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Love and Mysteries in World of Desires Cities of Lovecraft

Love and Mysteries in World of Desires Cities of Lovecraft

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Embark on a world of conspiracy and anthologies of werewolf tales, between vampires and hybrids, as well as tales of wars, conflicts, love, seduction, the struggle of lust and sex, between those most interested in maintaining power, involving conflicts and the strength of their bodies. The fights, the wars, the battles for power and control over their bodies, from their enemies to their loves and lovers, between the conspiracies between werewolves and vampires, tales of pleasure, sex and seduction intrigues, a world of passion in which they revolve around a large clan, struggles of love, power, control and the strength of dragons, which show the wars and lives of lords of the main house. In which it shows the lives of each of the clans, their conspiracies, games of pleasure, power and seduction, stories of werewolves, vampires and disputes for control of the mafia and cities, where everything can attract power between those of supernatural beings between the vampires and the werewolves and their clans, involved in their conspiracies, the great group of Casa Nostra, a story of desires, yearnings and the secrets of the mob bosses of darkness, among the creatures of chaos and order. All involved between the conspiracies of businesspeople, crime lords, in which they live in the city of Italian origin, in addition to betrayals and conflicts between the inhabitants of the city and the world of Lovecraft County.

Chapter 1

So, City of Lovecraft County.

New Pleasures Italy.

Italian quarter of the city.

New Roma

More than 10 years ago.

Between the hybrid clan wars, Beatrice's husband died in a wine factory fire.

In what everyone believed was a conspiracy between the mafia wars and the ancient hybrid clans, they were rivals.

According to intrigues and rumors that spread, everyone believed that it was a unique way to get rid of the man who was in the way of business and the mafia's plans, in which if he was not in the way, being vampires and werewolf hybrids.

Since these families, whose clans descended from Beatrice's family, since this woman was considered a woman without virtues, she would not be weak, just leaning on, unlike her sister, from whom she stole her husband, according to rumors, who were criminals, would not stand in their way.

One thing was for sure, the other main hybrid clan among the werewolf families, among the power struggles between the vampire clans, in which each of the heirs in which a descendant in which one of them would be chosen as a chosen heir who would inherit the power of what would become of his father, before he died of grief.

Between the descendant clans of Ryujin and Long, a branch that generated the new generations and the current traditional families, which generated the entire first generation of werewolves, between the lords of the dragons and the chief vampires of the clans that were hybrids that from them, men were born serpent, among the various branches of creatures of darkness.

What he knew about this weak, promiscuous woman, her mother who died in her room from depression, was absolute grief, when what would remain later, when he left her nothing, not even an inheritance.

Still, she had a reputation for finding coal, riches, as that meant, nothing more.

About that.

At the wake of that hybrid clan of yours.

Screaming when she left there, crying, when the other family members called her a traitor.

This made her isolate herself in a house far from a beach, where she always slept there.

Being well versed in the rumors that she slept with married men.

Second traps, in which she said she was deceived, she was an easy woman to take to bed, that made her gain fame, that made her stay there, then, at her husband's wake, between the ceremonies of the former heirs of the clans, in which she lost everything, since the rule according to the lawyer, she needed to leave an heir, so that made her the worst being.

She was crying on her older brother's shoulder.

- You have to get married to appease the rumors. Antonio said. “You need to leave an heir, so they won't say anything else.

- I loved him, how could they say that. - The woman said.

- You know that man didn't give you a son, but this one can. – He said, it was his gray-haired brother.

- I cannot stand. – The woman with curled honey hair, around a group of guests from the hybrid clan, at that time, there were rumors of her affair with her brother-in-law.

- You like everyone here, know that I loved him. - She said.

- You said that about Cezar too. Julian said.

- Don't treat her badly, brother-in-law. – Cezar, a red-haired man said as he approached. “It's just rumours. – Cezar said.

That time when they seemed too close.

- You've always been involved with the wrong men, he's always been a libertine, besides being an abuser he's lucky not to be arrested, say hi to your father for me, get out of here, because you're not welcome. Julian said.

- He lost all his inheritance keeping you out of jail. – His brother-in-law said.

- Nonsense and lies. – Cezar said.

After the death of her husband, she simply could not bear the accusations that she was a traitor.

In the space of a few months, she always had a new husband, even if officially, in little more than a year, she changed her husband, until she married definitively, with the third suitor.

What made his fame, they openly said, was a terrible assessment.

Couldn't go out on the street, to hear all the women who pushed her husband away, she was an outcast...

You whore. – In which the inhabitants of that city, in which they said that they took any married man, did not even care about the fact that he was the husband of the younger sister.

It was when she, in her need, threw herself into Cezar's arms saying.

- It's not my fault, you have to understand me. “He was yet another victim of yours.

She couldn't get out of the shadows of her sins, they said few could survive the first year married to her, in just over 2 years she would have stolen enough husbands for the other women to kick them out.

The worst of it was that she was just over 22 years old, starting this life, stealing her sister's husbands...

So, her looking at her older sister, who lost her husband to her, she let her go crazy as she ran away.

In the case of Paola, desperate that her sister stole her husband, she was crazy, as everyone said.

Rumour has it that she was the one who set the wine factory on fire.

Still recovering in the hospital from a nervous breakdown, while her sister fled the city so that no one would hear of her, the priests saw that she was a failed hybrid, even though she did not have the power of complete transformation.

Second doctors and priests with those who could come towards the great wave of pleasures, which would be inscribed in the world of magic and pleasures.

Beatrice before her escape, according to her parents, she entered the hybrid clan's old mansion, entering the vault, stealing the hybrid clan's savings, then fleeing leaving them destitute.

In addition to being a backstabbing whore, Beatrice was a thief, but her sister, she said of Ludovica, was the better behaved of the sisters.

No more was heard from her, after which, according to rumors, she ran towards some accomplice, another man in her life, who helped her in her escape to what they thought was Rome.

Even though she was in the hospital bed, she recovered, thanks to the hybrid clan's money and their influence that she would never be arrested.

Chapter 2

- I'm sorry, but can you take me from here? Paula begged. - I need to see my sister. - She said.

- I can't do that, she can't see you, you're under observation, my sister, dear, Paola. – What that, made her insist, until he gave in.

- Oh, dear, yes, my dear. – Cezar said.

While leaving there, they found themselves in the doorway of the other room in her younger sister's delivery room, when they returned to her parents' mansion, having a breakdown so that she wanted to see the younger sister who was the only one at that hour, happy with a worthy man, without falling into disgrace.

- Do you really want to help Ludovica, dear? - Her brother questioned her.

For her, her screams are the greatest music, which would be her, the greatest pleasure of her life.

- Come here, leave my sister in her pain. - The woman said.

He seemed enthralled with the force of seduction, wrapped in her sex, just in the broom room.



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