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Duskshadow Spirit

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In the vast expanse of the universe, there exists a drop of divine blood, a precious treasure carrying boundless mysterious power. An ordinary alchemy prodigy named Qin Kong, through a peculiar ritual, found himself trapped in the cycle of reincarnation. With a drop of divine blood and three thousand dragon tendons, his destiny was now in his hands, no longer bound by the constraints of the heavens. Unfinished business from his past life led him to be reborn as a destitute youth in the present. However, fate did not end there. A mystical artifact from his previous life became the starting point for his new existence, planting the seeds of the enigmatic Nine Abyss Yin Ming. This young man thus embarked on a journey into a world teeming with divine conflicts, a dazzling adventure awaiting him. Swords danced in this world, sparks of fire flickered in the void, and alchemical cauldrons forged wondrous artifacts. Amidst all this, breathtakingly beautiful women entered his life. Qin Kong found himself akin to a collector of extraordinary items, with a penchant for coveted swords, elusive fire seeds, and mystical alchemical cauldrons. Yet, when faced with a group of captivating, exquisite women, he couldn't help but be taken aback. Surrounded by these enchanting figures, Qin Kong shrugged and remarked, "I love collecting the former items, but those women? Cross my heart! They're the ones clinging to me!" Thus, in this world brimming with mystery and adventure, Qin Kong's life became a mythical tale, with three lifetimes of intertwined destiny. His heart remained singular, relishing in the pleasures of gratitude and vendetta, as he scripted his own legend. A drop of divine blood, three thousand dragon tendons – Qin Kong authored his own mysterious saga in a way that was uniquely his.

Qin Kong

Ling Feather Forest.

Situated in the southern region of the Cangfeng Continent, under the jurisdiction of the Ling Feather Academy.

"That incompetent fool has actually met his demise? I merely employed a modicum of arcane power; truly, he was a wretched existence!"

"He's dead? Big Qing, has he truly met his end? This assessment explicitly forbids students from engaging in combat. What if the academy launches an inquiry? How will we fare?"

"That good-for-nothing hadn't even grazed the threshold of the Initial Profound Realm. The wild beasts here could effortlessly dispatch him! Lian Mei, rest assured, no one will suspect us, and no one will even take notice of the life or death of this useless individual!"

Beneath a robust and mighty tree, a youthful couple hastily departed, leaving behind a slender young man leaning against the trunk.

The young man's cranium bore an external injury, with fresh blood trickling from the wound, staining half of his attire in crimson.

"Hiss..." He, previously devoid of vitality, suddenly drew in a cool breath and hazily opened his eyes. "I... how am I still alive?"

He rubbed his head, where memories from two different lifetimes intertwined, inducing a sense of dizziness and discomfort. "I am called Qin Kong, and this individual is also named Qin Kong... I am sixteen years old, and he is also sixteen... I perished in a furnace explosion, and he succumbed to a fatal beating... Could there be some kind of disturbance in destiny?"

As time elapsed, the dizziness in Qin Kong's mind gradually subsided. "To unexpectedly survive this ordeal, with memories from my past life, making a mark should not be overly challenging... No! Something is amiss... Why can't I muster any arcane power in this body?"

Qin Kong attempted to rise but felt exceedingly feeble.

The memories of this current life swiftly elicited a bitter smile from him. "Within this body... lies an unusable set of damaged profound veins, incapable of cultivation... not even reaching the Initial Profound Realm. No wonder people label me as a wastrel..."

"Fortunately, I am still me! A single 'Bone Marrow Refinement Pill' would flawlessly resolve this issue!" Qin Kong grinned confidently.

Yet, his smile promptly froze. "No... something is still awry! This cursed place seems to be the Cangfeng Continent... entirely distinct from the Shenxiao Continent where I resided in my past life! A common item like the Bone Marrow Refinement Pill is considered a treasure here... given my current status, I fear I won't be able to procure even one in ten lifetimes..."

"It appears that I must first make my way to the Ling Feather Academy and contemplate a solution... at the very least, I must overcome that detestable assessment!" Struggling to stand, he, with his initially pallid and feeble countenance, gradually revealed a frigid and resolute expression.

Reflecting on the assessment at Ling Feather Academy, resentful sentiments involuntarily surged within him.

It was an entrance examination for youths who had reached the age of sixteen. The academy's requirements were not excessively stringent, only necessitating candidates to traverse Ling Feather Forest along a designated route within five days to gain official admission.

Furthermore, the route had been meticulously studied, devoid of any profound beasts along the way. For the vast majority of candidates, it was virtually effortless.

However, for Qin Kong, burdened with damaged profound veins and devoid of arcane energy, each step into the forest constituted an immense, life-threatening gamble!

Almost no one sanctioned his actions this time.

