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The CEO: Love At First Sight

The CEO: Love At First Sight

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: Nana
  • Chapters: 15
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 4+
  • 👁 9
  • 3.0
  • 💬 0


Love is good, love is sweet, love is beautiful, and love is amazing! Love is a beautiful thing which can happen anytime, anywhere and to anyone be you a boy or a girl, a man or a woman! falling in love is very easy but are you falling with the right person? you have to find out as you read this beautiful love story. It is a beautiful and wonderful love story of Daniel Thomas and Nancy Peters. Love is stronger than the way we imagined,love is a beautiful thing that conquers all things no matter the challenges and obstacles.

Chapter 1

Nancy can you just guest who is coming our way, didn't listen to her, she was busy reading her book. But am talking to you guest who is coming towards you.

"whoever it might be, I don't care allow me to study, you are are actually distracting me babe". Manuela was short of words that she decided to say it out.

Okay, then go to hell but before that let me tell you that Daniel is coming towards you only. immediately she heard Daniel's name she turns to Manuela where? Manuela was so happy and pointed towards Daniel's direction. Nancy smiled and was lost looking at Daniel. wow! he is very handsome and he looks smart. Manuela smiled.

Nancy if you actually love him go and tell him how you feel or feeling for him. "No Manuela, he looks like someone who is from a very rich family" and I am from a poor family " Nancy said with a sad tone, Manuela rolled her eyes.

you should at least give it a trial before concluding, love doesn't have a class. no Manuela, even if I will propose to her not now Manuela kept quiet and didn't say anything again.

Oh Daniel, I would like to be your girl friend but I don't know if you will like me because I am from a poor family and you are very handsome and you came from a very rich family, you see both of us are not made for each other, you are far far better than me and you are the most handsome in this college and not just only that a son of the most richest man in town. Nancy thought while busy looking at Daniel lostfully who was busy charting and laughing with his friends.

Nancy was smiling seeing Daniel being happy with his friends. if Daniel is happy then Nancy is happy too, she seriously think about him. Now why are you very happy? Manuela confusingly asked.

just like, she spoke and start coming out of the classroom when she mistakingly kicked the wall. " oops, sorry, he said to her and all her books scattered in the ground.

sorry, Nancy, please next time watch where you are going so that you won't fall and get injured okay, the voice was none other than Daniel. immediately her heart starts beating uncontrollably. she was busy staring at him. Are you listening, helloooo are you okay, am talking to you and why are you staring at me like that, oh nothing, am okay, it's okay thank you very much, i appreciate she said stuttering.

He helped him to pick up her scattered books, Daniel thank you so much, it's okay I can pick up the remaining once, Nancy said, do not bother yourself, let me do it, is nothing Daniel said, she smiled shyly. After sometimes Daniel is done with the picking.

Thank you Daniel he smiled and nodded then started going from there. After he went, Nancy was imagining if it is a dream, then she said ouch!!! so this is real he actually spoked to me. Happy h God thank so much!! she smiled.

Nancy, did you enjoyed the moment he spent with you and how was it? suddenly she heard Manuela,'s voice, she looked at her and smiled "amazing, awesome, beautiful "you can name them.

Manuela is Nancy friend from school time, the too are close that they share everything together with each other.

Nancy is a beautiful very girl, she is very smart and intelligent girl who comes from a poor family bar ground, she is living in the hostel all alone.

Her parents could not afford her school fees but she said she must go to school to achieve her dreams and goals.

Chapter 2

Daniel let's go to class " Tim spoke but he was annoyed seeing me ignoring him".

Dan what did I do to you that you are not talking to me? He asked, pouting.

I am talking to you but I am busy thinking about something, he hummed. Nancy why was she staring at me like she would eat me?I have seen her many times staring at me, but it is normal for me because every girl does thesame after looking at me. we both reached the class and as usual I sat at the last seat. yes I am a back bencher.

The lecturer came started teaching. Suddenly my eyes went towards the person sitting next to me. And to that person was none other than Nancy. I gave her the most beautiful smile of mine hmmmmm!!! she smiled back. I like girls getting affected because of me. wow!!

After the class as usual I was going towards the canteen when my group came. They are two boys and one girl. Tim, Dave and Rachael.

Tim and Rachael are in a relationship while Dave and I are single.


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