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Super evolution

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: li
  • Chapters: 19
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 7.5
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In the year 2756 AD, mankind finally achieved subluminal travel, marking the beginning of a true era of interstellar colonization. After more than a century of technological progress, in the year 2874 AD, humanity grasped the theory of interstellar space jumping. Seventeen years later, the three most advanced nations at that time joined forces to develop a groundbreaking spacecraft called the "Voyager," which became the first vessel capable of performing space jumps. With the launch of the Voyager, the golden age of interstellar development for humanity officially commenced. In the year 3205 AD, humans encountered advanced extraterrestrial life for the first time. Due to human colonization efforts, a war erupted between humans and the extraterrestrial beings. Over the course of more than a century of interstellar warfare, humans painfully realized that they were outmatched by the alien species in terms of warfare capabilities. The fragility and brevity of human life, coupled with the significant materialistic advances post-colonization, led to a decline in human reproduction rates as people became increasingly focused on material pleasures. The war resulted in the loss of numerous young individuals who perished tragically. As a result of their defeat, a large number of colonized planets fell under the control of the extraterrestrial life forms, posing an inevitable threat of annihilation for humanity. Confronted with this crisis, humanity divided into several factions, comprising those advocating for continued warfare, those seeking peace and reconciliation, those attempting to evade the conflict, and those resigned to a pessimistic existence. Eventually, the faction favoring continued warfare gained widespread support from the majority. The faction dedicated to continuing the war reorganized Earth, formally establishing the "Interstellar Alliance" and the "United Cosmic Military Command." All colonial planets were required to adhere to the directives of the military command. Centered around Earth, the military command established a layered defense system and significantly expanded its armed forces. A powerful interstellar fleet was deployed at the forefront to slow down the advancement of the extraterrestrial life forms. To address the fragility of human life, two institutes were established on Earth - the "Human Technological Evolution Research Institute" and the "Human Space Technology Research Institute." These institutions assembled the world's top scientists with the aim of studying human evolution and finding a method to overcome human frailty and aging. In the year 3669 AD, an exploratory spacecraft discovered a peculiar liquid substance on a distant unnamed planet. During its return journey, the spacecraft encountered a meteor shower, resulting in the loss of all exploration personnel. Upon the arrival of a rescue vessel, this liquid substance was brought back to Earth. At the "Human Technological Evolution Research Institute," analysis and research revealed that this was a substance never seen before. During an accidental experiment, scientists discovered that this liquid could not only be absorbed by the human body but also induce automatic physical evolution.

Chapter 1: The Silver Panther

In the year 32**, an expeditionary spacecraft embarked on a journey through the vast expanse of the starry skies.

Within this vessel resided a remarkable assemblage.

The grandfather, born in the year 3780 AD, is currently 112 years old. A military man by profession, he retired as a Major General at the age of 100. Formerly the commander of the Special Armored Assault Corps, he is known as Lin Junbao. Within the ranks of the armored division, he earned the moniker "Silver Panther" and has evolved to the eleventh stage. His greatest desire is to embark on interstellar exploration after retirement.

The grandmother, eleven years younger than her husband, is now 101 years old. She is a renowned human evolution scientist and holds the esteemed title of Level One Academician at the Institute for Human Technological Evolution. Her name is Zhong Beimin, having evolved to the ninth stage. Her utmost aspiration is to nurture their third-generation grandchildren into adulthood, accompanying her beloved partner on a cosmic sojourn to search for the unnamed planet where they once discovered a miraculous evolutionary agent.

This elderly couple has three sons and one daughter, yet none of them are present beside them.

Due to the advent of evolutionary agents, individuals typically marry around the age of forty and delay childbirth even further, resulting in their adult children pursuing their own professions.

Realizing it was impossible for his children to join him in the exploration, the elderly gentleman requested that they send their third-generation offspring aboard the spacecraft, justifying it as a means for them to "fulfill their potential and pursue their professional endeavors."

Thus, the spacecraft became home to four mischievous and rambunctious grandsons. Regrettably, the grandfather was disheartened by the fact that none of his four children had daughters.

The spacecraft bore the name "Silver Panther," and in addition to the elderly couple and their grandsons, it housed five crew members who were all former subordinates of the grandfather. Upon retiring, they chose not to venture elsewhere but sought refuge under their revered former commander.

The eldest grandson, Lin Qiyong, aged twenty-eight, was an exceptional pilot of small-scale combat mechs. Having evolved to the third stage, he could briefly traverse space without the need for protective gear. His agility was unparalleled, and he possessed an amiable and passionate demeanor.

