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The Elementals

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: Martins
  • Chapters: 4
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 3.0
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Everything had gone downhill with the Elemental massacre. Her family was gone and she was left with no one else but herself. How will Sian and the remaining survivors of her clan survive in this cruel world that wants nothing but destruction for them. Sian grew up with hatred for the common Human clouding her vision. Her aim was revenge and there was nothing anyone could do to stop her. But after encountering some specific people, she had come to understand that vengeance wasn't always the solution to every problem. With their Clan at the brink of extinction, the remaining Elementals must strive to survive in a world that abhors their kind.

Chapter 1

She knelt frozen in fear. Her entire family has just been murdered in front of her and her village was ablaze. There was so much violence before her eyes and she was just nine. Blood and tears flowed from her eyes as she stared in horror at the lifeless body of her younger sister. The man who had killed her was walking away and she couldn't do anything. She knew all this was partially her fault. This was happening because of people like her. But her sister was innocent. She had nothing to do with this she thought to herself.

She stood up weakly and made slow advances towards her sisters murderer with clenched fists. She could still hear her sisters innocent laughter and it made her blood boil. More tears flowed down from her already swollen eyes as images of her sister flashed through her memory. She could feel her self being overwhelmed with anger and hate as she hastened her pace towards her sisters killer and soon enough she was running towards him. She wouldn't do Much harm to him, this she knew, but she was going to avenge her sister in the smallest possible way.

He heard soft footsteps approach him from behind. Taking a quick glance backwards he saw the frail little girl whose sister he had just murdered her making her way towards him. Her eyes were clouded with anger and an unnatural taste for vengeance. 'Insolent child' he thought as he drew his sword and raised it to decapitate her once she was within arm's reach.

She could see the man draw his sword but she still advanced towards him this way he would give her rest from this miserable world and she would be with her family. Thoughts of her happy reunion made her run forward, loosing all fear of death and instead choosing to embrace it. His outline loomed over her like a large shadow. This was it for her. The silver metal had already begun it's downward motion towards her when she felt herself being drawn backwards.


She woke from her sleep clearly sweating even though the wind outside was cold. It was still the break of dawn. She hadn't been able to sleep peacefully for the past week. Memories from her childhood had been taunting her and it was making her loose her mind.

She got down from her bed and made her way into the bathroom to freshen up. After that she would have to train with one of the best swordsmen she had ever seen and she wasn't looking forward to it. She finished dressing and headed for the open space jus outside their little cottage but no one was there. As expected her teacher wasn't yet awake. He was as lazy as he was as skilled with the sword. She considered him more of a father than a master. He was the only family she had. He was always there whenever she wanted to make any stupid mistakes. He was her guardian angel and she was lucky she got him.

Picking up a dagger, she slid it into her waist belt. She remembered having a first hand experience where she regretted being unarmed and she wasn't planning on repeating such mistake ever. She picked up her cloak and hooded her self leaving out just few streaks of her silky hazel colored hair before setting off to the market. She needed to purchase some groceries and hurry back before her teacher awakens.

The market wasn't too far from where she settled, it's was close to the outskirts of Atresh. A kingdom known to flourish because of its abundance of mineral resources making it one of the wealthiest kingdoms. There had neighboring kingdoms as well but both didn't flourish as much as Atresh.

Metresh was closest to Atresh and was known to have the most powerful military. This was because they were governed with the procrustean rule where even women joined the military once they were of age. The kingdom of Granesh was known for their agricultural buoyancy. The other two kingdoms mostly imported their agricultural produce to sell in their markets.

Adjusting her hoodie further to cover most of her facial details, Sian made her entry into the market. A very busy arena. Since it was close to the outskirts of the kingdom, the Market was often very crowded and this made it easy for pickpockets to earn a living. She made her purchase and was about to leave when the stall owners voice made her stop in her tracks

"your money isn't compete ma'am" he said. She turned to see the man glaring with hate at her. His face wore the expression of disgust. She didn't blame him. He probably thought she underpaid him and was in a haste to leave.

"its one gold piece and twelve pieces of silver." The man reminded

She was with enough money but when she reached for her pockets she felt nothing. Tension creeped into her but she remained calm trying to look for a way to pay the stall owner. Clearly one the pickpockets had made a living off her and she was disappointed in herself. One of the petty thieves around here have outsmarted her and she was paying the price for her carelessness.

"pay up or return some items" The stall owner said, this time raising his voice such that other people starred at the ongoing drama. She needed all that she bought but if she didn't return some then this man was going to make her feel like an idiot. She raised the grocery bag and motioned to drop it down on the stall when she felt a grip oh her arm.

"What's going on here?" A calm yet precise voice asked. He had pitch black hair which contrasted with his ocean blue eyes making them stand out most out of his facial features. His tan skin color collaborated with the golden rays of the rising sun giving him a slight glow. 'He was a perfect model of a handsome man'. She thought as she stared at the man who had come to her aid.

Chapter 2

"What's is going on here?" A man who looked his early twenties asked, his hand still on Sian's. He had pitch black hair which contrasted with his deep ocean blue eyes making them stand out most amongst his facial features. His tan skin collaborated with the golden rays of the already rising sun to give him a slight glow. "This lady here doesn't have enough money for her groceries" the stall owner said sternly.

"How much are the groceries?" He asked. His voice was calm and he spoke like one who didn't have a problem with wealth.

"A gold piece and twelve silver" The stall owner said. His obvious disgusted expression melting into a happy and greedy smile as the stranger handed him two gold coins and spared him the change.

With her grocery problem already solved, Sian made to leave but the stranger held firm to her wrist. His grip was firm and gentle at the same time. And his face shine with a cynical smile.


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