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Orion 1: The Ninth Goddess in Rigel

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Hundred years ago, in the Orion Constellation, there are 9 fairies who maintain the balance of darkness and light were disturbed due to the birth of a sin committed by the sister fairies-Yvette and Vixon. That was in the knowledge of the inhabitants of Rigel and every planet in Orion believed that that was the event, but over the course of a hundred years, a mystery enveloped them all. Following Yvette's disappearance, news spread about the awakening of the tenth fairy from the Pandora Box prison. At the same time, mortals had a desire for forbidden sealed powers and what made the situation worse was the loss of Princess Lithuania-the healer user and the celestial lady-and the loss of several sealed powers. It doesn't just end there, with the return of what they thought was Princess Lithuania. In the other world, far from Rigel, is a planet called Earth. A badass girl named Letizia Naih Montefalco, who grew up under the power of nuns has a magical necklace that will lead to her death. As he became aware of the new world that opened up to him, speculations began. Upon his arrival in the world of Rigel, will it be the answer to all mysteries and secrets? And what can he do to get back to Earth?

Chapter 1

Letizia Zarnaih Montefalco povs:

Take care of that necklace, Zia. You must never sell or give away no matter how difficult the situation is. That is your only key to the life you seek, your parents, love and destiny -

I woke up to the loud sound of the clock.

"I had a dream about Mother Superior. Haysh, I miss her so much," I just sighed and wiped away the drop of tears that fell from your eyes.

"This morning, Zia, you were dramatizing, haysh," I disobeyed myself and immediately went to the bathroom to take a shower.

7:00 a.m

We have a field trip class today. And our teacher chose to go to Baguio. Yes! Finally can also wander in far-away places.

At 8:30 am we will be picked up at our respective houses. After 9:30 am, the bus leaves for our destination which is a 5 hour flight.

"Zia hija hurry up there or you might be late." I heard Mother Lorelie instruct.

"Yes, I'm almost done. Just a moment, mother," I replied.

When I remembered my recurring dream, I heard the poem again.

A bright star

Falling from space

A brilliant world

The one who can change fate

In the eleventh month of the year

With the opening of a new generation

Eight elements of time

A mighty one will rise

A diamond necklace

His protection is gigantic

Her beauty is elegant

The three princes will be divided

I left the cr as soon as I finished, but I could still hear the poem.

Tried to ignore it but still it's making my headache. "What's going on? Sh*t!" I exclaimed.

I looked at the light coming from my necklace. It's a literally pure diamond. But... How did it happen that it brightened just for a moment.. Or maybe I'm cullinating.

I quickly got dressed and tried to push away whatever was on my mind.

"Arggh!" I screamed and grabbed my head because I couldn't stop the pain and pain caused by the continuous flow of the poem in my mind that something has been mentioned.

I couldn't hear the noise around me anymore and I didn't realize that the nuns had entered your room full of worry.

"Letizia, hija-oh my God, what happened to you?" she immediately attended to me.

"M-mother Lorelie, please help me. I-I can't... " I begged and my grip tightened on mother Lorelie who hugged me.

It's three in the morning

It's the last time

After dawn

In this world will be separated

It's your time

dear princess

Face the destiny

As you set

"You can do it hija, you can do it. Get rid of whatever is troubling your mind. If you want to, you can do it. We are here. Trust in God." giving me courage.

I don't know how long I stayed in that situation but I heard from them that I passed out after they did some spiritual healing.

"Hija, your school bus is here. Are you sure you can do it, huh?" said Mother Lorelie.

I looked at him and nodded. "I'm fine mother.. I can do it. Maybe it's just my bad dream," I replied to her as I took my bag and approached her.

I hugged her tightly. "Thank you so much mother... Take care, I will miss you," I said before releasing the hug.

She faced me and held me by both shoulders. "I'm nervous about you, it's like you're saying goodbye," she said meaningfully, I just smiled sparingly.

"Mother, of course I'm leaving and will be gone for three days. I'm going to miss you so much." I said, she just laughed at me.

"Aigo, aigo. Get off now, the bus is waiting for you," she said to me.

Maybe it was just a dream. I also don't understand why I felt sad when I left. It's not the first time I've been away from them.

I didn't bring the whole house in my luggage. I brought 9 pairs of clothes to wear every day, hygiene, bible, books, foods, emergency kit and my iPhone unlike other classmates who brought almost the whole house. Asusual they are rich so no worries. They already carry that.

I boarded the bus. And for the last time I waved to the nuns in the convent as a sign of farewell.

The door closed and the bus started to move. I looked around and looked for a place to sit.


"Hi Leti! Here, here we are!" I heard my rich kid friend Miriam or better to call Mie-Mie call me. I went to her direction and sat next to her chair. I've heard loud noises, these are ambitious loud brat classmates; Stacey, Tiffany, and Romina.

"Hi Mie-mie!" I greeted and ignored the people in the back seats of the bus.

"It's good that you're allowed," she told me when I put my sling bag on the floor.

"Sure, why not. They are kind and they have a lot of trust in me." I told her. During the flight, Mei-mei and I talked constantly. Eat, talk and sleep.

I stunned when my phone vibrated. I opened it to read. "Maybe they message mother Lorelei," I said.

Instead of messages from nuns, there are messages from classmates. What kind of trip do they have with me?

Tiffany: If I were you, I would stay away from that Miriam. Before I perish.

Stacey: hmm, it sounds danger, blood and death.

I frowned at their chat. These witches, they even add me in their rotten group chat.

Me: What else do you need and you're just getting started!?

Romina: If we were the only ones you made friends with, we wouldn't make you plastic. I hope you have no regrets in the end.

Me: That's why I didn't friend you because I know your colors girls.

Romina: Tsk, it's obvious you're really stupid. It's smart, it's stupid.

Tiffany: I will give you a clue... D is for Danger. M is for Mad.

I just didn't pay attention to their chats anymore. But I looked behind them and Stacey was just passing by and stopped next to me.

"You better not to wear precious things, Letizia. It attracts thief's eyes." she said as she walked away and played the song 'Shine bright like a diamond'.

"Leave them alone Leti, they are just jealous of you." hear what Miriam said to me. So I turned to her again. She smiled at me... But unlike her previous smile to me... Now I feel nervous about her.

Chapter 2

Letizia's POV:

The bus stops at stations such as gasoline stations, malls. So the trip takes longer. Especially when the arte of your companions, devil!

"Is there no one to buy?" Our teacher asked us.

"No more," we all answered.

"Are you all ready?" he asked again to which we answered 'yes'.

Our car is going up the zigzag road, it's around three in the afternoon. After turning the bus suddenly blocked us so the bus driver braked quickly. At the same time, not many cars pass here. Shemay... What is this?!

Descending men in black immediately surrounded us. The others put us inside the bus and pointed a gun at us.

Someone fired a gun from outside and we felt our car shake. A sign of a flat tire.

"Gosh! Holdapers!!!!" screamed the girls in the class.

"If it's really lucky.. Rich people will be worshiped." grinned a holdapers wearing sunglasses.

They drag


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