The second grandson, Lin Qimeng, twenty-five years old, boasted a robust physique and a penchant for combat. Like his elder brother, he had reached the third stage of evolution. However, upon reaching this stage, he had ascended to the ranks of the super-evolvers, known as the primary awakeners or commonly referred to as Earth Awakeners. He was usually taciturn but exemplified unrivaled individual combat prowess among the crew members on the spacecraft.

The third grandchild, Ke Zhenfeng, was an adopted grandson, nineteen years old, with an affinity for mechanical electronics and weapon manufacturing. He was hailed as a prodigy in the field of weaponry and earned the moniker "Weapon Whiz." He had attained the first stage of evolutionary progress.

The youngest grandson, Lin Qiyu, at the tender age of sixteen, was his grandmother's treasure. A mischievous and playful little rascal, fearlessly venturing into everything and daring to try anything, he brought joy to the spacecraft. He shared a close bond with Ke Zhenfeng.

He was the only person aboard the spacecraft who had not received the evolutionary agents, making him the prime focus of protection for the entire crew. Furthermore, he was a virtuoso in the realm of the Federal Virtual Network, adept at deciphering various codes and passwords.

The Silver Panther exploration spacecraft was a gift presented to Grandfather Lin by his comrades-in-arms upon his retirement. They refurbished an abandoned medium-sized mech assault vessel, meticulously renovating it, and equipped it with an array of specialized military weapons.

They were aware of Grandfather's desire for interstellar exploration, and in the vastness of space, they knew there would be encounters with countless unknown phenomena. With these enhancements and weaponry, they effectively gained an added layer of insurance.

This spacecraft was twice the size of typical civilian exploration vessels, making it quite extraordinary in the eyes of civilian explorers.

Within the spacecraft, there was only one laboratory, exclusively reserved for Grandma Zhong Beimin's use. However, there were five dedicated compartments serving as armories, one of which spanned over two hundred square meters, housing twelve state-of-the-art individual combat mech vessels.

What truly pushed the boundaries of extravagance were the additional particle beam cannons mounted on both sides of the spacecraft, along with a high-power laser cannon at the prow. Not to mention the numerous concealed weapons nestled beneath the armored hull.

The entire spacecraft boasted eighteen layers of high-energy protection, surpassing its original prototype, the "medium-sized mech assault vessel," by an additional six layers. It was nearly on par with heavy mech vessels, which typically had twenty-one layers of high-energy shielding.

Upon seeing this extraordinary ship, Grandfather Lin couldn't contain his delight for three consecutive days. His intention was not to employ this formidable vessel for attacking others; rather, he felt as if he were still in the military, commanding his beloved mech fleet.

Seated in the command cabin of the spacecraft, Grandfather Lin Junbao leisurely sipped his celestial mist tea, while his grandson, Lin Qiyong, served as the pilot.

This modified spacecraft only required two individuals to operate and could even be set to autonomous navigation, making it far more user-friendly compared to military-grade mech vessels. However, once the weapons system was engaged, at least five personnel were needed to operate it effectively. Although it was capable of automatic attacks, human control yielded superior results.

Lin Qiyong grumbled, "Grandfather, we have already visited seven or eight nameless planets. What exactly is Grandma searching for?"

With a cheerful smile, Lin Junbao took a sip of tea and replied, "I am also unaware of what your grandmother is searching for. It's shrouded in mystery. Have you not thought to ask her yourself?"

"Ah! Young one, look over there. This planet seems to be absent from our star chart."

Lin Junbao pressed a button on the armrest and said, "Lao Gao, please come here..." After a moment's thought, he pressed another button and continued, "Wenwen, we have discovered an unknown planet. Would you like to join us?" His gentle tone belied his hundred-year-old self.

Lin Qiyong chuckled, saying, "Grandfather, every time I hear you call Grandma...hehe, it's too much for this young one to handle."

Lin Junbao laughed and scolded, "You rascal! Always asking for trouble. Later, I'll have you clean the second chamber... How dare you make fun of even your grandfather!"

Lin Qiyong exclaimed, "Grandfather, you want me to clean the chamber again? Please no! Just now, Young One didn't say anything at all."

In a hurry, Lao Gao entered the room, and Lin Qiyong greeted him, "Hello, Uncle Gao!"

Lao Gao, Lin Junbao's loyal and steadfast companion, once served as the captain of a special mech assault unit. His name was Gao Liansheng, but due to severe injuries, he became a highly disabled individual and retired prematurely.

