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Dark Avenger

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: xia
  • Chapters: 84
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 207
  • 7.5
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In a palace coup, the once prominent Karas family was reduced to ashes, and the sole survivor was Lukacs Karas. "I need only one thing - power." Without looking back or hesitating, the tearful young man embarked on a dark path. With his exceptional talent and brilliant mind, he gradually overturned the continent, ascending to the pinnacle of power. He avenged his enemies by his own hand, creating a legend that belonged to the dark avenger.

1 Massacre

Blood was flowing freely, and the stench of death was overwhelming.

This place used to be an imposing mansion, but now it was more like a hell on earth.

The once valuable and shiny wall paintings and silverware were splattered with blood and even human remains. Bodies were strewn everywhere, among them were armored warriors and also defenseless elderly, women, and children.

Clearly, there had just been a gruesome melee here. Moreover, it was a massacre.

At the top of the mansion, a fight was still going on.

Four individuals of varying shapes and sizes occupied the four corners of the rooftop, surrounding a middle-aged man at the center. The intention of a pincer attack was evident.

Around the perimeter of the mansion, an impenetrable circle of armored soldiers was formed, like an iron barrel. Countless archers with their bows drawn aimed their arrows at the middle-aged man, making escape impossible for him.

The middle-aged man, Eason, had fair, handsome features that would be striking under normal circumstances. However, now his face was smeared with blood, and his armor was in tatters from the prolonged battle.

"Eason, surrender!" A burly warrior in the southwest corner shouted. "You have nowhere to run! Your clan is eradicated!"

"I'd rather die than surrender," Eason coldly replied, "If you want my life, come and get it."

"Tsk tsk, a real man indeed," the tall warrior in the northeast corner said ominously. "But we all have our duties, so pardon us for offending you."

"You've slaughtered my entire clan, how could you possibly offend me more?" Eason laughed bitterly. "Enough talk, attack all together!"

"Hmph, we don't need to attack together to kill you," said the short figure in the northwest corner as he suddenly disappeared only to reappear behind Eason in an instant, a dagger aimed straight at Eason's heart.

However, Eason didn't turn around. With a swift swing of his sword, a surge of energy was sent towards the short man, forcing him to retreat. But Eason didn't let him off easily, following up with a series of three attacks that left the short man scrambling to defend. Suddenly, a curved blade aimed at Eason's head sliced through the air. It was the tall warrior from the northeast, his energy cold and ruthless.

With Eason facing off against two opponents and not backing down, his sword glowed with a silver aura that danced like a ball of white light. Both enemies were forced to retreat, unable to face his fierce attacks head-on.

Eason tried to seize this opportunity to break through from the opposite direction, but the burly warrior had already blocked his way, his ax coming down with a force of ten thousand jun.

Filled with desperation, Eason dodged, but the two individuals behind him wouldn't miss this opportunity and attacked his exposed back. Despite being attacked from all sides, Eason remained composed and was about to counter when a chain of lightning came striking at him - the mage in the southeast corner had made his move.

With a sigh, Eason realized he was hopeless. Each of his opponents was a formidable fighter. He could have taken them down one-on-one, but after an intense battle and left exhausted, he stood no chance against their joint attack. Plus, thousands of soldiers surrounded the mansion, leaving him no room to escape. There was no hope left. The battle was at its peak at the mansion, and a line of opulent carriages had already come to a stop on a nearby slope. A large crowd was accompanying a man in a purple robe who was watching the battle from afar.

The man in purple was only in his thirties, tall and slender, with a chiseled face and hawk-like, sharp eyes. After watching for a while, he said with a smile, "Eason Karas truly lives up to his reputation as one of the continent's legendary Level 16 powerhouses. Even at the end of his strength, he still commands such power. His fame is not undeserved."

At that moment, Eason, who was in the heat of battle, seemed to sense something. Suddenly, his body erupted with a silver fighting spirit, forcing the four people around him to retreat. He bellowed towards the direction of the slope, "Jackford! I know you're there! You've killed your father and brother, usurped the throne, and now you're killing loyal ministers and my whole family! Dare to fight me in a life-or-death battle?"

"Hmph! You are still talking nonsense even when you're on your deathbed," an old man with one eye standing beside the man in purple said with a darkened face. "Sir, let me silence him forever!"

"There's no need," the man referred to as Jackford waved his hand indifferently. "Victors rule, losers serve. No matter how fiercely he curses, in my eyes, it's nothing more than the pitiful cries of a doomed dog. It's not worth my concern."

"But, isn’t it bad to let him talk nonsense like this?" the one-eyed old man asked.

"Eason Karas' lifelong reputation does not deserve to die in such a siege," Jackford chuckled. "Well, I've been itching for a fight anyway."

No sooner had his words finished than Jackford's body transformed into a beam of purple light that shot into the sky and arrived above Eason's head in a blink of an eye, hovering steadily in the air.

"You all step back," Jackford commanded from above. "Eason, if you wish to fight, I shall grant you one."

Eason said nothing. His eyes turned completely red, and with a roar, his fighting spirit reached its limit and erupted, sending a brilliant silver light streaking towards Jackford.

"Oh? Seeking mutual destruction?" Jackford sneered. "Let's see if you can do it."

Boom!!! In mid-air, the silver and purple light collided and exploded violently, creating a hot wave that made the four masters who had just retreated feel unstable.

Eason was sent flying like a kite with its string cut, crashing hard onto the ground. Blood gushed from his mouth, his body no longer glowed, and many places had been scorched black.

Jackford slowly descended in front of him. His purple robe was a little burnt, but he himself appeared unharmed.

"…you…have…reached…Level 17…Sanctuary…" Eason said, his eyes blurred and his voice faltering.

"Correct," Jackford confirmed coldly. "Do you have any last words?"

Eason's throat made a gurgling sound, and then he went still.

Eason's last sound was incoherent, but Jackford, with his sharp hearing, made out a word - "Lukacs".

"Lukacs Karas, your son who is known as a magic prodigy? I've heard of him," Jackford smiled cruelly. "It seems you had high hopes for him. But it’s a shame, he won't live much longer than you."

"Sir," the one-eyed old man who had flown over and was now landing behind Jackford spoke up, "Lukacs is Eason's seventh son, currently studying at the Florensberg Magic Academy. Eason's illegitimate daughter is also there. Of course, I have arranged everything necessary."

"Just get it done," Jackford said without turning his head. "All those who could hinder me must disappear. In ten days, there should be no one left with the name Karas in this world."

"As you wish," the one-eyed old man bowed respectfully. "Sir."

"By the way," Jackford suddenly turned around, smiling ambiguously, "What did you just call me?"

"Please forgive me," the one-eyed old man knelt in fear, "Your Majesty!"

2 Genius

The glow of the setting sun was cast upon the earth, bright but not blinding.

A melodious bell rang within the academy, signifying the end of the day's lessons at Florenceburg School of Magic.

Emily Karas carefully packed her belongings, placing the "Beginner's Magic Course," "Potions Preparation Guide," and her notebook into her bag, and a few experimental potions and a ladle into her cauldron. With her left hand holding the bag and her right hand carrying the cauldron, she left the classroom.

"Emily, wait for me," Bianca hurried up from behind, her cauldron making a loud clanging noise. She was a lively girl with brown hair and noticeable freckles on her face. "Why didn't you wait for me? Let's go back to the dormitory together."

"Alright," Emily nodded, "but we need to hurry. I still haven't washed my brother's clothes."

"You always talk about your brother,


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