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End times:Awakened world

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Chu Feng, who suffered betrayal from his fiancée, unexpectedly awakened supernatural abilities. Meanwhile, his younger sister's rebirth brought news of the impending apocalypse. Preparing supplies, constructing a home, exploring the post-apocalyptic world, and developing supernatural powers, Chu Feng and Chu Tianjiao continuously enhance themselves. They hunt mutant beasts, collect resources, and establish a massive underground power to protect their loved ones. With each endeavor, Chu Feng expands his ability to develop supernatural powers, ultimately creating an integrated logistics base for farming, breeding, production, and punishment. As Earth's evolution progresses, the conflicts among Earth's humans, mutant beasts, mutants, and extraterrestrial beings over resources and land come to an end. They discover that this was just a selection process for the Suzerain Empire. Earth is to be used as a war weapon, thrown into the desolate battlefield for the Suzerain Empire to compete for resources and ascend from a three-star civilization to a four-star civilization. In the supernatural world, Chu Feng cultivates more potent war weapons. Amidst the desolate battlefield, he engages in fierce battles with blades from various races and civilizations across the universe. Throughout the exploration, plunder, conspiracies, perseverance, enthusiasm, and discoveries, Chu Feng accumulates the energy needed to survive. After the war, he rises remarkably in the dazzling universe of civilizations.

Betrayal and the End of the World

The messy living room, clothes scattered everywhere, and the air filled with a strange odor were all continuously unsettling Chu Feng, who had just rushed home.

Still on a business trip and receiving an urgent call from his younger sister, Chu Feng returned home in haste, feeling bewildered.

The living room, with a touch of European style, was a house fully paid for by Chu Feng's parents after their marriage. It served as a harbor for the couple's endeavors in Haicheng. On the wall hung a wedding photo of Chu Feng and Sun Yuelin, taken shortly after their registration.

In the wedding photo, both were dressed elegantly, with Chu Feng holding Sun Yuelin's face in his hands, a face full of smiles as if savoring the sweetness of love. Sun Yuelin's smiling face, however, now appeared stiff and insincere.

Chu Feng walked dazedly to the bedroom door, gazing at the door that was not completely closed. The blurry figures inside and the unmistakable voice of his fiancée shattered Chu Feng's last trace of illusion.

Still wearing a formal suit, working hard on overtime and business trips to secure a multimillion-dollar procurement order, Chu Feng felt an unprecedented fatigue. His body slouched, unable to straighten up!

Chu Feng felt his mind go blank, unable to think, lost. The vows, laughter, and sweet moments seemed impossible to connect with the current situation.

As the commotion inside the room approached its end, everything gradually calmed down. The 200-square-meter house fell into silence, with only the sounds of the two people's breathing echoing. Chu Feng seemed to hear echoes of emptiness from his once fulfilled heart.

Suddenly, a man's voice was heard.

"Lilin, are you sure that fool won't come back!"

"Fool?" Chu Feng silently repeated these words.

Then a sweet, soft voice with a hint of weakness replied, "No, he said this business trip will take three or four days before he returns. He even mentioned it's a super big deal; he won't be back soon!"

"Oh, by the way, Lilin, is this house not under your name yet? You better grab hold of it. You wouldn't really marry him, right!"

"How could that happen! I won't marry such a boring person! If I marry, I want to marry a strong man like Brother Zhi!"

"Hehe, my cute Lilin, you have to handle it well. Make him put your name on the property deed when he comes back and get the ownership certificate!"

"Don't worry, Brother Zhi, when he returns from this business trip, I'll make sure he puts the house in my name. He won't refuse me!"

"Oh, Brother Zhi, you should try to make him write this business deal under your name too. The commission is not a small amount!"

"Don't worry, this poor guy Chu Feng. I'll just make up a lie, have a drink with him, and he'll willingly offer me his knees!"

"That's right, Brother Zhi is the most amazing!"

"Haha, how amazing am I!"

"Oh, I'll show you how amazing I am..." Following that, another round of noises echoed in the room.

Chu Feng couldn't believe that Sun Yuelin, who once pledged eternal love with him, was only after his house. Didn't he have another property with high value?

His "good brother" Sun Zhi, whom he brought out from his hometown without education or skills, introduced to a job, helped rent a house, and even gave him many orders, all to ensure a better life in Haicheng. Now, he not only lived in the house Chu Feng rented for him, worked in the job Chu Feng recommended, earned commission from the orders Chu Feng gave him, but also slept with Chu Feng's fiancée!

Was he just a big fool?

A graduate of a prestigious university, unable to work in his preferred field, only able to do the most strenuous and low-threshold sales job!

Working diligently, with outstanding business skills, but always suppressed. Was personal connection and social etiquette more powerful than abilities and performance?

The fiancée he promised to grow old with, now conspiring with his best friend, brought him a bright green hat!

Chu Feng knelt on the ground, rubbing his painful head, pounding his heart that refused to beat, feeling stifled, uncomfortable, in pain, and angry. These emotions kept assaulting Chu Feng's nerves as if an extreme darkness wanted to devour him.

Suddenly, all emotions and pain seemed to reach a certain critical point, rushing into the unknown part of Chu Feng's body, opening a door to a dark world!

Chu Feng felt a mysterious energy pervading his entire body. His body stood straight, and his strength rapidly increased.

His thoughts were clearer than ever, and his vision, hearing, and sense of smell improved rapidly.

A feeling of control filled his body. Sensing the now different world, an invisible telekinetic force broke through the constraints of his brain, spreading around him. Without lifting a finger, he could control objects!

