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Dominant CEO, Dominant Love

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The rotation of the wheel of fate brought about a casual encounter, and Cupid's arrow struck two people from different worlds. "You owe me one million six hundred thousand, from now on, you are my personal maid." A domineering oath imprisoned her by his side. She only wanted to live an ordinary life in an ordinary world, but his appearance turned her mundane life upside down.

Chapter 1 Meet

I'm going to be late for work!

If you live in city A, at this moment, you could see a girl with a ponytail trying hard to dash forward. "Sorry, sorry," she bumped into several pedestrians along the way, running and apologizing. It's all because of that d*mn alarm clock—it didn't break earlier or later, but it had to fail today. Oh no, I’m doomed!

Betty struggles inwardly. Hardly squeezing onto the bus, the crowded space made Betty feel suffocated and lack oxygen. Alas, this is the fate of office workers! After arriving at her stop, Betty was the first to rush off the bus, phew, finally back to life. Checking her watch in front of the platform—doomed, only one minute left.

She clenched her bag and was about to cross the road when the following scene occurred. "Hey, do you know how to drive? If not, don't embarrass yourself by going out." Betty fell to the ground, patting her chest! What happened, you ask? It’s simple, someone’s driving scared our Betty. Cursing aloud, so rude, didn’t they see this miss trying to cross the road? Nearly lost her life, wait, what time is it?

Raising her arm, it's over, she's late. She quickly got up from the ground and started running. The owner of the car watched her flee with an involuntary smile on his lips. What happened to the president today? Assistant Mr. Liu was in disbelief, this brazen woman actually dared to point at the president's car and curse? It’s unheard of, and the most incredible thing is that the president remains indifferent. By the president's temperament, shouldn’t he have ordered someone to torture this girl? Has the world turned upside down?

"Drive," the president opened his thin lips slightly. Nice, lady. Mr. Liu obediently started the car. Only a certain woman didn’t know she had provoked the devilish president!!

Betty had a close call, making it to the office in the final few seconds. Ms. Wang eyed her sternly. "Miss Betty, you entered the company in the final seconds of time, you're lucky. Be more careful next time," Ms. Wang warned Betty, who was desperately catching her breath in front of the desk. "Yes."

Bairui stipulates that all employees must be in the company before 8:00 AM, otherwise their attendance bonus will be deducted.

After Ms. Wang left, a colleague named Yimo came over. "Betty, luckily you arrived on time." Betty was organizing the mess left from the previous day. "Yeah. My alarm clock, which never broke before, has chosen today to deceive me," still angry about it, thankfully her attendance bonus is safe. "There's a new president coming today," Yimo said, relaying the news from the top floor.

"Oh," what’s the difference between a new president and an old one? I obediently go to work, and he dutifully pays me my salary, that's fine. "I heard the new president is very handsome, a golden bachelor, and the only son of the Bairui family." Yimo chattered on with gossip as Betty listened indifferently, uninterested in these things.

"Everyone, pay attention, we got a message that the new president will come to inspect soon—be prepared to receive him." Ms. Wang gently knocked on the glass door, informing everyone. As soon as she finished speaking, the female colleagues all went to the washroom to touch up their makeup.

Only Betty watched the crowded washroom, daydreaming. "Betty, why don't you wear makeup?" In fact, she was really jealous of Betty, she was so fair without makeup. Betty wasn't the very pretty type, her face a bit plump and soft to the touch.

"Yimo," Betty swatted away the hand messing with her face. Ms. Wang came out from the office, even the usually stern her put on makeup? Who is this new president? Betty also became curious.

"Good morning, President."

As the voice rang out, a tall figure stepped in. Not a trace of expression on his cold face. Betty slightly raised her head. What kind of face was this? Exquisite features paired with indifferent and frosty eyes, thin lips oozing with sexiness, and a fair face that even made Betty, a woman, gasp in awe. Wow, is this even human?

Betty happened to meet the gaze of Baili Lifen, electric and swift, her ears reddened, and she quickly lowered her head. Was he looking at me?

Betty's subtle movements could not escape Baili Lifen's sharp eyes. So she's here. Ignoring everyone else, Baili Lifen's eyes locked on Betty's small figure. "What’s your name?" Standing in front of Betty, his height made it hard for her to breathe.

Why be so tall, showing off? "Betty," sigh, he is the president after all. Betty reluctantly answered since all eyes were on her, she hated being the center of attention. "Hm," Baili Lifen hummed. Seems this little woman doesn't know that he was the one this morning. Whispering in her ear, "Are you afraid of me?" Baili Lifen’s breath scattered on Betty's neck, tickling her, her ears reddening even more.


Baili Lifen stood up straight and walked out of the office coldly. After Baili Lifen left, the gazes still lingered on Betty. Betty felt uncomfortable. It's great being a president, right? Some envied her, others were jealous. "Betty, do you know the president?" Yimo couldn't help but ask. When did she meet the president? "I don't know," it's the first time today! "Really? Do you and the president have any undisclosed secrets? Hm?"

"No. I don't know," Betty returned to her seat to work.

"Get me all of Betty's information right away," after leaving Betty's department, Baili Lifen instructed his assistant to check the details.

Although the assistant found it hard to believe, he took the money to do the job. "Yes."


A faint smile spread on Baili Lifen’s lips, a smile even he was not aware of. Mr. Liu widened his eyes. Is this the president? This woman named Betty may just be the president's lucky star. Unconsciously, his favorability towards Betty quickly rose. Betty sneezed inelegantly, who is cursing me? "Betty, what's wrong, caught a cold?"

"No, don't worry." How come it feels like something is about to happen? What's going on? No, Betty, what are you zoning out for? Get to work, or you’ll be caught! Betty shook her head! Didn't pay any further attention.

Chapter 2 See you again

Apart from the small incident with Baili Lifeng, Betty spent a relatively peaceful day. After tidying up her desk, she bid farewell to her colleagues. Betty valued this job a lot. It was the source of living for her and her sister.

Taking the bus, she went to the supermarket to buy some vegetables. Perhaps Nana was already at home. At the thought of this, Betty couldn't help but quicken her pace. There, standing at the door, was a person who looked very anxious. As Betty approached, she saw that it was Nan Lichuan!!! Her original good mood instantly disappeared upon seeing him. "Kaka." Nan Lichuan's pleasant voice carried a hint of expectation. Unfortunately, Betty acted as if she hadn't heard, and coldly scanned his face. Nan Lichuan was a very handsome person, especially at this moment, his eyes were filled with a layer of sadness. He stared at Betty's cold eyes without looking away. "Nan Lichuan, what are you here for?"

Nan Lich


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