The root of this matter traced back to a marriage arrangement established when Qin Kong was ten years old.

At that time, impressed by the Qin family's reputation, the Wang family voluntarily proposed a matrimonial union. Nevertheless, when Qin Kong was diagnosed with damaged profound veins at the age of thirteen, the Wang family sought to annul the engagement!

Qin's father, dissatisfied with the abrupt reversal, led to vehement disputes between the two families. Eventually, with the intervention of numerous individuals, the Wang family took a step back, proposing that Qin Kong should enroll in the Ling Feather Academy. Only then would they honor the agreement to marry their daughter to him; otherwise, they would terminate the engagement.

This condition was nearly insurmountable for Qin Kong, and even his father, Qin Zhan, vehemently opposed him taking such a risk. Nonetheless, he clandestinely registered for the assessment.

This decision was not fueled by any affection he harbored for the Wang family's daughter but rather because Qin Zhan had been publicly berated by the Wang family in front of many witnesses: "You were well aware that your son was a wastrel, yet shamelessly consented to our engagement, shameless and heartless, utterly shameless!"

In truth, Qin Kong was diagnosed with damaged profound veins at thirteen, and the engagement was confirmed when he was ten. Qin Zhan had no prior knowledge, so how could he be accused of shamelessly consenting to the engagement?

Although cognizant that the Wang family was distorting the truth, baselessly slandering them, there was no evidence to substantiate Qin Zhan's innocence. He found himself momentarily ensnared in an awkward predicament, unable to refute the accusations.

From that moment onward, Qin Kong deeply realized... only concrete evidence could vindicate one's innocence!

Hence, he resolved, willing to stake his life to salvage his father's reputation!

He had made numerous preparations before arriving.

Unexpectedly, after enduring a day of hardships, he witnessed the woman engaging in an intimate act with a stranger in broad daylight. Incensed, he approached to confront them, but the man seized him by the hair and ruthlessly smashed his head against a colossal tree until he was fatally beaten!

The animosity for sullying his father's name and the resentment of being unjustly killed fueled Qin Kong's determination.

The fusion of memories from two lives, the realization that even a so-called wastrel dared to risk his life to defend his father's honor, bearing the name of a prodigy from his past life, how could he endure being wronged?

"I absolutely must reclaim everything with interest!" Qin Kong wiped away the bloodstains from the corner of his eyes, his gaze filled with unwavering determination.

At this moment of fervent determination, he suddenly felt his heart pound.

Subsequently, a formidable pressure enveloped his body. The imperceptible force, akin to mountains collapsing and rivers reversing, shook him to his core, causing him to tremble and struggle to breathe.

However, in such a state, he grinned widely, an unusually radiant smile on his face!

Lowering his head, he forcefully tore off his blood-stained shirt. A faint blue light emanated from the center of his chest, intermittently bright and dim, appearing exceptionally eerie!

Yet, in the next moment, an even more extraordinary phenomenon unfurled!

From the core of that faint blue light, innumerable red threads extended outward! These threads, resembling intricate and intertwining blood vessels, seemed to undulate like living worms beneath his fair skin.

Wandering from the central chest area to the surrounding regions, ascending to the top of his head and descending to his feet! At a glance, it was sufficient to send shivers down one's spine!

Nevertheless, Qin Kong remained completely unafraid; instead, he roared with exhilaration, "Exactly! I am indeed the most prodigious alchemist! The final struggle during the explosion has truly borne fruit! The 'Dark God Dragon Ring' has come with me to this place!"

"In my past life, I used my flesh and blood to mend this Dark God Dragon Ring. In this life, why can't I reverse it and let it repair this broken body?" After standing still for a while, he had a bold idea.

After a long time, he began to try to control those red threads. "Yes! That's it! If this can succeed, not only can it solve my current biggest problem, but it can also make up for the regret of my past life... In my past life..."

The Dark God Dragon Vein

In a previous existence, Qin Kong was born in the Godsoar Continent. Due to his exceptionally high talent in the field of alchemy, he was embraced by the most powerful sect, the Godsoar Celestial Palace, at the tender age of sixteen.

The term "alchemy" encompasses the arts of pill refinement, artifact forging, and talisman crafting. Mastery of all these abilities is requisite for one to be recognized as an alchemist. Despite his young age and modest cultivation, Qin Kong had already crafted a Wangxuan-grade elixir and a Wangxuan-grade talisman since joining the Godsoar Celestial Palace, each occurrence causing a sensation throughout the Azure Wind Continent.

On the path to becoming a top-tier alchemical master, he lacked only one achievement - artifact forging. The Dark God Dragon Ring, a mystical artifact, was the very object he had sought to forge in his previous life. The process involved a drop of Dark God's blood and the tendons of three thousand Crim


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