A tactical mastermind, he had reached the pinnacle of evolution at twelve layers before regressing to seven layers after his injuries.

He smiled and said, "Little Yong, how about we have another contest one day?"

Lin Qiyong raised his hand, clenched his fist, and replied, "Next time, I will definitely win!"

Pointing towards a pale yellow planet on the port side, Lin Junbao asked, "How come this planet is not marked on the star chart?"

Narrowing his eyes, Gao Liansheng carefully observed before turning to check the interstellar map. After a moment, he said, "You're right. This is a new discovery. Should we investigate further or bring the lady of the house along?"

Lin Junbao responded, "I have already called for her. Perhaps she and Yuer are together." He pressed the communication button once again, saying, "Wenwen, would you like to come and take a look?"

"Junbao, stop calling. I'm already on my way... Oh dear, Yuer, what are you doing? I've told you that you can't receive the evolutionary agents yet. Be a good child and listen to Grandma. You'll have to wait until you're eighteen to use the evolutionary agents. Not now."

A person with snow-white hair but the appearance of a young woman in her thirties entered through the spacecraft's hatch. She was none other than Zhong Beiwu, the mistress of this ship. Following closely behind her was a young boy, Lin Qiyu, the youngest grandson cherished by the elderly couple.

With a height of only 165 centimeters, Lin Qiyu possessed a gentle facial structure resembling that of his grandmother. His lively eyes and slender figure gave no hint of how he would develop in the future, as he had not yet received any evolutionary agents.

Lin Junbao chuckled and said, "Yuer, come here to your grandfather."

Lin Qiyu called out, "Hello, Grandfather. Hello, Uncle Gao. Big brother, when will you let me take control once? I'm always piloting on the simulator, it's so boring. It's only exciting when you play for real."

Not only was he daring and mischievous, but he also excelled at flattery among the four children.

Zhong Beiwu carefully examined the star chart and wondered, "This planet is quite peculiar. Analyze its composition."

Lao Gao walked up to the control panel, swiftly pressing the keyboard while saying, "Analyzing... planetary components... primary composition..."

As he spoke, a series of light green numbers sprung up on a transparent glass-like display screen on the side, ascending in a jumping manner.

Lin Junbao exclaimed in surprise, "Oh, the oxygen content is remarkably high. There appear to be water elements and signs of life... This planet is truly peculiar. Wenwen, should we descend and explore?"

Before anyone else could speak, they heard Lin Qiyu shout, "Yes! Finally, I can go and play! Grandfather, Grandmother, I'll go prepare the equipment. This time I must go."

Without waiting for a response, he hurriedly rushed out of the cockpit and went to find Ke Zhenfeng.

Gao Liansheng chuckled and said, "The little one is so impatient. However, Yuer still can't be among the first to descend. Let's ascertain the situation before making a decision."

Lin Qiyong laughed and said, "If Yuer hears Uncle Gao saying that, he'll go crazy for sure."

Lin Junbao smiled and said, "Yonger, don't tease your younger brother. If Yuer starts evolving, you and your brothers might not be able to match him."

Zhong Beiwu stated, "Junbao, what have you turned these children into? Always fighting and battling, not a single calm one among them. I see only Feng'er being the most obedient, always tinkering with various devices in his room... sigh, none of these children are interested in pursuing the profession I studied. Looks like there won't be anyone to carry on after me."

Lin Junbao smugly stroked his beard and slyly winked at Gao Liansheng.

Knowing exactly what their former commander meant, Gao Liansheng smiled faintly and said, "Indeed, sister-in-law, no need for regrets. These children are all outstanding, especially Yuer. Last time, during our simulated confrontation, he almost defeated me. He's even more formidable than Yonger."

Lin Qiyong smirked and said, "Entering the orbital track now, starting the countdown. Four hours and eighteen minutes remaining."

He listened, feeling quite dissatisfied, thinking that it must be Uncle Gao deliberately showing humility.

Lin Qiyu sprinted all the way, following the left passage, heading directly towards the Number One Hangar where the single-pilot combat mecha ships were parked.

Pushing open the hatch, he shouted, "Third Brother! Third Brother! Where are you? Come out quickly!"


The bottom compartment cover flipped up from the ground, revealing a head poking out from below, with a chubby round face smeared with grease and grime.

He said, "Yudie, why are you calling so urgently? Come down here!" Then his head disappeared back inside.

Lin Qiyu swiftly ran to the edge of the hatch, gripping onto its side, and agilely jumped down.

