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Slay the Dragon King

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The mere purpose of her pitiful existence is to end his rule. She is the last of her kind. The last bloodline of the mighty slayer race. Only the ancient slayer race could draw the blood of the mighty conquerors. She has no choice but to bow and obey the orders of the villain behind her back. And the only way for her to get close to that unattainable figure is to enter his palace as one of his royal consort in name. But, she did not expect that the first hurdle of her mission would be the thorny and poisonous flowers that has long been entrenched in her newly wedded husband's back garden.

Chapter 1

Slay the Dragon King

Chapter 1

“Do not forget that you only exist to complete this mission. Failure is not an option.” The cold whisper that brought chills down her spine just the night before keeps on repeating in her head like a torturous nightmare.

Serra opened her heavy lids with fatigue marring the corner of her peach blossom eyes. She barely slept for most of the night due to the threatening words of her adopted mother.

She stood up lazily as the thin white gown on her body swayed lightly with her movements. Her soft white skin that contrasted with her silky black hair seems to glow as she approached the balcony that is now being bathed in an ethereal yellow light.

Her slender and thin figure leaned listlessly on the railings while watching the trickling warm light of dawn that is slowly touching the vast land that stretches out in front of her still sleepy eyes.

She has never been a morning person, but watching the peaceful sight of the break of dawn slightly calmed down her tumultuous emotions that did not abate after a night of thinking.

Serra did not expect that this day would really come. And she would still have no choice, even in her lifelong event, which is exactly the way she has been living her life since she was taken in by her current foster family.

Serra was three years old when she was taken in by the Myr Royal family. She was handed to the queen and grew up under the pressure of following every teachings and training that was given to her without any questions.

Her childhood years that should have been carefree and filled with naivety were drowned in the darkness of the underground training room that was always stained with her blood, sweat and tears.

The citizens of the kingdom would always envy her luck of being adopted in the royal family. They would hail the Myr royal family for their benevolence and kindness. They could only see the glittering jewels and luxurious dresses that adorn her, but they are all blind to the sufferings that she has to go through just to survive to this day.

After celebrating her eighteenth birthday a month ago, the queen did not wait for a second to send a treaty of peace letter to the marching army of the dragon race.

And one of the gifts written inside that letter is her betrothal to the dragon king.

Betrothal sounds nice, but she is just being sent off as one of the numerous concubines that the dragon king has amassed due to the wars that held his race as the winner.

It is not uncommon to send a noble daughter or princess to the general or king of the opposing side of war as long as it could save the predicament of being trampled to the ground by the army of the dragon race.

It has been five years since the human race which is headed by the three great kingdoms went into war with the dragon race. The Myr Kingdom is one of the three great kingdoms.

And along with the Light kingdom and Knight Kingdom, they opposed and angered the dragon race by trying to reach out for the treasures in the deep Arkian Sea that is under the territory of the latter party.

The Arkian Sea is a vast blue green sea dotted with countless islands that has never been ransacked by any foreign race. The home of the dragon race, the Goldcrest Island is at the center of the Arkian Sea.

It is also the most dangerous part of the Arkian Sea as it is surrounded by giant whirlpools and terrifying beasts that are only afraid of the dragon race.

The resources in the numerous islands at the outer line of the Arkian Sea made the three great kingdoms drool in their sleep. They could not stop their greed, especially the experts of each kingdom that have long been stuck in a bottleneck on their path of magic and knighthood.

The three great kingdoms joined together to challenge the majesty of the race known as the king of the skies and seas. And it did not take them long to be pushed to the edges of their territories in the five years that they have been struggling with against the dragon race.

Aside from the first taste of gold that they took in the outer reach of the Arkian Sea, the three great kingdoms only suffered in the following years while battling against the dragon race’s army.

Most of the soldiers of the dragon race’s army are dragon hybrids, born from a dragon and another race. Slavery is very common in their continent, and lower-ranked dragons that could not partner with the stronger and noble female dragons would turn to the other races like humans, elves and demons.

The dragon race has been known for their low fertility due to their abundant strength and magic energy, and there was a time when they almost faced the cruel fate of extinction. At that time, the stubborn elders of all of the dragon clans of the dragon race finally deviated from their stoic thinking and allowed the dragons to mate with the other races.

Of course, the noble dragon families that have always stayed at the top of the dragon race would never allow their descendants to mate with the other races and birth a half-blood.

With the greater fertility of the other races, half-bloods or dragon hybrids were born and was slowly assimilated in the dragon race.

Only pureblood dragons are hatched from an egg, and hybrids are all birthed as babies.

They are weaker than pureblood dragons, and they could not transform into the dragon form of their parents. But, they are born with a body stronger than the demon race, and a lot of them are talented in combat and magic ability, especially the rarer half-bloods of a dragon and an elf.

Their explosiveness could very well be similar to the lower-ranked dragons, only some real geniuses would be able to rise up above the masses to be appreciated by the noble dragons at the top of the dragon race.

One example is the current general of the dragon race army that was appointed to face against the three great kingdoms. General Alkon is a dragon hybrid of a fire dragon and a light elf. He is versed in fire magic and healing light magic that is very valuable in the battlefield.

And with the addition of the dragon hybrids, the dragon race’s population skyrocketed, and the dragon race army was born. After all, only few dragon hybrids would follow to live in the homeland of their mother or father that are from the other races.

Who would not stay at the territory of the strongest race in the continent if they were given the chance due to the privilege of their birth? Even the slaves from the other races felt honored at being favored by the dragons that bought them because of the dragon race’s mighty halo of being the strongest race in the continent.

