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Nine Skies: Divine Demon Transformation

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I sought to become a god, only to discover in the end that I was born a demon! I aspired to save the world, only to realize in the end that I had been destroying it with my own hands! I told you: brothers, together through life and death! Yet, in the end, you stabbed me in the back! You claimed to love me, only to reveal in the end that you had been using me all along!

Chapter 1


In the year 2012, during the Earth's apocalypse, the ancient demon descended, causing the melting of polar ice caps and continental drift. With the onset of the great war between gods and demons, drifting lands began to merge and border, leading to frequent wars as hostile nations found themselves adjacent, ultimately triggering the Third World War.

Despite the joint efforts of Eastern and Western gods in battling the demon, they couldn't vanquish it entirely. The demon's essence was shattered by the gods, sealed in five locations across three major dimensions, each guarded by an ancient artifact.

Witnessing the turmoil on Earth after the demon's sealing, the gods, with supreme power, divided the planet into two halves, separated by an endless sea—the Eastern Continent and the Western Continent—thus quelling the Third World War.

After the war between gods and demons, the world was in disarray. The story begins in the new era, in the year 1150...

Chapter 001: Nightmare

It was a night with a full moon.

In the deep, pitch-black mountains with treacherous peaks, an ancient forest exuded an eerie atmosphere. All the trees resembled lifeless skeletons, and occasional roars of fierce beasts echoed from within, sending shivers down one's spine. The tranquil moon slowly traversed the sky, casting dim light, intensifying the horror of the forest.

At this moment, deep within the forest, a man and a woman hurriedly traversed the ground covered in yellowing leaves. A young maid-like girl accompanied them, holding a crying infant in her arms. The cold wind cut through, leaving the towering trees, flora, and fauna behind them.

The trio was exhausted and covered in wounds, especially the man. His pale face had a tinge of gray, and his body was drenched in fresh blood. A gaping wound on his chest continued to bleed. Despite such severe injuries, the man's expression remained remarkably calm, as if an innate composure emanated from his very core. No matter how extensive the trauma, even in the face of death, he maintained an extreme calmness. The woman, having suffered only minor injuries, held the man's cold hand, gasping for breath as they fled.

A couple of hundred meters behind the trio, a white-haired old man, covered in wounds, relentlessly pursued. Images of him, resembling a tattered specter, darted through the forest. His imposing aura suppressed the entire forest like a mountain, and sword lights descended from the sky, startling countless birds and beasts, turning everything in their path into dust.

Leading the way, the old man forged ahead, while numerous figures closely followed in his wake...

"Lady, as far as I know, the Despair Cliff lies ahead, and there's no way out. Yang Tian will catch up soon. Let's split up now—you take Mingyue and the child and go, while I divert Yang Tian's attention," the man forcibly sealed the wound on his abdomen again and decisively spoke to the woman beside him.

With a sorrowful smile, the beautiful woman's face, filled with pain and reluctance, replied, "Husband, we once vowed to live and die together. How could I leave you alone? Besides, there's no way ahead!"

The man's face turned ashen, and his voice trembled slightly, "Lady, if you take the child and go, there's still a chance for survival. If it's just you, I'm afraid you won't make it back alive."

"Don't even think about running away! Your lives will end here!" a furious shout echoed from the front, and thirty or forty masked experts surrounded the trio.

A cold gleam flashed in the man's eyes, and the woman protected the maid and child by her side.


Instantly, the entire scene erupted in chaos. Waves of energy surged like a raging sea, destroying everything in its path. An irregular shockwave swept the surroundings, reducing flora and fauna to dust.

"Mingyue, take the child and run! The farther, the better!" The man repelled three enemies with a single sword stroke, loudly instructing the maid.

As the man spoke, the beautiful woman produced a scroll. She tossed it towards Mingyue, and the entire space shimmered with golden light. The surrounding area vibrated irregularly, and after a moment of blurred vision, a massive black hole appeared in front of Mingyue.

Facing the sudden appearance of the black hole, the masked individuals who were about to surround Mingyue abruptly halted, terror evident on their faces. Then, they swiftly retreated.

Mingyue stared at the rotating black hole, seemingly poised to devour time and all existence.

"Young Master, Miss, take care! Mingyue will surely fulfill your trust and take good care of Xiaoa!" Tearfully bidding farewell to the couple in the midst of the fierce battle, Mingyue gritted her teeth, leaped, and jumped into the black hole.