It was a cargo hold of approximately fifteen square meters. It used to be a storage space for spare parts of the mecha ships, but Ke Zhenfeng had transformed it into his own personal workshop, as well as a storage room for various items.

Lin Qiyu was unwilling to remain non-evolved, so he always tinkered with small devices together with Ke Zhenfeng, using them to challenge his older brothers. Over the years, these two youngsters had created quite a number of peculiar and extraordinary gadgets.

Ke Zhenfeng was truly a genius in the field of manufacturing, an eccentric expert in assembling machines. Whatever item fell into his hands would inevitably be transformed in unimaginable ways.

He was particularly close to Lin Qiyu and had made many strange toys for him. When Lin Qiyu heard about the expedition to explore the planet, his first thought was to find Ke Zhenfeng to prepare some equipment.

Lin Qiyu exclaimed with excitement, "Third Brother, we're about to embark on an expedition to an unnamed planet. Help me prepare... Finally, I can go and have fun! Haha, I'm so happy! Will you come along, Third Brother?"

Ke Zhenfeng looked at him skeptically and said, "Yudie, did Grandfather agree to let you go? I hope this won't be another empty excitement. Last time, I prepared everything for you, but you just took a walk on the deck and came back..."

Lin Qiyu retorted, "Bah! Bah! You jinx! This time, I will definitely go! Do you want to know why?"

Curiously, Ke Zhenfeng asked, "Why? Did Grandmother speak in your favor?"

Smugly, Lin Qiyu replied, "No way, Grandma wouldn't do that for me... It's because this planet has oxygen and life, and it was newly discovered by Grandpa and the others. In other words, they can't use the excuse of my non-evolution to stop me anymore. Can you imagine how thrilling that is? Haha, I'm so delighted!"

Ke Zhenfeng knew that last time it was because of Grandfather's remark, "Yuer hasn't evolved yet and can't adapt to the environment of that planet," that sent him back. He had been holding onto that grudge ever since.

Seeing the sparkle in Lin Qiyu's eyes, Ke Zhenfeng didn't want to dampen his spirits and could only say, "Alright! We'll stick to the equipment from last time."

Lin Qiyu said, "You're the best, Third Brother. Oh, Third Brother, hehe, please help me..."

Ke Zhenfeng's small eyes widened immediately, "You little rascal, what mischief are you up to again?"

With his eyes filled with lively energy, Lin Qiyu adopted a pleasing expression and said, "Third Brother! Please bring the kinetic gun we modified last time, the one that can be rapidly fired..."

He discreetly glanced at his brother's face and continued, "And also the high-performance oscillating blade that can extend and retract, as well as those small-sized super-automatic tracking weapons, about the thickness of a finger..."

Ke Zhenfeng's chubby face crumpled into a pout. "Yudie, are you going on an adventure or going to war? If I give you all these weapons and equipment, Grandfather and Grandmother will surely skin me alive! I can't give you all of those, but at most, I can give you an electric energy gun. I'll provide you with the best protective suit and the top-notch helmet scanner. How about that? Oh well, I'll also give you the multi-functional boots!"

Lin Qiyu wailed, "Th-Third... Brother... Waaaah! An electric energy gun? That kind of weapon is only good for shooting sparrows! It's too underwhelming, Third Brother... Please, be a good brother..."

Ke Zhenfeng paid no attention to him and walked over to the metal wall. With a kick of his foot against the bottom, a panel flipped down, revealing a numeric keypad.

He swiftly entered a long string of numbers and casually pressed the confirm button.

"Clang!" The metal wall trembled slightly and slowly slid open, revealing the illuminated interior with fluorescent lights.

Lin Qiyu knew this was his Third Brother's precious storage room. He darted inside and reached out to grab the kinetic gun from the shelf.

Ke Zhenfeng firmly held him back and said, "Yudie, it's not that I don't want to give it to you, but even someone at the sixth level of evolution can't handle this gun. It's too dangerous for you."

With a pained expression, Lin Qiyu pleaded, "Third Brother, then give me another weapon. I don't want the electric energy gun, please, dear brother! Third Brother!"

Ke Zhenfeng was exasperated, but eventually relented. "Alright! Alright! I'll let you take the oscillating blade, but you must promise me not to let Grandfather and Grandmother see it, okay?"

He thought to himself: Although this blade is powerful, it's a melee weapon unlike the kinetic gun, which can attack distant targets. It provides better protection, so even if Grandfather and Grandmother were to discover it, it would be easier to explain.

