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Rebirth of Puppet Princess

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Constantina, the daughter of Duke Fontaine and fiancee of Crown Prince Andrew, was beheaded on false charges. Unknown to the royal couple, condemnation took place, the prince's infidelity, and the false charges against the duke's daughter. When everything was exposed in broad daylight, the prayers of the people reached the goddess. A fresh start—utilizing the opportunity given to the fullest, each individual begins to move in their own way. All the royalty present at this moment, retaining their memories, went back in time. What kind of future do people desire? In the chaos where mutual expectations and interests intertwine, the Puppet Princess seizes happiness.

Chapter 1

Born as the Duke's daughter, engaged to the Crown Prince, and educated to become the future queen. I was evaluated as a flawless puppet princess, treated not as a living, breathing human. No one cared about my feelings, and even if I spoke, my words fell on deaf ears.

Enough. I'm tired. Do as you please.

I lowered my head, letting his condemning words wash over me. If only this voice had comforted me even once, would things be different? Who is the girl beside him? I, who had memorized the aristocratic directory, didn't recognize any noble lady, so she must be a commoner.

Gazing absentmindedly, I was forcefully pressed against the floor. Despite the soft carpet offering some support, the knight's twisted arm caused pain. The pushed knee had the frills of my skirt digging in, and the cheek that met the impact was likely bruised.

"For tormenting the woman I love, there's no way out for you! Die and atone!" Andrew said viciously.

The knight following the Crown Prince's orders forcibly pulled my body, said to be a lady's example. My arm hurt terribly. My shoulder seemed to pop out, causing a tremor from the intense pain. Still, they made me walk, and within the long skirt's hem, my shoes came off, leaving me barefoot. What was the meaning of handling me so roughly when I wasn't resisting?

"Wait! Tina is—" I heard an old voice in the distance.

Wasn't that voice my older brother? It's been a while since I heard his voice. Don't grieve so much. The Joubert royal family won't destroy the Fontaine ducal family. So, my brother is safe, abandoning me is fine.

Live for the family, die for the family. I've been taught to do so. There are no regrets or lingering attachments. No, that's not true. I did my best to live, proudly boasting of my efforts, so I have no regrets. But there's lingering attachment.

I wanted friends. If only I had a best friend with whom I could share anything, I wonder if I could cry even in this situation. I wanted to be loved by my family. Not for the family's sake, but for myself. And then... I wanted to live freely, not becoming the Crown Prince's fiancée, behaving tomboyishly, running barefoot on the grass, wanting to own a dog, and wanting to dance with someone other than the Crown Prince.

In the courtyard of the dragged-out royal palace, my long hair was rudely cut. Oh, are you going to kill me in this place? There's a fountain, so you can wash away the blood. And you want to get rid of me before King and Queen, right?

My right shoulder is numb and unmovable, but forced to kneel, my shortened golden hair was pulled as my face was raised. At the top of the stairs, many nobles were lined up. How curious, watching an execution only causes nightmares for me. In the center, a woman leaned against my former fiancé, the Crown Prince, with a grin on her face.

Fufu, I'll remember that. You're the culprit. Thank you for releasing me. I smiled. Immediately after, the cold touch on my neck and a slight pain were my last memories.

I hope my head that should have rolled is not too painful. Goodbye, Crown Prince, whom I couldn't love. I release you from the curse of the puppet princess.


.... ....

A sudden jolt. It felt as if I had fallen from a deep sleep, my heart pounding loudly, resonating through the bed. Slowly opening my eyes revealed the familiar canopy of my bed and the dimly lit room. Strange, considering I was supposed to have been beheaded.

Awkwardly moving my limbs, I struggled to sit up, only to collapse again due to a wave of nausea. Anemia? I thought I had already been treated for that. The unpleasant feeling, akin to crumbling from the tips of my limbs, brought back memories. Until three years ago, I frequently fainted due to anemia.

The exclusive maid, Alice, entered the room and drew the curtains. Glancing back at me, she wore a surprised expression. If I hadn't been wrong, and assuming she was still a novice when she became my exclusive maid, did I travel back in time? Or was the future where I faced execution just a dream?

"You're awake? Good morning, lady." it's young female voice.

"Good morning... Did you wake me up?" I puzzled.

"Are you feeling unwell again? I'll prepare the powder the doctor provided."


Keeping my words brief, I observed Alice. She was my personal maid and a senior servant. She was supposed to stay with me even after I married into the royal palace... but she acted as if nothing happened. Was it all just a dream? Yet, I remember the cold sensation of the blade touching my neck.

I touched my neck with my hand to confirm that it was still there. There were no marks on the touched skin. Gently moving my right shoulder, there was no pain. It felt unreal that I was hit with intense pain when my right shoulder was roughly handled, as if it had dislocated at that time.

With the help of Alice, who prepared medicine and water, I leaned against the bedhead. The numerous cushions lined up were for this purpose—to lean on and take a breather. Staring at the offered medicine, I put it in my mouth. I grimaced at the bitter taste while washing it down with water.

This is quite an old medicine. The ones I took towards the end were sweetened.

Alice quickly gathered the curtains while turning around. She wore a soft smile, bowed, and said, "Happy birthday, lady. You've turned thirteen."

The specific numbers in a familiar phrase. I was too surprised to even speak. I just nodded vaguely. Not changing my expression was normal for me. Alice didn't seem suspicious at all. I sighed in relief. If I mentioned having dreams of the future, I'd probably be thought of as crazy.

"I'll assist you with your preparations, so please let me know when you've settled down."

With practiced ease, she lined up combs and cosmetics and prepared a towel to wipe my face. Afterwards, she brought in a dress prepared in advance for the occasion. The dress hung on a mannequin, still covered with fabric. It was a surprise not shown to me until my birthday.

But I already knew. It's a red dress. A high-quality silk dress with beautiful drapes. The color was chosen by the Crown Prince, but it didn't suit me, as my anemic complexion didn't go well with red. With my luxurious blonde hair and green eyes, this color would have suited me perfectly. But he never noticed me; he never knew.

"Miss, it's a dress bestowed by the Crown Prince."

The fabric unveiled, revealing the familiar shade of red. Yes, it was repeating just as in my memories. Then Alice brought in a jewelry box.

I know this too. A luxurious necklace made of goldwork and numerous pearls. My father purchased it because the pale pink pearls were rare and expensive. My older brother ordered matching earrings.

Mother passed away two years ago, and I remained a puppet princess. If I were a woman with a lovely smile like Mother's, would I have been loved?

"Please take a look. It's a wonderful accessory."


I lightly stroked the gift, which was elaborate but lacked heartfelt sentiment.

Chapter 2

I am asking tentatively.I tightened the corset around my waist and donned the dress—wearing wouldn't be the right term. I stepped into the triangular skirt hanging on the mannequin as it was, wrapped the bodice of the two-piece dress around me, and finally pulled over the part that hung on my shoulders.

Despite not desiring it, having multiple maids help me don the elaborate garment seemed to be the pride of a high-ranking noble's daughter. All the buttons were arranged at the back. Donning a dress you couldn't put on by yourself apparently proved the status of a noblewoman. Although I wanted to roll on the grass in a comfortable cotton dress where stains wouldn't matter... as a duke's daughter, that was nothing more than a distant dream.

While the maid attempted to fasten the final button at the back, I suddenly noticed. In the future within my dream, She struggled with the last button and ended up being scolded. In her haste, she dropped the b


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