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I Will Destroy The Queen

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Amira was once a beloved princess. She was the spitting image of her mom, who held the most power in the land. And many were hopeful that she would become the next Queen; However that all changed at her coming of age ceremony. Held in secret, where it was found that she held no power. The royal family has one important rule, no power, no rank. Her siblings and parents forced her to the underground; Putting a spell on the citizens to make them forget about her existence. However the spell doesn't affect her, and how it’s up to her to thrive or die.

Chapter 1 - Welcome To The Underground

Along a dimly lit road walked many people, none particularity as interested in life as much as the next. They walked as if they had to, but there was nothing waiting for them. Some would get pulled into back alleys and never return, or others would simply fall over from exhaustion, signifying their death. None cared, they would walk over or around their bodies like they didn't exist. To them, the only that mattered was their death. They prayed it would be sooner rather then later, because they knew they were trapped down here; Trapped in the Underworld as they called it.

The Underworld took many people down with it, but it never let anyone out. It was place people where sent to for various reasons, some for bad and others for what seems like none. To the Underworld it didn't matter, you were just a body a fill a count. The place above the Underworld, The Kingdom of Livog, once counted the Underworld as one of it's own; But they found another use. Livog with it wisdom decided to turn what once was Durog, into the Underworld for those living in Livog. It would shove Criminals and Misfits into Durog, and treat them like animals, If people in Livog were to misbehave Durog would be their fate. Livog decided to go hands off mostly on Durog, except for two things. Well really three.

First one is if you stage something towards someone above you. Let's say a poor maid wants to steal a bit of money from their master. If they catch you, you'll be sent down and killed, No mercy. They won't investigate as to why they were stealing, just brand them as criminal and sentence them to death. Though if the master wants it, the maid can be sold off to other services, where he'll get a full discount. Second is if you dare to speak blasphemy against the royal family. Perhaps some poor soul said a distasteful joke, and no one laughs. To some they'll think, off with his head. Unless you repent in front of the entire kingdom you'll be killed, but at that point you've signed away your right to life. At that point you'll be pushed to other methods of death, because they can't track your mind.

What's the third one? It's hidden behind one birthright, royalty. One many have been subjected too, but none remember. That is to be a royal with no power, or no control over any element. The only currency in the royal world is your powers. Most royals are gifted with two or more inherited powers, including control over a certain element. Nobles are gifted with one power, and Commoners have no power. Sometimes Commoners can have latent powers hidden in them, that are revealed as their gifts at 18, the same as other Nobles and Royalty. At that point they are whisked away from their family are are put into a Nobles family. However when a Royal has no power? You get cases like Amira.

Amira is a Royal with no power, well was a Royal; Now she lies in Durog, with powers. At first she had to hide from the Livog Guard, but now she can take her revenge against her mom. The Queen of Livog.


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