The black hole seemed to reveal countless monstrous faces, roaring with ferocious expressions, as they rushed toward the maid. The black hole instantly engulfed everything, turning all into nothingness...


In a simple room, a dark-skinned youth suddenly awoke from a dream, sitting up abruptly. Shaking all over, his lips quivered, and his entire body was covered in sweat.

"Feng'er, another nightmare?" At this moment, a beautiful young woman entered, limping as she walked. She pushed the door open, quickly grabbed a white towel from the table, and sat beside the bed, wiping the sweat from the youth's forehead. The tenderness she showed toward her son was evident.

The young woman looked remarkably young, with fair skin. If one only observed her face, she exuded an air of nobility. However, in stark contrast, her surroundings were modest, and she wore inexpensive clothes, supporting herself with a crutch.

Lin Feng regained his composure, somewhat traumatized. "Mom, it's that dream again—about a couple being pursued by many masked people. You were holding a crying baby, and you jumped into a black hole. Mom, why do I keep having the same dream?"

Chu Yuxiang, looking at her son's anxious expression, smiled faintly. "Child, you keep having this dream because the fear from it lingers in your heart. It's like losing someone important; due to longing, you often dream of similar situations. Well...don't overthink it. It's just a dream. Come on, get up and wash your face. You'll feel better."

"Mom..." Lin Feng furrowed his brows, trying hard to recall something. He continued, "Mom, in my dream, I always feel like the baby you were holding is me. Moreover, this time, the feeling was exceptionally vivid. Also, I saw the faces of that couple, and Mom, in my dream, I feel like I am the son of that couple, and you were their close maid."

Chu Yuxiang paused for a moment, her eyes revealing a hint of unnoticed astonishment. "It's just a dream."

"Right. Today is crucial!" Lin Feng suddenly perked up. "Mom, don't worry. I will definitely get into Norton University, the world's top university! After all, there's an important event today!"

After finishing his meal, Lin Feng addressed Chu Yuxiang, "Mom, rest assured. Your son will

surely achieve something extraordinary and make you proud!"

Chu Yuxiang couldn't help but smile warmly, her eyes filled with pride and encouragement. "Feng'er, I believe in you. Go, and may success be with you."

Lin Feng nodded determinedly, took a deep breath, and walked out of the room with a resolute expression.

Today was indeed an extraordinary day for Lin Feng. It was the day of the entrance examination for Norton University, the most prestigious institution in the world.

Lin Feng walked out of the humble dwelling, took a deep breath of fresh air, and set out for the examination venue with firm steps. The dreams that haunted him in the night were temporarily pushed to the back of his mind. Today was a new beginning, and he was determined to seize the opportunity.

As Lin Feng disappeared into the distance, the simple room seemed to regain its tranquility. However, the mysterious dreams and the hidden secrets within them lingered, casting a shadow over the calm surface of their lives.

And so, Lin Feng embarked on a journey that would unfold mysteries, challenge fate, and lead him to a destiny intertwined with the echoes of a distant and magical past.



In a modest room, a dark-skinned teenager suddenly woke up from a dream, sitting up abruptly. He trembled all over, his lips quivering, and due to the fright, his whole body was covered in sweat.

"Feng'er, did you have another nightmare?"

At this moment, a beautiful young woman heard the sound, pushed the door open, limped to the table, quickly grabbed a white towel from it, sat by the bed, and wiped the sweat from the teenager's forehead. It was evident how affectionate the young woman was toward her son.

The young woman looked very young, with fair skin. If one only looked at her face, she exuded an air of nobility. However, in stark contrast, her surroundings were modest, and she wore inexpensive clothes, supporting herself with a crutch.

Lin Feng gradually calmed down and, with lingering fear, said to the young woman, "Mom, it's that dream again. A couple is being chased by many masked people, and you, Mom, are holding a baby in your arms, jumping into a black hole. Mom, why do I keep having the same dream?"

Chu Yuxiang looked at Lin Feng, who was still in shock, and gently smiled, "Child, you keep having this kind of dream, so you're frightened, and that fear lingers in your heart. That's why you keep having the same dream. It's like when you lose someone important, due to longing, you often dream of similar situations. Well...don't overthink it. It's just a dream. Get up and wash your face. You'll be fine."

"Mom..." Lin Feng frowned, trying hard to remember something, then continued, "Mom, in my dream, I always feel like the baby you were holding is me. Moreover, this time, that feeling is particularly vivid. And I saw the faces of that couple this time. Mom, I always feel like in the dream, I am the son of that couple, and you, Mom, are their personal maid."