Although Lin Qiyu was somewhat dissatisfied, he knew that his Third Brother wouldn't agree to his request. With a cunning smile, he said, "Hehe, thank you, Third Brother. Make sure the other items are of the highest quality for me."

Ke Zhenfeng began placing each piece of equipment into a large box. There was the high-performance lightweight armored suit, boasting exceptional impact resistance.

The most remarkable feature of this suit was its biomimetic chameleon-like skin function. By activating the command, its outer layer could mimic the surrounding colors, effectively evading enemy scans.

This was Ke Zhenfeng's proudest creation, something not found anywhere else in the market.

The scanning helmet was another impressive piece. Ke Zhenfeng had installed seven different scanning modes, claiming that with this device, one could even discern the color of a lady's undergarments—undoubtedly a rather eccentric claim.

The multi-functional boots primarily served to enhance running speed, as well as increase jumping and adhesion capabilities. In simpler terms, they were excellent tools for escaping.

Additionally, there were other items, such as the respiratory mouthpiece specially designed for Lin Qiyu. It could extract oxygen from complex gases. A palm-sized water bottle could absorb water molecules from the air, ensuring a reliable source of hydration. There were many other similar gadgets as well.

However, what Lin Qiyu liked the most among them all was the extendable high-performance oscillating blade.

It was a foot-long knife with a silver blade and a black handle. The handle was wrapped in exceptionally fine and strong synthetic threads, intricately woven into beautiful patterns. If needed, it could be unraveled and used as a rope, capable of supporting the weight of an adult.

At the top of the handle, there was a sensor switch. By configuring the recognition signal, only the holder could activate the high-speed oscillations.

If this blade is activated, its oscillating edge can reach up to two meters away, truly formidable.

Ke Zhenfeng packed everything into the lightweight metal box and pushed it into Lin Qiyu's arms. He said, "These are all for you. You don't have to return them next time to save yourself the trouble of constantly asking. However, remember to return the oscillating blade, understood? I still have one unfinished item. You should go back now."

Reluctantly, Lin Qiyu gazed at the kinetic gun and said, "Thank you, Third Brother. I'll go back then."

He picked up the metal box and walked away.

Due to the size of the box blocking his vision, Lin Qiyu stumbled his way back to his own cabin.

Upon entering the cabin door, he lifted his hand and tossed the box onto his large bed.

His room was the largest among all the brothers', but also the messiest. Grandma had once commented that even a dog's kennel would be cleaner than his room. After tidying up a few times for him, Grandma never visited his room again. If she needed something, she would use the communication device to call him out.

Grandma had said, "The day you can't stand it anymore, you have to clean it up yourself."

Lin Qiyu flopped onto the sofa, feeling an unpleasant smell assaulting his senses. He sneezed and discovered it was a smelly sock. He couldn't even be bothered to throw it away. With a grand turn, he lay on his back, contemplating the kinetic gun. "Hmph, not even when I begged you. It seems I'll have to resort to extreme measures. Well, how about this..."

Thinking of his cunning plan, he chuckled out loud, as if victory was already in his grasp.

Suddenly, a flash on the wall revealed Grandma's image on the display screen. "Yuer..."

Startled, Lin Qiyu jumped up from the sofa and muttered softly, "Goodness, that scared me."

He exclaimed loudly, "Grandma, what's the matter?"

With a warm smile, Grandma said, "Be good, Yuer. I'm going to investigate downstairs in a while. You must behave on the spaceship, no mischief, understood?"

Panicking, Lin Qiyu shouted, "Grandma, why won't you let me go... I want to go!"

Grandma chuckled, "Yuer, if your grandfather allows you to go..."

Lin Qiyu flopped back onto the sofa, gripping his hair tightly and wailed through clenched teeth, "Grandfather would never agree! Oh no! My adventure is ruined again..."

He banged his head against the sofa, then suddenly jumped up and said, "Grandma, please be careful. Yuer will patiently wait for all of you..."

Grandma smiled and said, "That's a good child. It's settled then." The screen flickered and automatically shut off.

Finally, Lin Qiyu blurted out his last words, "Yeah, right! Hehe, I'll sneak there myself..."

Lin Qiyu stood obediently by the side of the small landing craft, bidding farewell to Grandma, Eldest Brother, Second Brother, and Uncle Cui Zhiyuan with a cheerful smile. Everyone felt puzzled as to why Little Yuer was behaving so well this time.

Grandfather smiled and said, "Wenwen, be careful, and inform me immediately if anything happens. Cui, have you prepared all the weapons?"

