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Cataclysm of the World Iron Evolution

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: Taotao
  • Chapters: 85
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 377
  • 7.5
  • 💬 0


In the ancient Earth, the shadow of the greenhouse effect shrouded the entire planet, and the polar ice caps began to melt, releasing ancient viruses that had been buried underground for millions of years. These viruses, once quietly existing in the ancient epochs of Earth, regained their freedom with the drastic change in climate and spread towards modern cities. The towering skyscrapers of the cities turned into ruins as the apocalypse descended, and the once bustling streets now lay silent. In this desolate land, life was rewriting its rules. The energy unleashed by the greenhouse effect gave birth to countless bizarre evolutions, and the realm of living beings witnessed the emergence of countless extraordinary mutations. Like characters from a sci-fi film, the mutants awakened amidst the ruins. Their bodies were filled with unknown powers, granting them incredible abilities. Mythical creatures from legends, such as phoenixes, dragons, and sphinxes, emerged one by one, soaring through the air, roaring and injecting a mysterious vitality into this land engulfed in chaos. In this chaotic world, humanity found itself in a predicament. However, just as everything seemed to be heading towards despair, an ordinary person named Han Zhong obtained a mysterious opportunity for rebirth. He vowed to rise against all odds and become the leader of all evolving beings. Han Zhong's rebirth was not a simple reincarnation; he carried the memories and wisdom of his past life into his newfound existence. Confronted with a world of mutations, he embarked on an extraordinary journey. Amongst the ruins, he discovered ancient secrets hidden within the remnants of the cities, gaining the key to unlocking evolution. While contending with mutants and mythical creatures, Han Zhong gradually discovered extraordinary changes within himself. His body started to possess unique abilities, and the knowledge dormant within his mind unlocked gradually, allowing him to comprehend the rules of this new world. Amidst this life-and-death struggle, what path will Han Zhong choose? Can he lead humanity out of the shadows of despair and coexist peacefully with mutant beings and mythical creatures? Or will he become the true ruler of this mutated world? "World Cataclysm: Ironblood Evolution" is a novel that fuses elements of science fiction, fantasy, and adventure. It tells the legendary story of an ordinary person who, after the advent of doomsday, rises to become a leader in the new world through rebirth and evolution. It is an epic tale about survival, hope, and power that will guide readers to explore an unknown world and embrace a brand-new future.

Chapter 1

On July 2nd, it is reported that due to the cumulative impact of the greenhouse effect, the dissolution of polar glaciers and permafrost at two extremes has led to a rapid elevation of sea levels. It is anticipated that in the future, a multitude of coastal cities will confront the peril of submersion.

On August 5th, in recent days, scientists conducting research in the Arctic region have made a momentous discovery—a profusion of colossal creature cadavers dating back twelve millennia. According to expert conjecture, these titanic beings might have met their demise around August 10th. It raises the tantalizing possibility that the legendary race of giants from antiquity, mentioned in myths and tales, may have indeed existed.

On August 16th, news from the ongoing Arctic scientific expedition has captured the collective imagination. In a recent development, scientists have stumbled upon colossal ice corpses concealed beneath the glaciers. The Arctic scientific mission has been a source of fascination, and in recent days, scientists in the Arctic have unearthed a new species of ancient bacteria on the colossal ancient creatures and giants, a bacterium of remarkable vigor.

Experts caution us that the thawing of glaciers and the emergence of ancient biological remains, along with the various bacteria and viruses they harbor, do not bode well. They may well portend a catastrophe for contemporary humanity.

In a parallel world, within the Six Dynasties City of the University District, one finds the grand edifice of University A's library.

This is the repository of knowledge!

Han Chong, who had been prostrate upon a desk, in an abrupt and vigorous upheaval, raised his head with great intensity. This sudden motion induced a cacophonous creaking of the table and chairs, drawing forth the disdainful gazes of surrounding classmates. Yet, no one noticed the brief glint of a crimson malevolence in Han Chong's eyes. The aura of ferocity and murderous intent swiftly retracted. After a momentary blink, he rapidly illuminated the smartphone screen resting atop the desk.

September 18th, 3032, at 16:05!

I have been reborn!

And there remains a mere hour before the eruption of an ancient virus.

Initially, there was exultation, but swiftly followed an intense sense of impending crisis, seizing his heart with relentless grip.

A global cataclysm is imminently forthcoming, with but a solitary hour for my preparations.

With a start, Han Chong sprung to his feet, and without a moment's delay, he bolted toward the library's exit.

The commotion of the tables and chairs once more drew the disapproval of his fellow students. Some, watching the hasty departure of Han Chong, cast aspersions upon his sanity, surmising that he had come to the library for slumber—a clear sign of academic underachievement.

