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Hope's adventure

Hope's adventure

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Allen's hope is a kind-hearted and intelligent boy who lives with his family in the mountains. He became his family's breadwinner after his father's death, making trips to the nearby village to sell charcoal. Everything changed when he came home one day to discover that his family was attacked and slaughtered by a demon. Hope and his sister Gwen were the sole survivors of the incident, with Gwen being transformed into a demon, but still surprisingly showing signs of human emotion and thought. What do you think will happen to Hope as he journeys to England in search of the demon king. Stay tuned and comment.

Chapter 1

In the United Kingdom lies a state called England, populated with English, Welsh, and Scottish businessmen and women. In England lives a young and intelligent lad called Allen Hope, who lives in the mountains with his family, who lost his father years ago now becomes the bread winner of his family.
He works for a man who he helps to sell charcoal.
‘Hey, make it snappy, I don't have much time’, Hope boss said to him.
Hope walks up to him, he was tall and fair in complexion, he replied his boss.
‘Am I coming, just give me a minute’, in a light tone.
As he was about turning his back, his boss held him and said to him.
‘We don't have much time, you need to supply the coal before it becomes winter’, in a soft tone.
Allen's hope, replied his boss.
‘Ok, and I promise that I won't take much time’, in a low tone.
As he walks through the door, his boss said to him again.
‘Make sure you take the day off tomorrow’.
A wide smile emerged from his face.
‘I will’, he replied to his boss before walking out on him.
A black horse ran through a broken branch, it's grazing sends sand up into the air, on top of the horse was Hope, he was looking stunning as the horse gallops through the forest.
Suddenly, he arrives at a house, where he jumps down from his horse and knocks on a door.
‘Knock, knock’, his clenched fists softly collide with the iron door.
‘I am coming just a minute’, the man said to him.
But he kept knocking until the man aggressively pulls the door and said again.
‘Have you gone deaf, I said am I coming’, in an aggressive tone.
It was at that moment he cites a human figure by the door. To his surprise, it was Hope.
He smiled and said to him.
‘Well, well, if it isn't my old friend’, in a happy tone.
‘My boss said I should give you this before winter hits us again’, Hope said to him while standing outside his house.
The man looked at him from head to toe before he replied to him.
‘Come in before it gets dark’, in a soft tone, while opening his door for him to come in.
‘Am sorry, but I don't have much time sir, I have to leave for Lincoln today’, he replied the man in a low tone while staring at the arising.
But the man insisted, saying.
‘Just come in before it becomes late’, in a soft tone.
Hope walks into the house.
It was dark and the cold wind of winter goes in through their faces.
The man was busy adding coal to the fire while Hope sat close to it to keep himself warm, the man walks up to him with a cup of tea.
The man said to him.
‘Take this, it will keep you warm before you rest for morning’, in a light tone accompanied by a smile on his face.
Allen took the cup from him and replied to him with a joyful tone and a wide smile on his face.
‘Thanks a lot, like you knew I was cold’.
Hope sips from the cup, as soon as he was done, he rose and walks towards the door to take his leave, but he was intruded by the man saying.
‘Hey, stop right there, I can't just let you go out like that, you have to take your rest before something bad happens to you, I won't be able to forgive myself’.
In a serious tone accompanied by its look.
But Hope resists him and walks up to the door, about to open is he saw some blur, it was dark for him to identify the figures.
‘Gallops’, they gallop on horses and rides through the environment, each were armed and dressed in a traditional cloak accompanied by unsheathe swords.
In fear, Hope moves back and slowly locked the door behind him.
‘Who are they’, he said to the man in a cold tone accompanied by fear written all over his face.
‘They are hunters’, he replied Hope.
As the galloping sounds disrupted their conversation, causing an indoor earthquake.
‘What are they hunting’, Allen replied to him.
He kept quiet for a while, staring through his window, he could slowly see them vanishing from a distance, the tale he was about to tell will cripple you in fear.
Hope shivers in fear while clenching his teeth’s against each other, the surrounding became dramatic and sadistic when he replied to him.
‘Demons, they are hunting for demons’, in a bold tone with fear written all over his appearance from the dark.
‘Demons’, Hope replied to him while staring at him.
“I don't understand you, I have not seen these kinds of people before in my life, not even heard that they are hunters”, Hope replied to him in a deep tone.
The man laughs mischievously and smirks at him.
“Demons exist, but they are not spiritual but are like us humans but are given supernatural abilities that even humans can't explain”, the man replied him in a soft tone.
Hope smiles at him and turns his back view against him.
“I don't believe a thing you say, but I do believe that demons are invisible because they are spirits and not human, you are trying to convince me that the demons you are referring to are like us, humans”.
Hope replied him.
Hope went on saying.
‘You have to keep it together before you lose it’, in a soft tone.
As the man noticed that he did not believe a word he was saying, he then highlighted him on their way of life.

Chapter 2

‘Years ago, a young boy like yourself also doubted the fact of the existence of demons, but on until one night, himself and his family were eating together, smiling and laughing together until the unthinkable happened’.

The man kept quiet for a while.

‘What happened’, hope asked the man.

‘You really want to know?’, the man replied him in a soft tone.

They both kept quiet for a while before the heartbreaking event happened.

‘His family were brutally slaughtered and eaten up, bit by bit, he was the only one who survived the brutal attack that night’, the man said to him in a soft tone.

‘What happened to him now’, Hope asked.

‘That young man lives to tell his tale and his, me, I am that young man’, he replied Hope with tears slowly dripping down his face.

Hope walks up to him and hugs him, saying.

‘Don’t worry, it's all in the past, it cannot redo the future, but I want you to forget about it’, in a soft tone.



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