Cui Zhiyuan replied loudly, "Reporting, sir! All preparations are complete. Please give your orders!"

Everyone knew that Cui Zhiyuan used to work as a maintenance worker on the mecha warship. Once, he witnessed his colleagues privately selling parts and warned them about it. As a result, he was framed by his colleagues and brought before a military court.

At that time, Lin Junbao was a special advisor to the military court. He discovered the anomalies in the case and saved Cui Zhiyuan's life. Later, when he became the commander-in-chief of the mecha corps, he reassigned Cui Zhiyuan to serve on his own mecha flagship.

Cui Zhiyuan was a simple and principled man. From then on, he swore to follow his commander-in-chief for life. When Lin Junbao retired, Cui Zhiyuan was the first one he sought out.

Lin Junbao said, "Very well, go ahead and start!"

Cui Zhiyuan saluted and turned to enter the cabin.

Lin Qiying smiled and said, "Yudie, when you evolve, Big Brother will take you out. Behave yourself, haha, goodbye." He also entered the cabin.

With a face full of smiles, Lin Qiyu said, "Thank you, Big Brother!" In his mind, he thought, "Hmph, they dare to bully me because I haven't evolved yet and make sarcastic remarks. I'm not going to be obedient. When the time comes, I'll give them all a fright, haha."

Zhong Beimin walked to the entrance of the cabin, her demeanor revealing a hint of unease. She imparted her words of caution, "Yuer, be obedient, my dear. Grandma will play with you upon her return."

Lin Qiyu assumed the role of an exemplary child and spoke, "Take care, dearest Grandma! Farewell!" He gestured with a wave.

Lin Junbao smiled warmly and uttered, "Yuer, under my watchful gaze, there shall be no troubles. You may depart without worry, dear lady."

Within his heart, Lin Qiyu whispered, "No troubles? How dubious!"

Lin Junbao held onto Lin Qiyu's hand and retreated into the confinement of the cabin. He activated the communicator and addressed, "Lao Gao, assume command."

In a brief span, a feminine voice emanated from the computer.

"Please evacuate the launch channel, commence countdown...

"One minute until launch... Forty-eight... Forty-seven... The channel opens... Twenty-one... Ten, nine, eight... Three, two, one, ignition!"

The small landing craft soared out of the channel akin to a rocket, resounding with its thunderous departure, while the Silver Leopard exploration spacecraft quivered ever so gently.

Lin Qiyu gazed upon their disappearance at the mouth of the channel, his eyes filled with admiration.

Lin Junbao patted Lin Qiyu's shoulder and said, "Yuer, it is time for you to return. The spacecraft will remain in orbit for a while, and you must make the most of this opportunity to diligently pursue your studies. Grandfather shall proceed to the cockpit." He turned and walked away.

Lin Qiyu remained in a daze, watching intently. Suddenly, he snapped out of his reverie, letting out a resounding snap with his fingers. He swiftly turned around and rushed back to his own cabin, reaching for the light-metal box by his bed. He grabbed the helmet scanner without hesitation.

The device was a black circular headband, two fingers in width, designed to be fastened behind the head. On each side, there were small dots that, when pulled out and pressed against the eyebrows, could enhance focus and concentration.

Holding the scanning helmet, Lin Qiyu quietly made his way to Hangar 1, hiding in a secluded corner. He donned the helmet and fixed his gaze upon Ke Zhenfeng's workshop.

After completing a full scan, he discovered that Ke Zhenfeng was not inside. Stealthily, he moved above the cabin and opened a small metal lid. Inside lay a compact cipher machine, upon which he skillfully pressed the keys. With a resounding click, the floor hatch opened.

Chapter 2: Audacious as the Sky

Lin Qiyu glanced around in all directions, ensuring that no one had noticed him. He reached out and grasped the cabin entrance, subtly shrinking his body before leaping inside.

With caution, he securely closed the hatch cover above his head. Excitement coursing through him, he rubbed his hands together eagerly, imitating the mannerisms of his older brother. With a kick to the bottom wall, he watched as the keypad flipped down, unable to contain his delight.

He had long ago memorized the code for the storage room.

Obtaining this code had required considerable effort on his part. He had sought out an identical cipher machine, meticulously distinguishing the different sounds produced by each key. After listening to his older brother press the keys a few times, he had quietly committed them to memory.

He chuckled mischievously and swiftly entered a lengthy series of numbers. The metal door to the storage room slid open silently. Overwhelmed with excitement, he al


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