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"Legend of the Starry Sky"

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: AndyGG
  • Chapters: 77
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 79
  • 7.5
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The grand ships of human civilization travel through the stars with incredible speed, showcasing the magnificent scenes of a starry ocean, a result of five thousand years of technological development. Humanity has expanded across the Milky Way, touching the far corners of the universe, thus opening a grand new chapter in human history. However, on this endless voyage of discovery and conquest, it quickly becomes apparent that humans are not the only rulers of the cosmos. This book is a narrative poem about the never-ending adventure and struggle for survival in space. The story begins with a sudden catastrophe that thrusts readers into a universe full of dangers. As the interstellar fleet carries out routine exploration, a powerful and unknown force emerges from the dark side of the universe, silently eroding planets and challenging the very existence of human civilization. The main characters are a group of elite explorers who must endure loneliness and despair, facing conflicts between themselves and the vast universe. In a situation of lost communication and scarce resources, they must also contend with unknown entities from outer space. In this game of survival, they need not only intelligence and bravery but also remarkable resilience and sacrifice. Each decision they make affects not just their own fate but could also determine the survival of humanity in the interstellar era. The cosmos portrayed in this work is not filled with hope and possibility as in other science fiction writings; it is a stage that is much more realistic and cruel. Here, the brilliance of technology exists alongside the insignificance of human nature, and the loneliness and vastness of space make one feel both awe and insignificance. is not just a story of exploration; it explores in greater depth the search for hope in despair and the perseverance of light in the boundless darkness.

Chapter 1


In the Ferrober asteroid belt, a starship advances, its hull emblazoned with a silver trident, the insignia of the New Federal Government of Humanity. This ship sets course for a nondescript black rocky asteroid amongst the vast assembly of celestial bodies. With a diameter of only 800 kilometers and a mass of approximately three billion billion tons, the asteroid's distance to the nearest star measures about 180 million kilometers, signifying its cold temperature and modest gravity, making it suitable for terraforming.

Thus, this asteroid has been transformed into one of the thirty-eight exile planets of the New Federal Government, designed to house criminals who are neither executed nor afforded freedom. The battlecruiser "Crimson Moon" is currently en route to this exile star, carrying a unique passenger aboard.

She is an elderly woman of advanced years, sitting in a glass room, adorned in a long white robe, appearing to be in her sixties. Yet, she radiates a youthful vim and attentiveness, engrossed in a Rubik's cube that levitates before her—rotating slowly as if clasped by invisible hands, its colored squares shifting sporadically.

The woman remains fixated on the cube, seemingly oblivious to Captain Kevin Nelson outside the glass room. The Captain, feeling a twinge of displeasure, turns to his young female executive officer and inquires, "How long has she been at it?"

"Three days, sir," replies the executive officer, her long black hair cascading over her shoulders.

The Captain glances contemptuously at the floating cube, "A sprightly old immortal..."

"You’re envious, Nelson," the elderly woman interrupts from within the glass chamber. Her gaze fixed on the cube, she continues, "You envy the power that I possess which eludes you, don't you?"

"Perhaps, Councilor Roxhi," Captain Nelson shrugs dismissively. "You always had the wisdom to see right through people. But what of it? Look at you now, once lofty, now no more than a prisoner at my feet. What good are your extraordinary abilities if you can’t even shatter this glass before me? What will you do? Attempt to crush me with your cube or exhaust me with your relentless energy?"

Finally shifting her gaze from the cube, which clatters to the floor with a snap, the woman stands, approaching the captain until she's at the glass barrier, her finger tracing it lightly. This gesture causes Captain Nelson to briefly tense and take a small step back, but then he realizes nothing has transpired.

The woman eyes him with a mischievous glint, as if the roles of captor and captive are reversed. "Your hostility towards me stems from the malice of your vile master. I know you’re his loyal hound. In your eyes, every shred of humiliation I endure is a rung on your ladder to success. You’re a pitiable soul, groveling for scraps."

This provokes Captain Nelson to fury.

With a loud bang, his fist strikes the glass, sending a thunderous echo through the air. He bellows at the old woman, "Old hag, on this starship, I call the shots, and you have no idea of the misery awaiting you for crossing me!"

The woman replies serenely, "In fact, I'm well aware of what’s to come."

"What?" Nelson is taken aback.

"First, you’ll rage over my insolence and plan to discipline me. But just then, an emergency will arise, demanding your attention, forcing you to leave me and rush to the command hall. There, your subordinates will mutiny and kill you. And in the end, I will be released, leaving this place with my supporters, becoming an everlasting nightmare for your master," the woman answers calmly.

Captain Nelson bursts into laughter, "What nonsense are you spouting? You're clearly insane from your own abilities. Udi, take her—"

Before he can finish, an urgent alert resounds through the cabin.

"Warning, warning, an unidentified fleet is approaching. All personnel, prepare for battle immediately!"

Nelson's expression freezes in shock.

He stares at Councilor Roxhi, who returns his gaze with tranquil defiance.

"This must be a coincidence," Nelson shakes his head, retreating and then turning to sprint towards the command hall.

Chaos reigns in the command hall, as the crew scrambles, bracing for a possible assault.

Nelson arrives, bellowing, "Who can tell me what's happening?"

"As you can see, Captain," an officer indicates the viewscreen.

Outside, a fleet of unmarked black ships advances towards them.

"Damnation," Nelson groans, inquiring, "Do we know who they are?"

"It's unclear. The comms officer has been sending hails, but there's no response."

"This is not a good sign. Raise the energy shields and fire warning shots, then—"

The memory of Councilor Roxhi’s prophecy interrupts him, "Your subordinates will mutiny."

This sends a shiver through Nelson, who casts a wary glance at his crew. Seeing them all tense and awaiting orders slightly eases his mind.

That d*mn old woman, spewing utter nonsense.

Just then, the black-haired executive officer Udi enters, "Sir."

"Out with it. I don’t have time for chatter," Nelson snaps.

"Understood, sir," Udi pulls out a gun, placing it against the Captain's head.

"Mutiny," she declares.

And pulls the trigger.

Chapter 2

In 1969, the Apollo 11 spacecraft embarked with three astronauts on a historic lunar landing, inaugurating the great age of space exploration with the burgeoning development of human aerospace technology.

By 2046, humankind set foot on Mars and there established the first settlement, enduring for a span of 49 days.

In 2158, the Martian human population surpassed one thousand.

By 2290, the completion of the Martian Dome Project marked the maturation of humanity's planetary terraforming capabilities, and the era of interstellar mass migration commenced.

The year 2584 witnessed the first successful extraction of quantum vacuum zero-point energy, a breakthrough that allowed for the direct harnessing of zero-point energy from the cosmic vacuum, signifying humanity's newfound capability of long-range voyaging.

In 2999, the miniaturization of the vacuum engine was achieved.

By 3248, the innovation of a


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