The transformation was swift. At this moment, Chu Feng felt completely different. Except for the bloodshot eyes and the anger in his heart!

Chu Feng walked to the bedroom door. With a surge of telekinetic force, he slammed the door against the wall, shattering it into pieces!

Entering the bedroom, he looked at the two sitting there in a daze. Chu Feng appeared calm on the surface, but his heart was filled with raging roars,

"Tear them apart, tear these shameless people apart, pull out their souls, and throw them into the dark purgatory!"

"Husband, why are you back!"

Sun Yuelin, who had regained her composure, quickly lifted the blanket to shield herself, took a deep breath to steady her anxious mind, and said with a pitiful tone,

"You're back! Why didn't you tell me? I could have picked you up. Honey, you must be tired from your business trip. Go take a shower first, and I'll come out to explain. I can explain everything."

Sun Zhi also realized the situation and hastily grabbed his clothes, nervously addressing Chu Feng,

"Yes, we can explain. I... I came to fix a light bulb. Linlin said the bulb was broken, and I accidentally fell onto the bed. Please don't misunderstand!"

Hehe, Chu Feng didn't know what expression he had on his face right now. He only knew how ridiculous and pathetic he used to be.

Tired, annoyed, meaningless – let everything be destroyed, let everything perish!

Silent, Chu Feng slowly raised his right hand. Invisible psychic force surged, lifting the two people on the bed. As Chu Feng waved his right hand, they were rapidly slammed into the walls, the ceiling, the table, the cabinet...

Crystal balls, plush toys they had bought together, wedding photos on the table, the TV wall on the wall – all shattered!

Until Chu Feng felt a headache, he stopped. Bending over, he gasped for breath, looking at the two people like mud. A sense of nausea rose as Chu Feng quickly rushed to the toilet to vomit.

As Chu Feng's psychic force left the two individuals, two blurry figures were extracted and flew back to Chu Feng.

The feeling of wanting to vomit all his stomach out quickly subsided. The adaptability of humans surpassed Chu Feng's imagination.

Sitting weakly next to the toilet, watching the two extracted souls, Chu Feng thought of the dark world's door in his mind.

Chu Feng attempted to sense it again. Suddenly, a transparent three-dimensional image appeared before him – a room. It seemed like there was a room in his head.

Chu Feng tried to enter this room with his consciousness. The room wasn't big, about fifteen square meters. A dimly lit sphere hung from the ceiling, and there were some vague lines on one side of the wider wall, impossible to distinguish as patterns or scratches.

On the narrow wall, there was a black door, and opposite it, the wall facing the scratched wall, was a large white door.

The fourth wall seemed to have had something hanging on it before – with hooks and scratches on it. On the floor, there was a cushion-like mat.

After entering this room, Chu Feng suddenly felt additional information in his mind – information about his abilities.

This room was called the Contemplation Room. Psychic force could be condensed here to nourish his consciousness while sitting on the cushion.

Behind the black door was a dark world, where he could absorb the souls of living beings and inflict various punishments on them until their consciousness shattered, becoming pure souls. One of the purposes was to be absorbed by Chu Feng's psychic force, temporarily enhancing his abilities.

Behind the white door was a space, and its size depended on the size of the first thing he brought in. The specific features needed to be experienced inside.

The sphere hanging overhead seemed to be a mechanical mainframe called the Mind Processor. How to activate it was unclear and required exploration.

Other parts were unknown because Chu Feng felt his strength was not enough to reach the conditions to unlock them!

He started by throwing the two souls into the black door. Then, Chu Feng's consciousness followed suit!

In the dim space, the vast expanse of land, the two souls thrown into the dark door were dragged by an invisible force and bound to pillars formed by the solidified earth. A black whip condensed in the sky, lashing down onto the two souls. This was genuine soul torment. The two souls kept screaming and cursing!

Chu Feng knew that when they were beaten without any consciousness left, they would truly be dead. All that would remain was pure souls!

Chu Feng waited for a while, listening to their curses and pleas. Internally, he didn't know what he was thinking – it seemed like there was no relief, no pleasure after revenge.

Returning to reality, leaving the toilet, and looking at the messy room and the two bodies, Chu Feng felt like he was in a dream, a very real one, where he could enter the Contemplation Room at any time!

The phone rang, and Chu Feng forced himself to calm down, answering, "Hello."

"Brother, are you okay?"

Worrying voices came from the phone, belonging to Chu Feng's sister, Chu Tianjiao.

"I'm fine, don't worry. Your brother is not that fragile."

Chu Feng forced a smile and said,

The person on the other end didn't ask further but continued,

"Do you believe me now, brother? I've been reborn. Earth is about to undergo tremendous changes, and the apocalypse is imminent!"

My sister has been reborn

"Bro, I've been reborn." Chu Tianjiao spoke into her phone.

"Reborn?" Chu Feng felt skeptical. However, it was because of his little sister's call today that he rushed back home, saw the bright green hat, and discovered his unique abilities. How else could his sister know if she hadn't been reborn?

"Yes, I've been reborn. And in seven days, a meteorite will impact the Earth, bringing the apocalypse! Volcanic eruptions, dust-filled skies, the disappearance of sunlight..." Chu Tianjiao continued.

"Hmm," Chu Feng listened quietly.

"The meteorite impact will trigger volcanic eruptions, wrapping the Earth in thick dust, completely blocking sunlight! Initially, temperatures will drop, reaching below minus sixty degrees, and the world will enter an ice age! The technology humanity relies on for survival will become useless, and we'll have to revert to the most primitive


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