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Gundam is burning

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: Shannon
  • Chapters: 8
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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Neutral Satellite SIDE6, suburb. Earlier debris grazed across his forehead. At this moment, blood was steadily dripping down Barney's head, the thick liquid already obscuring his right eye. Under the relentless invasion of boundless pain, the consciousness of this young pilot gradually blurred. It was as if he could see the captain on the other side smiling. The safety of the satellite, the trust of friends, the care of elders, and his own determination...

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The Legendary...

UC 79.12.25

In the tranquil suburbs of Neutral Satellite SIDE6, the serenity is shattered by the remnants of an earlier incident.

Previously, a fragment grazed Barney's forehead, and at this moment, blood flows incessantly from his head, thick and viscous, already obscuring his right eye. Under the boundless erosion of pain, the young pilot's consciousness gradually blurs. It's as if he glimpses a distant captain smiling on the other side.

Satellite security, the trust of friends, the care of elders, and personal determination—these elements entwine.

Zaku II modified, wielding a hand-held thermonuclear axe, charges toward the NT-1 ALEX, drawing its beam saber.

Various thoughts flash through the mind.



Helplessly, the boy watches as the two mobile suits are about to collide, and the central area of the decisive battle erupts with a resounding blast. A powerful storm forcefully blows the two mobile suits, each weighing dozens of tons, several meters away. Not stopping there, as Zaku falls, a gray-black mobile suit descends skillfully and expertly severs Zaku's limbs with its beam saber.

As in most movies, the relevant departments are always fashionably late. As Chris gazes at the Gundam ahead, she faints with relief.

"The Zaku pilot?"

"Heavy bleeding from the head! Where's the stretcher?"

"Federation pilot unconscious! Minor injuries!"

"Anyway, quickly take them to the hospital! The rest, confirm casualties!"


Watching the chaotic scene, the director sighs somewhat disappointedly.

"For most people, fate is..."

"Hey! The Federation pilot over there! If you can move, don't just stand there! Quickly move your units; they're blocking the road!"

The black-haired, black-eyed youth pauses for a moment, then smiles.

"I'll be right there."

FA-78-2 Gundam Heavy, an improved version of the FA-78-1 Full Armor Gundam, removes unnecessary armor, adds new thrusters, and is almost as maneuverable as the regular Gundam. The shoulder-mounted beam cannon enhances output, range, and accuracy, while the compound heavy hand-held launcher with missiles and Gatling machine gun enhances its battlefield adaptability significantly.

Following Lieutenant Colonel Hua Ke's suggestion and in the spirit of resourcefulness, the Federation's development department, based on the damaged RX-78-1, completed the development of the Gundam Heavy.

Coincidentally, on the 24th, after witnessing Amuro's battle during the Solomon Offensive, the director, feeling his own inadequacy, deepened his sense of crisis about the future. Seizing the opportunity of the NT-1 test, Lieutenant Colonel Hua Ke sent his own unit to SIDE6 for magnetic coating. It wasn't until the command announced the appearance of Zaku II Modified that Hua Ke realized he had entered the scene of 0080.

Chris and Barney, two military personnel with mutual affection but in opposing camps, are not as fortunate as Shiro and Aina. If allowed to continue, it will lead to the tragic "true" ending of Barney's death. But since they are already here, not doing something would be disrespectful to the identity of the "crosser."

Therefore, the just-arrived Gundam Heavy uses its beam cannon to bombard the central area of the battle between the two sides, successfully forcing the two units apart. Then, to prevent Barney from making any unwise moves, the Gundam Heavy uses its beam saber to deftly sever Zaku's limbs while it's on the ground.

SIDE6 is a neutral satellite. However, to be on good terms with both sides, it has done quite a few things, such as simultaneously accommodating both the WB and Zeon fleets. Perhaps due to various considerations, neither Zeon nor the Federation wants to engage in a major conflict here. However, at the end of the Great War, with the growing power of the Federation, SIDE6 quickly leaned towards the Federation. As is well known, there are quite a few fanatics in space, and out of certain mentalities, a certain Zeon officer killed his superior, used a nuclear bomb without authorization, claiming it was to destroy the Federation's Gundam. Young and inexperienced Barney is fighting desperately to prevent this action. Unfortunately, he is unaware that, as he prepares to face off against Chris, the officer has already been eliminated by the Federation...

"I didn't expect you, Chris, to be the pilot of that GUNDAM."

Barney, with a blank expression, lies on the snow-white bed, staring lifelessly at the unfamiliar ceiling.

"I didn't expect Barney to be in that Zaku... Al already told me about your situation. The Lieutenant Colonel said the carrier of the nuclear bomb has been destroyed, and the satellite is now safe."

Chris's injuries are not serious. However, under the deliberate arrangement of a thoughtful person, she and him ended up in the same ward. "Just a Zeon veteran who got drunk and went crazy," that's how this unscrupulous soldier, who was promoted after destroying 17 mobile suits and 3 Salamis light cruisers during the Solomon attack, described himself.

After a long time, the rookie, who had experienced too much in this short period, moved his lips slightly.

"Is that so... that's good... that's good..."

As he speaks, tears flow from Barney's eyes.

"Then... why... Captain... everyone... sob... ahh..."

Using her intact left hand, Chris hugs the young man's head.


December 29, UC 0079.

"Hmm? Isn't this interesting?"

"Yes. After all, there are many internal issues in Zeon, especially in this situation."

"And then?"

"As the literal meaning, Major..."

In the hospital.

"Barney, are you okay now?"

The youth named "Al" in Chris's mouth asks happily.

"Yeah, I'm very strong!"

Barney replies with a sunny expression. Chris, peeling an apple, shakes her head helplessly upon hearing this.

"You, always showing off. You were in shock at that time. If it weren't for the timely rescue..."

The door is suddenly pushed open.

"Hey! Young people are really energetic! It's so hot so quickly. It seems that I am really old~~"

Chris hastily stands up to salute, and the director waves his hand.

"This is a hospital, and you're still on medical leave. So..."

Turning to the complex-looking Barney.

"You are the Zaku pilot, right? Good combat power, young man!"

The rookie pilot is stunned, looking at the young man, not much older than him, who places his hand on his shoulder with a mature air.

"To maintain human stability, to defend world peace, young man, an important mission awaits you here!"

The young man evidently hasn't changed his tune.


However, Chris's reproachful voice awakens her bewildered lover.

"Major, he's still a patient..."

"Alright, alright. Sorry for interrupting your date."

The faces of the two suddenly turn as red as tomatoes. The director hands over a document.

"The G4 Experimental Unit is now under my command, and—"

Opening the document, he points to the imperative sentence.

"You have a new mission, Lieutenant Markin."

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: The Commencement of the Mission

Due to the unfortunate circumstances of the Gundam Alex being damaged in the Colonial Satellite War, Chris has been demoted from the rank of Lieutenant to Ensign. Meanwhile, the director, due to promotions, has become the head of the G4 Experimental Unit.

As for Barney...

"What!? Sergeant? Zeon Republic!?"

Facing the opponent's surprised expression, the director nodded slightly.

"Well... you should be aware that given the current situation, Zeon's defeat is almost certain. So, the emergence of dissent within is expected. However, being a minority faction, manpower shortage is a prominent issue. Hence, we pulled you in to fill the gap."

Barney smiled bitterly. Just like before, he was "picked by elites" in a bewildering manner.

"Can I refuse?"

The director gave a meaningful look.


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