An hour may be infinitesimal, but it is exceedingly precious. Through astute planning, one can still harbor the prospect of ascending to prominence in the face of the impending apocalypse.

As he sprinted, Han Chong meticulously combed through an array of information within the recesses of his mind.

According to recollections from a previous existence, the cumulative impact of the greenhouse effect led to the melting of polar glaciers and the dissolution of frozen tundra. Eons-old remnants of ancient viruses and primordial biological entities, ensconced beneath the ice and permafrost, were discovered by intrepid scientists.

The United Nations scientific expedition team established a colossal laboratory in the Arctic, intended for the cultivation and study of this ancient virus.

For reasons unknown, however, the laboratory suffered a catastrophic explosion, resulting in the release of the cultivated ancient virus. This virus rapidly spread globally, rendering humanity, along with various life forms, utterly defenseless against the ancient scourge. Various diseases and peculiar mutations began to manifest.

The frenzied, bloodthirsty, and highly aggressive mutations led to the deaths of countless individuals in the midst of chaotic carnage. These mutations came to be known as malevolent mutations, or, more colloquially, "zombification."

The onslaught of the "zombies" and the diseases caused by the virus resulted in a rapid global population decline, from over seven billion to less than one billion. While the survivors gained collective immunity, they were not without their own alterations. A mere 1% of the human population underwent benign mutations in response to the ancient virus, an evolution akin to the deities of mythology, endowing them with diverse and formidable abilities.

These evolved individuals were termed "Awakened New Humans," although, in foreign parlance, they are often referred to as "mutants."

In his previous life, Han Chong had weathered the early viral onslaught, eluded the catastrophes and chaos of the zombie-dominated era, and successfully awakened new abilities. Yet, the abilities he awakened were rather lackluster—a superlative capacity for self-healing, granting him the power to recover swiftly from injuries as long as he wasn't killed on the spot.

It was precisely because of this capability that Han Chong persevered remarkably in the apocalypse, surviving numerous life-threatening situations. Though he was far from the mightiest, his longevity was unparalleled.

However, protracted survival did not equate to a good life. In a post-apocalyptic world characterized by the law of the jungle, ethical norms had collapsed, and the concept of law was virtually nonexistent. Solely relying on one's ability to endure a beating was insufficient. To live with dignity and secure more resources for continued evolution on the path to the future, one had to possess formidable combat prowess.

Otherwise, I would suffer the same fate as my previous life, eliminated in the competition of evolution, ultimately callously discarded by the woman I loved, eking out a feeble existence in the wastelands of the apocalypse, and finally perishing under the betrayal of my companions.

Now that I have been granted a second chance at life, I absolutely cannot allow myself to remain as feeble as I was in my previous existence.

I must secure a suitable refuge, ensuring that I can survive the initial outbreak of disasters, especially the physical ailments caused by the virus and the onslaught of the undead.

A sufficient supply of food is imperative—not only to ward off hunger but, more importantly, to replenish energy in the wake of diseases.

Equipping myself with weapons and gear is essential. This is not solely for self-defense but also to take the initiative, assert control, seize resources for evolution, making weaponry of paramount importance.

As Han Chong sprinted, he swiftly calculated in his mind, utilizing the prescience and foresight granted by his rebirth, to outline a preliminary plan for this most precious of hours.

In the previous life, during the viral outbreak, like everyone else, he was trapped in the school. As his classmates transformed into zombies, they roamed, attacking and feasting upon surviving humans. Filled with fear, he concealed himself in the dormitory, enduring hunger and hardship, barely surviving the initial phase.

Even after being rescued, he continued to hide out of dread for the zombies, never daring to confront ordinary zombies, let alone the evolved zombies and various formidable monsters that followed.

This state of affairs persisted for over a year until awakened individuals gradually emerged, and humanity began to formulate a path of evolution. In the University District, powerful awakened individuals appeared, slowly changing the situation.

However, by that time, it was already too late. On the path of evolution, he had been left far behind. No matter how hard he tried to catch up, he could not keep pace with the speed of evolution exhibited by the zombies, awakened individuals, and various evolving creatures.

Recalling the arduous experiences of the previous life, Han Chong clenched his fist. In this new life, having seized the initiative, he was certain to go further and reach greater heights than in his previous existence.

When he first entered university, Han Chong had visited the major attractions of the Six Dynasties City during weekends and holidays. Among them, the most memorable was a visit to the museum within the city, which housed an accessory of Sun Quan, the Grand Emperor of Eastern Wu, from the Three Kingdoms period.

