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My Wonder System

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Frank Hart lived a peaceful life with his mother in the lonely town called Marble, he had most of the things he needed and life didn't seem to be harsh on him without a father. Deep in the forest of Marble town was an underground settlement but it was abandoned. The body of a tyrant was buried beneath it, but it wasn't locked up forever as the duration of the spellbinding the tomb was complete, the beast lord broke out and along with his ugly beasts turned the world into a state of dilemma. Frank had to flee along with his mother into one of the few refugee camps that the humans had. There was a war, a war between humans and the beast lord, with the population of humans declining Frank was forced to go to war. With no experience at all on how to fight, he struggled until he was at the point of death. "Is this how it ends for me?" Frank grunted as he pulled himself across the hard floor. A drop of blood fell from his forehead and landed on the blue necklace on his neck, a gift from his mother. The necklace began to glow and at that point, he lost consciousness. [ System Active ] [ You have obtained the wonder system ]

Great Goalkeeper

Marble town was a lonely town where people lived side by side, the houses were joined together in rows, it was built this way by the people so that no one would feel isolated or left out of the small town.

"Mom, I'm heading to school!" Frank yelled inside the house as soon as he got to the stairs leading down.

That was one of the features of the houses in Marble town, you had to climb about ten steps before getting to someone's doorstep.

"Have you taken your lunch?"

A middle-aged woman came out of the house with a paper bag filled with food in her hands.

"I told you, mom, I can manage with the cafeteria food?" Frank said, sounding annoyed.

His mum always took up the task of making lunch for him before he left for school, but Frank felt like his mum shouldn't stress herself since they had food in their cafeteria.

"Oh, so you prefer the nonsense over my food now?"

"No, I didn't say that," Frank said. "Ahh just give it to me."

He collected the bag from her mother who showed her appreciation with a smile.

"I love you," Jessica said, kissing her son on the cheek.

"I love you too mum," Frank said and quickly ran off to school.

Frank entered the classroom, he was always on time as most of his classmates and their teacher wasn't in class yet.

"Always early Blondie." Frank turned to find the last person he wanted to see this morning.

Christiana was Frank's classmate who loved teasing and making fun of him, he wasn't by any means short or small but the girl just sees him as the best to catch some joke with.

"You know you are also blonde and also come early," Frank said.


"I think you should rephrase your words to yourself."

"Yeah, like you can make me." She said walking off to her seat.

Unfortunately for Frank, the one person who happened to be his problem had a seat in front of him.

'Here we go again.'

Frank walked to his seat and dropped his bag there.

"Where are you going blondie?"

"I've told you my name is Frank and wherever I'm going is none of your business," Frank said and marched towards the door but he was stopped by someone.

"Franko what's up," Carl said, hitting Frank on his shoulder.

Carl was Luis' best friend, but when looking at these two you wouldn't think they belong together.

Frank the brilliant one who is loved by almost all the teachers and Carl the strong and tall one who seems to use his brain less often.

But somehow they managed to end up together and bonded well, something brought them together and that was their love for football.

Carl the great defensive rock and Frank the master between the sticks.

"I'm okay," Frank replied, rubbing his shoulder.

'That really hurt.'

"Where are you heading to?"

"I need to head to the bathroom, I'll be back," Frank said, running into the hallway.


The bell for lunch break was heard as the students started to exit the class.

Frank was heading to the cafeteria along with Carl who couldn't stop looking at the bag he was holding.

"Is that your mum's cupcakes in there?" Carl asked.

"Yeah, I guess…"

Before he could finish his sentence Carl had grabbed the bag and taken a seat in the cafeteria.

He tore the bag up and stuffed one of the cupcakes into his mouth.

"Wow, your mom's cupcakes are the best," Carl said with her mouthful. "Don't ever think of coming to school without these."

"Yeah, but it takes time and someone has to wake up early to make them," Frank said.

"Then wake up early and, no, make sure she wakes up early to make them," Carl said.

Frank shook his head, there was no need to explain to him, it's not like he's going to understand.

"Are you ready for today's training?" Carl asked.

"Yes, you?"

Carl nodded as his eyes glanced at the last cupcake on the table which belonged to Frank.

"Ahhh just take it," Frank said, already aware of what he was about to ask.

After having their lunch the duo headed to the pitch where they would be having their training.

The pitch was divided into two parts for the training, the male football team, and the female football team.

The girls weren't on the pitch yet but the boys were going to start with their normal drills.

After that they moved on to the shooting practice with Frank between the sticks, the ball was placed a little bit away from the eighteen-yard box and all the players were asked to try and score Frank from there.

He was able to stop all the balls except the one coming from their star striker.

Finally, it was time for Carl to take his own shot.

"You have to be fast for this one Franko!"

"I know!" Frank said, pulling his gloves down to make them feel comfortable on his hands.

Carl took a few steps backward and then came forward, released his foot towards the ball and it came flying towards Frank's goal post, heading for the high angle.

Frank was fast on his feet and dived towards the ball, it was only with the tips of his fingers that he was able to push the ball away from the goal post and over the bar.

"Woa!" Carl screamed as he shook his head.

The coach blew his whistle and began to clap his hands as he approached Frank.

"You are getting better Mr. Hart, keep this up and we will win the school inter trophy for the second time in a row." Mr. Lewis said.

Christiana had entered in time to witness Frank's great save and they were chattering among themselves now.

"I wish he was in the female team." One of the girls said.

This was enough to spark up a reaction in Christiana who was the female team goalkeeper.

"What did you say?" She asked looking at the girl her eyes screaming murder.

"It was just a statement Christi you are good too." The girl said, smiling nervously.

Before Christiana could do anything she ran off with her friends to the other side of the pitch.

With a sigh, Christiana turned to look at Frank who was now surrounded by his teammates.

'You are good, but don't expect me to tell you that.' She thought before walking off to join her teammates.

The boys' team was cheerful as Coach Lewis had just given them good news.

"I can't wait for tomorrow," Carl said to Frank.

"It's just a hike through the woods," Frank said.

"And heck it's going to be a fun one."

"Let's wait for tomorrow and see."

Luis said, looking off towards the girls' side of the pitch.

Glowing Necklace

Everyone in the boys' football team was happy and couldn't wait for coach Lewis to arrive so that they would head out for their hike through the woods.

They were allowed to skip class today for the hike which was also a part of physical training for the team.

While they were waiting for Coach Lewis on the pitch Frank was having a little chat with his best friend and they were talking about what they thought the hike was going to be like.

"Do you know what makes a hike really worth it?" Carl asked.

"Sightseeing," Frank answered.

"No silly, the delicious goodies you bring along."

'Of course, it had to be food.' Frank thought.

"Hope you brought those delicious cupcakes with you?"

"Yes," Frank said pulling the rope on his backpack.

"Hey, I think Coach Lewis is coming." One of the students said.

"Yeah, and who are those with him?"


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