Chu Yuxiang was momentarily stunned, a hint of unnoticed surprise flickering in her eyes. "It's just a dream," she said afterwards, lightly smiling, sitting beside Lin Feng, completely avoiding delving into this topic. She then patted Lin Feng's shoulder and said softly, "Look at the time. Get up quickly. The school's notice has arrived today, and you have a lot to do."

Lin Feng didn't understand why every time he had this kind of nightmare, his mom avoided discussing the topic. Lin Feng didn't ask much. Perhaps, it really was just a dream.

"Right. There's an important event today!"

Lin Feng suddenly became spirited. "Mom, rest assured, your son will definitely get into Norton University, the world's top university!"

After finishing his meal, Lin Feng said to Chu Yuxiang, "Mom, there's definitely going to be a celebration and fellowship event at school today. I might not be back until the evening."

"Well, I'll cook some good dishes for you tonight."

With the highly developed economy and continuous progress of human civilization, the wealth gap has been growing larger. In every city, there are slums and affluent areas. The people in the civilian areas live at the bottom of society, while the wealthy enjoy a superior life.

This is a civilian area, where the buildings are all dilapidated, and the streets are lined with small eateries or rows of hair salons. In front of these salons sit several women, heavily made up, with enticing looks, throwing provocative glances at passersby.

In the evening, Chu Yuxiang covered her face with a veil, went out to buy groceries, and after buying them, intentionally bypassed several streets before returning to the rented house. She began to cook for her son.

"Hello." At this time, Chu Yuxiang received a phone call, and when she saw the familiar name, her heart tightened.

"Mingyue, come back to Lingyun Mountain immediately tonight. As for Feng'er, our people are protecting him very well. I'm worried about you." The voice on the phone was neutral, and it was impossible to discern whether it was male or female, but the voice was magnetic and very pleasant.

"Is it very serious?"

"Not very serious, but there are many more people coming this time than last time. There are over thirty people on the enemy's side, and their cultivation is very high. As you know, my cultivation has not yet been completed, and I can't leave seclusion. All the manpower has been sent to protect Feng'er. Seventeen people on the enemy's side were already killed last night, and everything is under my control. But just in case, you should come back."

"Alright, I understand. I'll be back tonight."

"Hmm... these years have been tough on you."

"Don't say that. If it weren't for your care these years, I'm afraid both Feng'er and I would have lost our lives a long time ago."

"By the way, it seems that Feng'er has been admitted to Norton University. I know this is Feng'er's dream, but as his master, there's nothing I can do to help him. Mingyue, don't let him leave Taiyuan County. If he leaves Taiyuan County, I won't be able to protect him."

"I understand."

After hanging up the phone, Chu Yuxiang's face turned pale.

Lin Feng walked out of the school, and it was already dusk. He hailed a taxi and headed towards the direction of the civilian area.

As the vehicle just left, two middle-aged men in black suits emerged from a corner not far away. Their gaze was sharp, and their expression unusually cold.

The person on the left squinted his eyes, staring at the direction the taxi was heading. He questioned, "Junior brother, is he the one with the dragon's veins? Why does he look like an ordinary person? Nothing like it at all!"

The person on the right said, "I also think so, but the family's information can't be wrong! For more than a decade, the family has sent out more than a dozen groups of experts to assassinate him, and our people all ended up with no news. Don't underestimate this guy!"

"Humph! The kid's dragon veins haven't awakened at all, not much of a threat! The key is the force behind him. This time, we won't let him escape!"

"Yes, tonight, we'll make him vanish in smoke!"


Chapter 2

Chapter 002: Let's Break Up

"Mom, I'm back!"

When Lin Feng returned, it was already late in the day. As soon as he entered, he rushed to hug Chu Yuxiang, panting with excitement. "Mom, I got into Norton University. I was planning to call and tell you, but I wanted to surprise you in person. Mom, were you worried about me all day? Haha..."

Seeing the genuine joy and happiness in her son and his excitement, Chu Yuxiang tightly hugged him. She turned her face, wearing a bitter smile, feeling a pang in her heart.

"Feng Er! Look at you, you're covered in sweat. Go take a shower. Mom has prepared dinner, we can chat while we eat."

"Alright, Mom, wait for me." Lin Feng eagerly rushed into the bathroom, humming a song happily. Buckets of cold water poured over his athletic body, revealing a dozen or so scars of various sizes. These scars were the result of Lin Feng's fights


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