The three great kingdoms were really blinded by greed to provoke the dragon race, and now they are paying the price for their arrogance of thinking that they could benefit against the strongest race in the continent.

After being pushed to the central parts of their territories by the dragon race army, the three great kingdoms felt the fear of destruction and they immediately sent out an envoy to sound their surrender to the dragon race.

Surrendering in war is easier said than done. The dragon race would not be lenient to the ones that provoked them first, and the three great kingdoms are also aware of this issue.

They took out most of the treasures in their royal coffers that made their hearts bleed with regret, and to further send out their sincerity, the three great kingdoms discussed to send one princess as a gift to the dragon race’s dragon king.

And that unfortunate princess is Serra Myr, the adopted daughter of the queen and king of the Myr Kingdom.

The Light and Knight Kingdom were delighted that the Myr kingdom agreed to their proposition. Although the royal family of the Light and Knight Kingdom has a lot of princesses, they are all their blood, which is different for the Myr kingdom that has an adopted daughter who has been conferred the title of princess at the age of eight.

The king and queen of the Myr kingdom did not hesitate much before agreeing. Compared to the destruction of their kingdom, giving out a princess that has no blood relations to them is an easy thing to do.

This is what the Light and Knight Kingdom thinks, and Serra who has been aware of the machinations of the Myr royal family only smiled at the news of her valiant sacrifice that has been spreading in the mouths of the citizens of the three great kingdoms.

Every decision of the king and queen of the Myr Kingdom since the start before the alliance with the Light and Knight Kingdom to provoke the dragon race has all been for a bigger goal than the known greed for the resources in the outer territory of the Arkian Sea.

In the past, she was naïve and innocent to believe that the king and queen were kind and generous into adopting her and giving her a home. But, in the year that she was given the title of the princess of the Myr kingdom, the queen did not continue to play the good mother in front of her anymore.

With the title of princess, the queen and king used a forbidden magic circle to place a mark on her soul. It is a mark of obedience that would force the marked individual to follow the orders of the caster.

Serra’s life since then is even lower than the slaves that would only be marked by the master and servant mark that would only inflict physical pain once the servant disobeys the orders of their master.

The queen laid out all of her plans bare in front of Serra, and the memories of that day still lingers in the back of her mind, and would float back up to remind her that she is living a life that is purely controlled in the palm of the queen’s hand.

The queen said that Serra’s existence was unexpected, a mistake even, but it was a chance for their Myr royal family to achieve the dreams of their ancestors.

It is a dream that has always been impossible for their measly human kingdom to accomplish.

It is a dream that has been treasured by the ancestors of the Myr clan for generations with utmost secrecy.

It is the dream of slaying a mighty dragon to create an elixir that could allow the frail human body to defy the laws of nature to obtain the god given talents that only the pureblood dragons can get in their birth.

The ancestor of the Myr royal family is a dark magician that is obsessed with creating abominable poisons and priceless elixirs that does not exist in his current time.

The dragon prime elixir is an elixir that was madly researched by the Myr ancestor. He experimented in thousands of beasts with similar features to the dragon race until he perfected the recipe and procedure to make it possible.

But, the main ingredient is actually the entire body of a pureblood dragon, which is merely a wishful thinking for the crazed ancestor.

The Myr ancestor died under the hands of the dragon race when he was found to kidnap a pureblood dragon through nefarious means of using his expertise in poison and drugs.

The dragon prime elixir record was hidden by his descendants, and it stayed hidden in the hands of the Myr royal family until this day.

The Myr clan would have been destroyed in the past if the dragon race caught wind of such an elixir recipe that dares to use their mighty race as the ingredients.

But lady luck seems to shine upon the descendants of the Myr ancestor as they managed to hide and bid their time until they grew into a kingdom that is on par with the Light and Knight Kingdom due to the wealth that came from the treasured elixir recipes of their ancestor.

And after waiting for six hundred years since the death of their ancestor, the king and queen of the Myr kingdom felt the grace of the gods as they discovered the existence of the slayer race.

They found the slayer race bloodline that should have been extinct for thousands of years in the frail body of a three years old child.

And it started the movement of the cogs in their hearts. Any individual would yearn for a greater power that could transcend their own limits.

The description of the dragon prime elixir could entice any living being in the continent.

They would not pass up the chance of obtaining such a priceless treasure, especially with the godsend pieces that they have in their hands.

“The slayer race, an ancient warrior race that could draw the blood of even the mighty dragons huh…”

Serra whispered the deeply engraved words of the queen about her origin the moment the obedience mark was printed in her soul.

A sneer could not help but graze her luscious red lips as she walked back inside the room with her melodious voice flowing out through the breeze.

“I have always known this, but mother is really too ambitious.”

“She speaks as if killing a dragon is the same as cutting cabbages on the roadside.”

Chapter 2

Slay the Dragon King

Chapter 2

In the inner part of the eastern grassland that is under the territory of the Myr Kingdom of the three great kingdoms of the human race, an army camp is stationed at the foot of a sloping hill that faces the twenty-meter tall city wall of the Lore city.

The Lore city is the second largest city of the Myr Kingdom, and it is only two days away on horseback from the royal city.

The sloping hill is only over three thousand meters away from the Lore city, and the army camp that bore the glaring golden claw flag of the dragon race orderly settled in their new accommodation.

It has been five years since they have marched to war against the three great kingdoms, and the dragon claw troop of the four dragon race army which is under the command of general Alkon even took their leisure time to give their opponent some breathing space.

The dragon claw troop that is only fifty thousand strong divided into three groups to co


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