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  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: GeeGee
  • Chapters: 55
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 13.3K
  • 7.5
  • 💬 17


If she had known that her life was going to change while performing her duties as a maid, she wondered what would have changed if she had not went there in the first place? Her life took a drastic change when fate smiled upon her. Her life changed when she was chosen to become the bride of the prince and it even intensified when secrets started coming out. How will Talia settle with her new life? Will she be able to easily accept all of this or run away with her tail between her legs?

Chapter 1

Talia smiled as she looked at the noble ladies chatting and showing off their expensive and luxurious clothes and jewelries. It was the hugest event in the Kingdom of Qarth, the youngest prince was choosing his bride and all noble families had been invited.

She wasn’t really from one of those but she was here as a helper, making sure that the place remains clean.

Talia was nineteen years old and unlike other children of her age she wasn’t going to school. She lived with her grandmother; she never knew her parents so her grandmother was everything to her. She was sick and she could only work hard to pay her medical bills.

“Stop staring,” Jane the woman who worked in the palace and the woman who had hired her said.

She smiled at her and said, ‘it’s not every day that I get to see such a thing.”

“Indeed, I wonder whom the prince will choose. He had been looking down lately,” Jane mentioned.

“Is that so? Isn’t it obvious that he will choose Chloe?”

“You never know, the world is full of surprises. Go t the kitchen and bring a jug of water.”

“Okay, I will go now.”

Talia left the hall and began to walk towards the kitchen. On her way she suddenly was attracted by this painting on the wall. For a moment she felt very dizzy and as if she was sleeping she had a strange and bizarre nightmare. The world was spinning and she just needed it to stop.

“Are you okay?” a voice asked and slowly she came back to her senses.

She wasn’t seeing clearly yet but she replied, “I am fine now, thank you. Did I hurt you?”

“No, you didn’t but you were about to fall. Take it easy.”

“I will. Thank you once again, I will take my leave.”

Talia couldn’t look at her savior’s face, she was very embarrassed. She just left and head for the kitchen. She told the kitchen maids what she wanted and they gave her the jug and placed it in one of the trays. She took the tray and headed for the hall.

She found Jane who instructed her to pour water for the ladies that wanted it. Ten minutes later the Queen arrived followed by the prince. It was the first time she was seeing them at such a close range. The prince was such a handsome man, the lady who was going to be his bride would be lucky.

They all paid respect to them and watched them sitting down before they did the same. As a helper she couldn’t sit but just stand as far as she could and wait for any instructions.

“Thank you all for coming in such huge numbers for a happy occasion of our family. I hope you will enjoy and have a great time. As tradition says one of the ladies among you shall be chosen and no one should feel bad about it. Whoever the prince will choose will become his bride, and I hope that you will all respect that,” the Queen explained.

Talia understood this rule very well. Instead of having arranged marriages the princes will be given a chance to pick his bride among all the ladies of the kingdom.

So many surprises had happened of course but everyone knew that the prince was taken by Chloe his childhood lover and friend. It was really pointless to have this ceremony, she thought.

One day she would love to meet a man for herself, fall in love and marry him. To have a normal and happy family was all that she prayed for. How wonderful it would be if her grandmother would be able to see her children.

She looked around and saw how happy all the ladies were. Somehow her gaze found Chloe and she looked very proud of herself. She knew that she was the chosen one, how wonderful she must be feeling at that moment.

She then looked to the front where the Queen and the prince were seated. Her gaze went towards the prince and he looked a bit sad for someone she was seeing for the first time up-close. Was he not happy with the ceremony? What was eating him up really?

“It’s time for the prince to choose his bride. May all the ladies remain seated, the prince will take rounds and he will choose his bride by giving her his ring.”

There was cheer among the people, it was starting already and she couldn’t wait to witness such a great event. She watched as the prince majestically stood from his seat and began to walk through the aisle surrounding the tables. His gaze was a Chloe and she smiled inwardly. Was she going to become the princess?

But the prince passed her and continued the rounds. What was he thinking really? Minutes passed as the prince took his time looking at the ladies; he finished all the ladies that were seated and still he hadn’t removed his ring on his finger.

The prince’s gaze was all of a sudden on her; she looked around and noticed that she was the only one there. He smiled at her and she wondered what was happening. He began to walk towards her, drawing the attention of everyone in the hall. He stopped right in front of her and gave her a smile again.

“I can tell you are fine,” he said and suddenly it hit her.

The voice she recognized it, it belonged to the person who saved her earlier. How was it even possible that it was the prince?

“It was you?” she murmured.

“It was.”

Why was he speaking to her?

“Look at me,” he said and she did.

What was he really thinking?

“I think you need to repay me for the help I gave earlier,” he said.

“How should I do that?” she asked avoiding his gaze.

“You have to save me from all this like I saved you. You think you can do that?”

“I have to pay a debt; how can I help you?”

“That’s more like it. Whatever I’m going to do right now you just needs to say yes and don’t say no, understand?”

“Yes, I do.”

Chapter 2

He smiled at her again and moved away from her. Since she was standing against the wall, there was a little chance that anyone heard their conversation since they were whispering.

To her surprise the prince removed his golden ring with a ruby in the middle from his finger and he took her hand and he slid it on her finger.

Even though she had an idea what was happening but to really watch it happen was the craziest thing she was seeing. The ring felt heavy on her finger. How was she qualified to wear such a ring on her?

The prince kissed her hand and just like that while she was still in shock he said, “mother, this is the lady I am choosing for my bride.”

She looked at him and then to the queen who didn’t seem to be in shock. She smiled at her son and stood up.

“Bring her here,” she said.

“Remember not to talk too much. You promised.”

“I will remember that.”

She followed the prince to the front with all eyes staring at her.



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