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King Of Succubus

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Alvine opened his eyes and suddenly found himself in the body of a boy celebrating his 18th birthday. [ Ding!! ....] [The host has reached the age required for activation of the Incubus legacy ] [The turning process into an incubus will begin in 5 seconds... 5....4...3..2..1...] Extra Tags: Action - Romance - Adventure - Females dominant - Slice of Life - Harem - R-18 - Yandere - Sadistic- Tsundere - Martial Arts - summoning -Taming- Kingombuilding- Comedy - Beautiful Male Lead - Worshipped MC - Mysterious Past - Succubuses - Vampires - Possessives - Heartwarming - Cute Female Lead - Elves- Blood elves - giants- cyclops- fairies- blood faires- ... - fantasy courses - demons - Enemies become allies - enemies become love - Clingy, obsessed Lover - Weak to Strong - Beasts - Monsters - Gods - Ruthless - Historical - Famous Protagonist - Dragons - Demi-God...

Ah, I'm now an incubus!

Alvine, a 27-year-old man, orphaned since the age of 10, has a carcinogenic brain disease in the final stage...

While he was breathing his last breath, he addressed himself in his heart: '... sigh... I who had abandoned all kinds of distractions to take care of my professional career, who would have thought I would leave like that! ... '

'... Fortunately, there are not many people who will mourn my death... I wonder if Veronica will forgive me for abandoning her for my career. 'He thought, with an air of regret and feeling his strength abandon him...

'....sigh....I was an idiot! ...Hehehe...' a barely visible melancholy smile appeared on his face.

Veronica was his childhood friend who was the same age as him, and they were neighbors at the time. She was also the first girl and the only one who had fallen in love with him to his knowledge.

She even confessed her feelings for Alvine at the age of 20, but Alvine, who had just been betrayed by his colleagues at that time and abandoned by all his friends, no longer trusted anyone but himself. Therefore, he gave him a rake on the pretext that he preferred to focus on his career before any other distraction...

After this event, Veronica moved to another city to continue her studies. Since that day, he had not received any news from her!

'...Sigh... I've been too stupid in my life to trust his mischievous beings! Huff... I can't say that I had lived a life.' His metallic heart was filled with regrets while his breath gradually softened...

'If I had known rather... that there were such scums... I wouldn't be as pitiful as now!!' After his words, Alvine's soul prepared for his new adventure into the unknown...

But just at this moment...

A small red ball appeared in Alvine's hospital room, it was floating above Alvin...


{New host found...}

{Compatibility test procedure...}

{Compatible host!!}

{Procedure for deleting memories...}

{...10%...20%... Failed to remove memories!! ...}

{Research on the cause of the anomaly...}

{.. Anomaly found!! ..... The host has too many regrets...}

{Red code 1...will be put into operation to counter this anomaly..}

{Annihilation of the host's memories !!}

{...10%...30%....60%....80%.... FAILURE!}


{Extraction of the soul of the host...}

{10%....50%....90%....100%... finished. The host's soul has been successfully extracted from the host's body.}

{Soul transfers to galaxy N•115 on planet N•37}





{The soul of the host arrived at its destination safely...}

{Search for the most suitable new administrators to guide the host...}

{Administrators found: 1}

{Transfer administrator rights to the new administrator!!}


{The System will be monitored, to transfer administrative rights to the new administrator! }

"Uhm." Alvine opened his eyes to see a luxuriously decorated ceiling that is different from that of the hospital, lazily lying on a gigantic bed that can accommodate ten people without problems. He began to look around him, at that moment, he realized that he was no longer in the hospital.

Getting up to get out of bed as if he wanted to check something... but suddenly, a maid entered the room!

"Hello master, I hope you rested well... tea is waiting for you in the living room, to be served." Said the maid!

Alvine turned his head to inspect the source of the new voice that was completely unknown to him...

But suddenly, his eyes widened when he noticed a blessed female silhouette of whimsical beauty that he only saw in whimsical novels. Snow-pure white hair, captivating purple pupils, thin and delicate eyebrows; not to mention her immaculate face that can capture the heart of any man! And finally, she had hourglass curves!

".... Master, something is wrong?" Seeing that Alvine was in his amazement with his mouth wide open, she could not help but ask confusedly!

"Gloug... no... everything is fine! "He answered urgently. By suffering from recovering to get out into his stupor!

'Who is this strange girl?! By the way, where am I?! And why do I no longer feel the disease that gnawed at me with great fire?...' dozens of question marks constantly appeared above his head. Who unfortunately had not found immediate answers.

"Oh yes, today is indeed your 18th birthday, we have already made all the preparations for the celebration, master. "She said enthusiastically.

"Eh... my birthday!? .... Oh yes, it's true I had almost forgotten this little detail... It's my birthday today, Ahaha." Affirmed Alvine with bizarre behavior that could not be masked despite his efforts.

