flute is quite pleasant. At least, it refreshes our minds every time. Very enjoyable."

"Humph! Good flute skills mean nothing. He's still a waste if he can't break through. Wastes shouldn't continue to enjoy family resources. Last time, he occupied the Qi Pool without a breakthrough, causing us to lose a potential Source Induction genius. Such people should be scorned. If my father were the family head, I would have suggested kicking him out long ago."

"Hehe! Too bad your father isn't the family head. You can only be ashamed!" ...

As the crowd mutters and sneers, Peng Xiaoxie clenches his fists, silently cursing the black energy enveloping his Dantian. It's this damned black energy that prevents his Dantian from absorbing spiritual energy, hindering any breakthrough.

On the unavoidable path away from the testing platform, three individuals stand. Two of them are elegantly dressed, exuding an arrogant demeanor typical of young masters. The third person nods and bows obsequiously.

"Zheng Sha, didn't you disrupt the wild lad's Dantian? Why hasn't his cultivation dropped?" The speaker is none other than Peng Tianhe, Peng Xiaoxie's third uncle's son.

"That's what I wanted to ask you. What kind of protective treasure did your Peng family give him? I couldn't break his Dantian even with a kick." The responder is Zheng Bin, the young master of the Zheng family, one of the four major clans. At the moment, he glares at Peng Xiaoxie, feeling particularly disgraced.

"Protective treasure? Absolutely none." Peng Tianhe asserts confidently.

"Really, that's bizarre!"

"Bizarre? Indeed, it's quite strange. Last time, I beat him up, and it took him months to recover, but the next day, he could get up to cultivate again."

"Seems really fishy. I wonder what Peng Sheng gave him. Well, it's better this way. Since Peng Sheng values him so much, we've chosen the right

Chapter 2 Kidnapped

The night gradually descends!

When Peng Xiaoxie awoke, he discovered that he was still alive, and remarkably unharmed. However, this did not surprise him. The injuries he had sustained never lingered overnight, thanks to the mysterious energy entity. Each time he was injured, the energy entity exerted its force, enabling swift recovery.

As for the origin of this energy entity and when it became attached to him, he had no clue. With only five years of memories, he couldn't recall his past. Hastily reaching towards his lower abdomen, he sighed in relief. His Dantian was intact, despite the terrifying kicks. Two powerful kicks, and yet, his Dantian remained unharmed. What does this imply? It suggests an extraordinary resilience, defying conventional understanding. Despite the cursed Dantian's inability to absorb spiritual energy, its remarkable resilience provided a modicum of solace.

"Qiu Nan, Zheng Bin, Peng Tianhe, remember this.


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