According to historical records, the great Emperor Sun Quan possessed six legendary swords: White Fire, Purple Lightning, Exorcist, Shooting Star, Clear Dawn, and Hundred Li.

The sword displayed in the museum was one of these legendary blades, known as "Sublime Palace." It was said to have been unearthed from Sun Quan's tomb on Purple Mountain in 2028.

At the time of its discovery, this sword had withstood the test of two millennia and remained pristine, gleaming with a chilling light, capable of effortlessly slicing through fifty layers of protective paper.

Subsequently, the Purple Lightning Sword was enshrined as the museum's most prized possession.

The primary objective of Han Chong's journey was to acquire this sword. Given the stringent firearms restrictions in the country, this sword was the best weapon available in the apocalypse, and it was also the easiest weapon for Han Chong to obtain.

Even if firearms were available, they might not necessarily be more effective than this sword, especially when zombies and various creatures evolved to a certain stage, rendering firearms less effective and constrained by ammunition.

Most importantly, Han Chong had no knowledge of firearms. Even if he possessed a firearm, he would only be able to use it as a blunt instrument.

The subway ride from the University District to the museum took 30 minutes. Accounting for walking and ticket-checking time, when Han Chong emerged from the subway, it was already 4:45. The museum's closing time was stipulated as 5:30, but after 5 o'clock, no new visitors were allowed. Han Chong entered the museum just in the nick of time.

Outside of peak visiting hours and close to closing time, there were few visitors in the museum—scarcely any, one might say. In the vast expanse of the museum, there were only six people, including himself. This pleased Han Chong immensely, as fewer people would naturally lead to fewer obstacles.

Near the entrance, there was a young couple engrossed in each other, evidently more focused on romantic endeavors than sightseeing. It seemed they were preparing to leave.

However, the young man insisted on being playful. He gazed at an ancient official's robe and, with confidence in his abilities, declared that if he were to time travel to the ancient past, he would at least become a general or a prince. The young woman, in response, asked him how many wives he would take if he lived in ancient times.

Then the two individuals engaged in a dispute.

Moving further inside, there was a young plump fellow holding a selfie stick. He kept chattering incessantly, urging people to follow him and give likes. It was quite evident that he was live-streaming.

In the innermost area, there were two more visitors, a lovely maiden accompanying a robust elderly man on their tour. Judging by appearances, they seemed to be grandmother and grandson. Both elderly individuals had their hands clasped behind their backs, exuding an air of sophistication. They scrutinized each artifact for an extended period, making them the most solemn visitors in the museum.

Curiously, the beautiful maiden didn't seem particularly interested in these antique artifacts. Instead, she appeared engrossed in something else, occasionally gesturing with her hands.

The item that had captured the young lady's attention was none other than the coveted Purple Lightning Sword, the very purpose of Han Chong's visit.

Could it be that she also covets the sword?

Could it be that, like himself, she is a reincarnated individual who knows of the impending catastrophe? No, this sword holds the key to his future survival and evolution, and it absolutely cannot fall into the hands of others.

Han Chong quickened his pace, approaching the display stand of the Purple Lightning Sword. If the young lady made a move, he could seize the opportunity to act.

Han Chong suddenly drew close, even exceeding the comfortable distance of social interaction, which greatly displeased the beautiful woman. She shot Han Chong an indignant glance and, furrowing her brow, walked away.

"Grandpa, we can leave now, no need to linger here," the young lady said to the elderly man. Although her voice was not loud, in the quiet museum, her words were crystal clear.

"Haha, just a moment more," the elderly man replied with a smile, his eyes fixed firmly on the artifact beneath his feet, showing no intention of leaving.

Han Chong relaxed, realizing he had made a mistaken assumption. Inwardly, he urged these people to depart as quickly as possible.

Chapter 2

Glancing at the time, it was 4:48 in the afternoon, just 12 minutes away from the massive virus outbreak.

Though anxious, Han Chong decided to wait a bit longer. Taking action at this moment would inevitably draw unnecessary trouble from the security personnel.

As long as he waited for the virus outbreak, all obstacles would vanish.

Han Chong took a deep breath, suppressing the impulse to act immediately, and pretended to be a casual visitor. His gaze shifted to the right side of the sword display.

Here, there were also some ancient weapons and equipment, rusty swords, bows, crossbows, and the like, but they were not in the same league as the Purple Lightning Sword. Han Chong glanced at them and dismissed them.

However, there was one large sword, about two meters tall, that caught his eye. It was relatively well-preserved.

Han Chong quite liked it but realized that it weighed dozens of pounds. It would be cumbersome to carry, let alone use in comb


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