'I don't understand anything about what's happening to me right now! But one thing is certain... this girl with a beauty that will remain in history is certainly not a simple personality! And why did she dress up as an elf? Is it Halloween day? No, the calendar in my hospital room meant that it was last month...' between his confusion and astonishment at the juicy beauty that stood in front of him, Alvine had begun to have a headache trying to process this new information!

"O-ok... everyone is waiting for you in the salons for the big event, join us once you have finished preparing, master. "She stressed again before turning to the exit.

Once alone in the room, Alvine tried to analyze his current situation. Knowing that he was supposed to die of an incurable disease! But, one way or another, he survived his illness! More importantly, the successive events after his awakening were incomprehensible to him.

'She had addressed me as her master, she said that today is my eighteenth birthday. But I'm clearly in my twenties. And besides...' he had just noticed something suddenly when he crossed his hands. It was the color of his skin.

Without wasting another second, he followed in the footsteps of the mirror that was just at the back of the room.. and there, unprecedented disbelief mixed his brain circuits! A beautiful man with short black hair, delicate features, and sky blue pupils who will make the hearts of any girl on earth beat looked him straight in the eye! He imitated each of his movements in the mirror as if it were his reflection!

'Wait for a second!' He cautiously approached the man who was in front of him and who perfectly imitated his gestures... now he was just a few centimeters from "his reflection" and looked at him with disbelief!

"Who is this guy? "Just after this sentence that escaped between his lips, a phenomenal amount of memories invaded his brain! This anomaly had managed to aggravate his original head pain, which lasted several minutes.

Lying softly on the well-stained ground, breathing loudly, He finally had an idea of what had happened to him.

Apparently, he was in the body of a boy who had just turned 18, in a small two-story castle on the edge of the forest. The most amazing thing about all this... it was he who had just woken up in a fantastic world of magic that is filled with all kinds of imaginary races.

'Ahaha. sigh... so that's it? Who would have thought that even if I am not met a kind of divinity, I could still be transmigrated to a new world?' After acquiring his new memories. He was strangely calmer than usual.

The name of this person is Alvine Dragnar, the only son of Gustav Dragnar and Mariel.

Both his parents have been missing since he was six years old. Since then, he has lived alone with his four maidservants in the small luxurious castle that is isolated in the forest. The former owner of his body had never set foot more than a kilometer from the castle. As a result, his knowledge of the outside world was acquired in the books that are brought by his chief maid who had just left his room!

The line in question is none other than his chief maid who manages all kinds of auxiliary tasks at the castle. Apart from her, there are three other girls...

Nicco, a Neko girl with smooth mint hair who goes down to the shoulders and pupils of the same color, a very warm silhouette with breasts in size E! She takes care of all Alvine's needs like a kind of butler! She inclines to tease Alvine.

Hélène, a shy fairy, took the human form of a blonde girl with an innocent face who makes you want to pamper her every time you have the opportunity. She takes care of the cleanliness of the castle.

And finally Ashia, a young girl of the demonic race with two seductive little horns pointed upwards above her head, shiny black hair, a face with charming features, slightly pointed ears, a ripe silhouette with honey-colored skin... Not to mention her thin tail covered with sparkling black scales that are surprisingly very pleasant to the touch... She mainly takes care of the kitchen and other little things in the castle.

They will all be rare pearls if they lived on earth!

While he was immersed in his thoughts while processing the new data he had just received...

Suddenly, Roque's voice sang in his head!

{The transfer of system management rights to the new administrator is now complete...}

"What!" Alvine jumped in panic.

"What is it."

{Installation of the beta system "Assi"...}



"Wait! Stop! Stop! Stooooop now!!!"

{...90%... no, I refuse to cooperate with the host!! ....98%...}


{....100%.... Installation completed!!}

Alvine:"??? "

{... Launch of the "Assi" system in 10 seconds without delay...}




After ten seconds of silence, a girl's soft voice resonated in his head

[Hello, I am "Assi" delighted to be with you for the rest of your life... please take care of me...]

Alvine "..."

[Your body has reached the age required to activate the "Incubus" gene!!]

"F*ck!! What else is it?? "

[Activation of the Incubus gene in five seconds! ...]

The Effects of the Power of Lust!

[Activation of the incubus gene in 5 seconds! ...]

"Ahhh! Listen to me now!!!"

[ hmm... I'm busy there, what do you want!? Host?]


"I have a name, and is it Alvine! In short, I have the impression that after your Incubus thing... nothing good will happen to me! So can you please be a nice little girl and give up this idea? You can first explain to me what happened to me." Seeing that he does not have the power to interfere with the work of this...thing! Who spoke in his head, he had no choice but to choose a peaceful terrain with her.

[...sigh...Alvine is that right? Very well, your request for a change of name is accepted..]

[For your other requests....]

[...All are rejected without exception until the activation process is completed]

"Thank you...wait... What!"

[Resuming the gene activation process...5....4....3..2..1....]

"!!! "He suddenly fainted because of th


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